Thursday, March 8, 2012


This is young David, Organo Gold's prized millionaire (thousandaire) who started at the top of the food chain when Organo Gold was first introduced in the south. Whilst I have nothing remotely negative to say about him, I will say this. Please don't look at him and think you can achieve the success he has conjured. FIRST, he started at the TOP of the food chain with Mr. Bernstein. I don't know why Bernstein would allow such a young tender like David the opportunity to be put in such a powerful position, unless there was more 'positioning' taking place behind closed doors. LOL!

My point is this, Organo Gold like other MLM's are using young succulent men as scapegoats and flaunting them amongst the masses in an effort to get fools to believe they can even begin to lick the brim of this type of success. It's working! I see so many Organo Gold "business owners" scrambling to set up exhbition booths, hound family and friends, etc. in an effort to get rich like young succulent Adam. Please use your money for something productive like th enext new MLM where you can start off at the top of the food chain. You have to be young, black, succulent and pliable before they let you in though.

Do you know David's real story? Many of the Galleria "Coffee & Jazz" teamsters do.....


  1. Anonymous3/10/2012

    Perhaps you should research some more and post more information on Jose Ardon and some of the people involved with herding up folks in the Latino communities in Texas and the south-western United States.

    It's like a circus out here.

    1. First of all why would you sit on its just like a super juice that claims all these miracles.u have to have ur people on auto ship and lost of people and lots of people to get a huge income.most people go to Starbucks anyway.there r other things tht will make u feel good for free.I m not going to stack my home with inventories.I'm fine running my business with everyday things we use for a life time.we pay bills are whole life.why not get paid for something you are already using.more info at then click on video at the bottom of screen,then click on the first video from left to right (Business opportunity)its like 6 minutes.

    2. Anonymous6/19/2012

      what i dont get is why all the bashing? You are in acn. you all make people become customers and end up spending $60-150 per month on acn services. What the difference. Coffee sells. Ive made 6 figures in telecomm and its no diff than people purchasing the coffee monthly. Sell it for retail. This is a business. You sell intangible products and coffee isnt. That is why you give out samples to build the business with. You say people go to starbucks anyway? Well I have a contract with dish right now and my home phone. But i wld probaly break them if i joined another telcomm opportunity to be a product of what i sell.

    3. Anonymous7/14/2013

      Sour grapes....Jose used a successful strategy, went out and worked it and reaped the rewards. There is nothing that stops anyone from putting in the same kind of effort except themselves.

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  3. Im just getting in on the hype here. I dont know what the big scam is about yet even after reading as i dont know what it takes to get into the selling end of it. I for one would not be into believeing a rags to riches scenario, but i can tell you this! I like the coffie and the calming effects it has! Also, it makes you feel really good, or level so to speak as your mood feels positive and motivated and the body feels at least of average agility and makes you feel like you are ready to make your day productive!! Those are the good things about this product! May be other benifits, even long term, to look forward to here! Now, haveing said that, i will say these products are available in more and more stores now in America and im sure in stores in other countries! So, trying to go out and sell or to set up a home selling base may be profitable as a side buisiness! Are you going to get rich from it considering it is now in certain stores? Well, unless you can dramatically undersell the compitision, dont count on it! Always be aware, that when a good product comes along, your success in selling only lasts until it hits the stores! Then you are limited to only areas where they dont carry the products! And, the ultimate goal of a company is to sooner or later get its products in the stores for mass profits. That time in between is your window of opportunity!! Once it hits the stores for alot less of a price than you can sell for to make a profit, your pretty much done! Oh,you can make alittle as a side buisness!! This guy they are talking about now, if he was selling before it got into stores and maybe set up a pyramid selling scheme on it and was in on the ground flore, he probly made big bucks! After the mass marketing tho, and after that time frame, dont count on getting rich or taking the market by storm! They already did that! Just my take on things!

    1. Anonymous4/12/2012

      Dear Bill,
      I stopped counting your spelling and grammatical errors when I reached 20. Regardless of anything you have to say, you are an idiot. Please stop embarrassing yourself by writing in public. It is an eyesore.

    2. Anonymous4/21/2012

      What does his grammar have to do with what he says?
      You don't have to be an asshole to counteract his argument -.-
      Doesn't he have a right to share his opinion?
      Or does only your opinion matter?

    3. Anonymous5/09/2012

      Just wanted to inform you that Organo gold has the rights to Ganoderma extract for 10 TEN yrs. AND it just started. This is not a scam!!!

    4. Anonymous1/26/2013

      It has everything to do with it fucktard.

    5. Anonymous3/17/2014

      If you don't believe in it.. don't do it. But stop hating on any and everybody. The problem lies within you.let grown folks make grown folk decisions. I'm sure u have something positive u can be doing. Successful people believe that they can so ANYTHING that someone has done. And they CAN. UNSUCCESSFUL people sit and watch and TALK about what it is us SUCCESSFUL people are doing.

  4. Anonymous3/13/2012

    I would like to know if you are downing the product or the adverstivement. Most companies use a attractive male or female to help boost sales and they also tell the big picture of how you can become successful if you join the team, what makes Organo Gold any different. I likewise enjoy the product. Thanks Bill you made some very good points.

    1. You are missing the point. (I will refer to the poster as he) He is downing their business practice. He made that quite clear. David is young and handsome, but most importantly; he is black.

      Why does that matter?

      OG is using David as a poster-boy. OG targets vulnerable groups wholesale by showing off a guy like David and making them all believe that they can be just like him. You asked how this is different from any other company...

      Well, what OG is doing here is unethical. Most companies do use attractive people to boost sales, but OG doesn't make sales like most companies. OG is not really in the business of selling coffee. Their main product that they really sell is the opportunity to become a recruiter of more recruiters. I wonder how much revenue was actually made in coffee sales vs. revenue from "enrollment fees." Of course, OG will never release those numbers.

      So that is the difference. David is not there to "boost sales" in they way it is normally understood. He is actually there to make low income underprivileged minorities think they have an opportunity to become like him. And David is not the only bitch they parade around. They have people like Jose Ardon wearing tacky suits and oversized gold watches in order to draw in people from Latino communities.

      I will say this however, I have tried the cafe latte, and its not half bad. If you do the math however, one of those little packets cost one dollar (30 packets a box, $30 a box) and can make only half a cup of coffee. Other real coffee companies sell their products for much much cheaper and blow OG away quality wise like comparing a beat up Honda to a top of the line Mercedees. As a matter of fact, if you look at the OG ingredient label, you will find that sugar is actually the most abundant ingredient, and after a buch of chemical and ARTIFICIAL flavors, the coffee and ganoderma is actually last and the least used ingredient. I don't know about you, but to me thats like selling a gallon of water mixed with a cup orange juice and then selling it off as "Premium gourmet orange juice" that has less juice and cost more than other orange juices.

      But this just reinforces my point. Why would OG sell coffee that 1. is much much more expensive, 2. has less coffee, and 3. not be even half as good as some generic brand coffee? Its obvious; they dont really expect that shit to sell.

    2. Anonymous4/09/2012

      You are telling the TRUTH. That's why so many people don't believe you. I bought the OG kit, and I am an experienced direct sales person. I could see immediately that this was a very strange company, not USA compliant in any way, shape, or form. I gave the kit and the coffee away. I was afraid to drink it.
      It's based in the Phillipines, not Washington State. I have NEVER seen such a sleezy start up kit in my life. This is a cult in the Mary Kay tradition, without the USA regulations that Mary Kay has to try to conform to. Yes, it exploits the poor. Open your eyes. Stop drinking the Kool Aid, I mean the coffee.

    3. Anonymous5/09/2012

      BINGO thanks JOE !!!

    4. Anonymous7/03/2013

      People please listen, I am a Crown Diamond in this company and I am not black. The fact that race has been brought into the discussion goes to show the arrogance and white supremecy of the author of the above comments. I hope you all remember where you all come from. We all come from other countries originally. Why is race so important to all of you. And furthermore our Global Master Distributer Shane Morand is white. And our CEO Bernie Chua is of asian decent. Please for the sake of American integrity shut up you intolerant bastards and pull your heads out of your ass.

  5. Anonymous3/16/2012

    It is so funny how ignorant some of the statements are here on this site. The truth is that none of you understand business period or how network marketing even works. Also, to say something surrounding color of someones skin before they let you in shows the true stupidity of the person posting this. People cry that the price is too high, but if you go to the store you will see that Starbuck prices there packets very similar and it is not that good either or you will go to Starbucks and pay 2, 3, or 4 dollars for a drink. Why don't you people just learn to become more educated and stop blaming others for your failures. Oh yeah and just to let you know, I am not in OG, just irradiated with ignorant people you have no idea what they are talking about. Have a great day!

    1. First off, I do understand how "business" works. What you don't understand is the fact that network marketing is a viable and legitimate business model only when they market a legitimate product.

      OG does not market a legit product. OG does not make money in coffee sales. Money is made in the exponential growth of recruits who are mislead into thinking that OG is actually successful at selling coffee - lies!.

      OG likes to shamelessly compare itself a lot to Starbucks. You are right, Starbucks is relatively expensive, but OG is still more expensive. One packet of OG renders less than half a cup of coffee at the price of one dollar. Starbucks, on the other hand, gives you much more coffee for your dollar and sells coffee that is far far far better than OG. But like I said, OG doesn't even deserve to be compared to a legitimate business like Starbucks.

      OG should be compared to other shitty instant coffees (you wouldn't compare a beat up old car to a brand new Ferrari?) Other instant coffees that you find at the "store" are not only better, but cheaper as well.

      David's "blackness" is very important because it points out just how shady and unethical OG's business practices are. Its not a attack at his blackness, so get a grip...

      Also, before you tell other people to "learn to be more educated", you should consider learning how to write because you cannot be "irradiated" from ignorant people. I never joined OG, but I have tried the "coffee" and even attended two of their meetings, which was more of a cult gathering than a business seminar. So I don't know how you would think that I am blaming others for my failures if I never even joined OG to fail...

    2. Anonymous4/07/2012

      I still do not understand your point surrounding "blackness." Why don't you just stop with your nonsense. Many businesses have people that represent there business. Would you be happier if he was white, of course not! You would just use another reason. The instant coffee in the stores doesn't taste better. Besides that is your opinion. Just about everything you state in this blog is strictly opinion. You say that you went to a business gathering and it was more like a cult. Come on! Come up with something original for once. The blog is no different. You want to call it brain washing, but you are doing the same thing. I am pretty sure you never joined that business since you would fail anyway and you know it. Beside companies that recruit are legal. If you don't like it just keep it to yourself. And for the person below(Matt), if you understand business, you will see that more businesses are actually tapping into networking marketing and affiliate marketing. Selling it in retail stores are effective, but with internet the game has changed and having retail location are not as effective as before.

  6. why do the pro pyramid people say "you don't understand business".. real business is selling a product not making money recruiting people to sell a product. Its a fact that the majority of profits at the top is from the recruiting side rather than sales of product. If all profits were on sales they would be just like any other company who sells their product to retailers and would grow their business accordingly.

    1. Anonymous6/19/2012

      Pro Pyramid ? Corporate America which a large part of the population works in is the REAL PYRAMID. Most people never get the opp to OWN something. Because they use coffee so what. We all get paid $0 now and refer people to places we enjoy but noone says anything about that. No money is really made on sign ups. All money is paid based off coffee sales..Im not in but have been very successful in network marketing. This group is doing something right if more and more people are making money. The design is to put people in business for themselves which also means they should be selling coffee why >>>??? Because its a DAMN COFFEE BUSINESS ! Some of yall I can tell are BROKE MINDED. So opinionated. People WILL FAIL IN EVERYTHING OUT HERE. WHY ? Because of the person in the mirror most of the time. Amway has been around for 60 years now and they have people making tons of money off of their products. They make you spend $100 per month but they are making it work for a TON OF PEOPLE...Whats the difference?

    2. Anonymous6/30/2012

      Lets be super clear you get paid to recruit I have made this challenge and I will say it again SHOW ME ANYONE IN ORGANO GOLD WHO MAKES 100,000 JUST BY SELLING THE COFFEE AND NOT BASED ON RECRUITING Take out the network marketing from any company and then you will see who has a real product that the market place will support !!

  7. Anonymous3/16/2012

    @matt -Companies sell their products to retailers because that is the least expensive way for them to get their products into the hands of consumers while keeping as much of the profits as possible in the pockets of a few executives and shareholders. Now, I'm not in Organo Gold either but, I've tried some of their products. They are at least as good as some other coffee/tea products on the market and competitively priced with many. Their company seems structured to share more of the profits with more of the people actually selling the product. Granted, some of the revenues come from distributor fees but, unless you've got masses of people paying over $1000 to get into the business.

    1. You are correct for the most part, but I think you are just missing the big picture. OG's main product is not coffee. It is literally a pyramid/ponzi scheme. Money is made by exponentially recruiting new people to pay those at the top. The whole coffee aspect is really just a front. If you talk to ANY OG "distributor" you will find that they are wholly interested in recruiting you more than they are in actually selling you anything. If you attend one of the OG recruitment seminars, you will find that 90% of their time is devoted to convincing people that OG is not a scam and that people should have "faith" into jumping into the company while giving them all false hopes of tons of money.

    2. Anonymous4/09/2012

      Correct, they are like Mary Kay, selling a boatload of products nobody wants, immediately after a very exciting presentation. I was on a MK director call. They said, "You have to sell them a "full store" ($3600 plus samples and tax and shipping) within 24 hours. If you wait 48 hours, they will buy 1/2 as much, and after a week, they will just "buy as they go." Yes, OG is selling - I mean frontloading, the largest amount of crappy coffee that they can as soon after they get you excited and worked up. They are not the only business that does this. But it's like the lottery, it's playing on the dreams and ignorance of people.

  8. Anonymous3/18/2012

    JOE-- I'm curious after reading your negative and ignorant comments about how another human beings skin color justifies a business being unethical & shady, also about the network-marketing 'pyramid scheme' , what is it that you do for a living? What's your monthly income look like? (If you even have one; if you make less than 50k a year, Case CLOSED.) that tells me enough about the type of mind-set you have, and type of person you are. WHAT SENSE DOES IT MAKE THAT YOUR SKIN COLOR IS RELEVANT TO ANY BUSINESS BEING SUCCESSFUL OR UNETHICAL? NO SENSE AT ALL. IF YOUR "SMARTASS" really knows about business, which you most likely don't because only a fool would pass up an opportunity like this. I laugh when I stumble across blogs that try to blame the skin color of another human being for the reason from a company being successful to "how being black is UNETHICAL." PEOPLE, wheather it be network-marketing or the REAL TRADITIONAL PYRIMID-SCHEME (that has you busting your ass for the next 40-60yrs to EARN a six-figure income) All that matters is your philosphy of life, and your mind set. If you set a goal in life to graduate college, get your degree and then work in that field, [aka the TRADITIONAL BRAINWASHED ROUTE] and be ABLE to do whatever you want, WHENever you want, go to work whenever you want, and spend however much money you want, without worrying if your going to be broke, spend THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on that ONE piece of paper that states the type of education you have & limits your income, meaning you can ONLY make UP TO (not promising) $60k , that you have to PAY BACK for the next 10-35years before you make any type of profit or be able to save money, I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK, LOOOOONG LUCK [you'll need it] since you believe in letting other people control your life, how much you make, when you make it, and how you make it. Network Marketing gives you the opportunity to be your OWN BOSS, so people are able to generate FINANCIAL & TIME FREEDOM. So Joe, once you have some REAL TRUE FACTS/EXPERIENCES about OG, MLM, or network marketing in general, or the day you begin to realize the person your working for (not you manager, but the CEO of the company) is sitting on their ASS all day dictating on how your going to live your life, and just puts a PRICE [$25/HR] on how much your worth? I hope you make a WISE life changing choice my friend. by the way if your satisfied with $25/hr more props to you brother. But dont think within 3yrs you'll be able to generate a six-figure income, at least with the traditional route.

    & BEFORE YOU KNOCK OTHER PEOPLE & TELL THEM TO RECONSIDER LEARNING HOW TO WRITE, You should resoncider wtf your focus is on, peoples spelling or their opinions? Because we obviously know what she means. IRRITATED BY THE IGNORANT-->JOE. (since it seems like we're getting teqnical... oops i mean technical. =D


    1. First off, I am not your "friend" or "brother" so don't refer to me as the such. Do not offer me your "luck" because I certainly do not need it. Secondly, NOWHERE have I said that being black is unethical. I don't want to label you as a retard, but only a truly retarded half-brained moron would even think that I said being black is unethical. I clearly said that for OG to use a young black man as "puppet" to attract vulnerable minorities into a illegitimate business is unethical.

      How much money I make is irrelevant, but I am sure that its much more than what the grand majority of OG "distributors" make by "selling coffee". The fact that you would even ask such a question is really telling of you (in a negative way), so avoid making personal attacks on me because it serves you no purpose other than embarrassing yourself. Do not make personal statements about myself, what I do, my income, my education, my life experiences, or business experience because it has nothing to do with OG and you simply do not know who I am, and again; it is embarrassing on your part. This should be common sense.

      You wrote a lot of very "nice" things about life, philosophy, education, and other things that have absolutely nothing to do with OG and its business model (which is very characteristic of OG as a whole). Coming from you however, I am a bit surprised because you just knocked me for having a lack of "focus" in my statements... I will not entertain that rant of yours.

      I am not dictating anyone on how they should live their lives. I am just warning people of the dangers of OG. And for your information (since you seem to know me sooooo well) I actually have been to 4 OG seminars and I have looked into the business extensively. But I am going to guess that you think that the only person who truly knows OG or anything about business is someone who has your same exact clouded views on OG.

      And guess what "anonymous", "by the way, just for the record", I didn't think you were black, and for arguments sake; nor do I really care what you are. Judging from the people that OG has been targeting of late however, I will take a guess and assume that you a Latino.

      If you can drop the rhetoric and other irrelevant nonsense, we can have a civilized debate about OG. I can discuss with you why I think OG is an unethical scam, and you can argue your point. If you just feel like going on a silly rant, go right ahead, but I will not entertain lunacy.

    2. Anonymous4/09/2012

      Also, they don't even ask you to sell the crappy coffee, they tell you to GIVE IT AWAY as samples to build your business. That way, nobody has to actually sell anything. Just buy. Wake up, the business "owners" are the consumers.
      And yes, they are targeting blacks and Hispanics, I live in Texas, I know!

    3. Anonymous5/03/2012

      Sadly this is another scam!!
      They already are in Mexico recruiting thousands of young and unemployed people!! And yes, 99% of the presentation talks about how to get extremely rich quick and effortlessly like the black dude, the business is to recruit more people in your lines!! The coffee is extremely expensive for the Mexican market and is sold as a "magic cure"
      Plus since Mexican laws are more relaxed on this topics ..
      they openly mention that the real income comes from the recruiting not from selling the coffee
      BTW ... I worked several years in multi level. And made good money!! Especially with herbalife!!! I became "millionare team " in a record. Time!! Put more than 2,000 people directly under me
      ..and countless lines, I knew this ripe of business have a curve line so I made my money and retrieve!! I open up a small restaurant by the beach and yes.. when the whole line collapsed within 2 years I saw a lot of people dreams get broken!!
      I told them, they didn't listen and all those who contracted credit lines based on a fantasy .. went straight down into bankruptcy!! I lost a lot of friends because of this and even worse!! I got myself a new group of enemies blaming me for their "tragedy "
      Because of that I LEARNED TO STAY AWAY from any ML business!!

    4. Anonymous5/12/2012

      If the company is REALLY legit and "wants to share the wealth with it's salespeople", then there shouldn't be any "associate fees". Just sell me the coffee at cost, and I turn around and sell it at a markup. That way, OG makes a killing from coffee sales, through "affiliate marketing", and I make some money based on my hard efforts selling COFFEE, not selling sales kits.

  9. Anonymous3/19/2012

    El objetivo de la empresa Organo Gold es hacerse con el 1% de consumo mundial de café. Para los que si entendemos de negocios, sabemos que el 1% del volumen total del mercado del café es mucho dinero. Por desgracia hay otro 99% de personas que o no saben, o no les gusta, o son ignorantes, o son unos fracasados, perdedores, inmaduros, etc. ¿Donde estas tu? Por cierto yo consumo el café porque me gusta y porque tengo pasta para gastarmela en café y donde me salga de los cojones. Saludos a las mentes inteligentes

    1. Anonymous5/03/2012

      A ver. En primer lugar quien te crees para insultar a las personas "wey ".
      Todos los multi niveles dicen la Misma jalada "" buscamos El 1% del Mercado mundial
      yo tuve mucho existo con herbalife y llegue en tiempo record a equipo millonario!!
      viajando x todo Mexico, reclute a mas d 2 mil personas directamente bajo mi linea y de ahi se hicieron como 20 mil... cuando compare la cantidad de dinero q recibia yo en comparacion con el monton millonario de Ventas d mi grupo, vi q solo los de muy muy arriba de la piramida se Hadrian millinarios, ademas yo sabia q Los productos q vendiamos se podian conseguir a UN memory costo y de mejor calidad en tiendas como Walt mart!! Asi q inverting mi dinero en negocios convencionales y le adverti a Mister libras q hicieran lo mismo, Los q me firmaron Shasta intentaron GOLPEARME y se quedaron gone mis lineas acusandome de "Perdedor" ( ya sabes, pendejos hipocritas como tu!) Yo segui cobrando Mir regalias y cuando el negocio revento por saturacion del Mercado, fue impresionante la cantidad d personas q se fueron a la quiebra! Sobre Todo Los ignorantes q contrajeron deudas de credito!! Basados en una fantasia!!
      Entonces vinieron corriendo a mi... perdi muchas amistades por esto y peor es q algunos hasta me culpable por su desgracia
      por eso decidi jamas involucrarme de nuevo end esteem Tipo de negocios?
      GUI a unable presentacion de OG y VI lo Miami de siempre ... El negocio esta en reclutar genre y no end la venta del producto! El cafe estate con sobreprecio y su calidad de sabor es baja comparado con lo q hay disponible en el Mercado. Lo comparable con Starbucks pero eso es marketing para el Mercado gringo!! En Mexico hay cafe de infinita mejor calidad y menor precio!!
      se be q tu eres "socio de OGT" Y de seguro un muerto de hambre fracasado sin educacion y con complejo de inferioridad
      end Las reuniones de OG ...solo VI jovenes desempleados e ilusos! Y amas de casa de escasos recursos y uno q otro farsante como tu!
      esta biennial q la gente trabaje honradamente para ganarse El sustento y q bueno q encuentren cosas asi, lo q esta mal es q abusen d la ignorancia de Las personas vendiendoles falsas ilusiones q solo enriquesen a Los estafadores dueños del "negocio "
      X cierto idiota!! Mi hermana es veterinaria y tiene 4 clinicas exitosas, mi hermano es sicologo y turned un excelente trabajo en recursos humanos, mi otra hermana es contadora ejecutiva de HP y vice end Seattle y Mexico en zonas muy buenas y yo tengo negocios en Miami, Texas y varias playas de Mexico asi q la educacion si sirve y Nos costing Michigan sacrificio estudiar la universidad como para escuchar a UN ignorante estafador y perezoso como turn... tachar de perdedores al q pueden ver tu farsa!!
      Por cierto chingas a turn madre hijo de perra y sorry port lad faltas de ortografia Perot mi nuevo iPhone no escribe bien el español, eso me pasa x comprarlo en Miami, pero el proximo lo compro end vallarta!! Zaz? Pinche idiota valeverga!!

  10. Anonymous3/19/2012

    You All Remind me of the republicans running for affice. All that talt and not saing a thing about what realy counts

  11. Anonymous3/19/2012

    someone please tell us who Mr Bernstein is and what his position is

  12. Anonymous3/19/2012


    You are one of the few intelligent people I've seen frequent this site with opposing views and an argument that actually makes sense. I feel the same way that you do about the majority of this company-namely that it's unethical, cult-like, and robbing honest but somewhat gullible people of their money-and welcome any dialogue you might have about it.

    I'd love to see a more dedicated site created to exposing Organo Gold for what it really is. Better blog posts, commentary from people who have been screwed over by this company, and facts about the actual contents of their 'product' from honest-to-God doctors and pharamacists.

    I am not opposed to doing everything I can to expose this company for what it really is: a sham.

    1. Anonymous4/09/2012

      I agree. You can start an Avon business for $10. You don't need $1200 to start a business. You can buy coffee for wholesale and re-sell it. Google "Wholesale Coffee" and start your business!

    2. Anonymous6/19/2012

      you would fail...Im still lost on how this company is bad and other companies do the same thing. Amway has been around for 60 yrs and have people making 1MILLION per month off of re-orders ..No different than coffee. I honestly think THE NETWORKING INDUSTRY has preyed on lower income people forever. No matter if its coffee, long distance, weight loss etc. I made 6 figures in EXCEL and was the youngest to do it at age 19 in yr 1999 while I was a Freshman in college. Since then I have joined other companies and been successful. Bottom line is all of these companies have their SYSTEM with their business models. If you follow ANY OF THEM AND JUST STAY FOCUSED AND DONT LET NEGATIVITY STOP YOU, CHANCES OF SUCCESS ARE PRETTY STRONG. Heck how many people dont like their JOB but must follow the companies policies and SYSTEM if they wanna keep being EMPLOYED and get a paycheck. I think your opinions have a lil truth. BUT I MEAN LITTLE TO THE FULLEST EXTENT. For you to judge a whole organization of over 400,000 reps worldwide now is ridiculous. I mean you have to be some craft bastards to RECRUIT THAT MANY PEOPLE AND THEY NOT GET THE DRIFT THATS ITS A SCAM AND SHUT THE WHOLE THING DOWN. I have been in Gano Excel and Organo Gold. Robert Hollis is White and makes $240,000 per month selling ganoderma coffee. Holton Buggs just went thru $900,000 per month selling a SAME PRODUCT ! Wow who cares if you are BLACK OR WHITE ? I guess Robert only TARGETS WHITES SINCE HIS BUSINESS CONSISTS OF %70 whites...And yes im ANONYMOUS BUT WILL GLADLY SPEAK WITH YOU ONE ON ONE OR BY EVERY COMPANY I have been involved with always has NEGATIVE PEOPLE BASHING THE COMPANY..ITs not the company most of the time. THIS IS A PEOPLE BUINESS AND BY NATURE MOST HUMANS ARE DESIGNED BY GREED ! We are in a CAPITALISTIC SOCIETY.. No different than WALL STREET RAPING PEOPLE ...No different than any other business who marks items up to RETAIL FOR A PROFIT..

    3. Anonymous6/30/2012 The issue is the hype! People are sold that you make money from the "coffee" no you make it from recruiting Show me anyone in the OG company that just sells the product and makes 6 figures When you remove the network marketing from theses companies you are left with a product and service that even the reps wouldnt buy I have friends that have qualified for the benz with the OG and they made it off of recruiting You see more people trying to recruit then trying to sell the product go figure

  13. Hello,

    It would be helpful if you can provide a name on your post so I can distinguish you from all the other "anonymous" folks.

    First off, let me thank you for adding a level of civilized discourse in a site that is in dire need of it. To be honest, I am not a frequent or regular on this site per say. I've been familiar with OG for quite some time now. I discovered this blog shortly after I did OG, but it is only until recently that I decided to share my views.

    I agree with everything you noted, but you did point out something very important that I have not mentioned. Most of the people who do join OG are honest folks trying to earn some money - like everyone else. From my experience these people are usually lower income and are drawn in by wild promises and images of wealth.

    I would also like to see a site that does a better job at exposing OG. This site is simply no place for rational conversation. This site's administrator also does a mediocre job at really getting to the facts. Most of what he or she posts is more of conversational rant than a truly well organized argument against OG. The work he does is useful, but is hardly investigative or enlightening.

    What bugs me the most about OG is its complete, total, and utter lack of transparency. In a company that presents itself to be so open and equal in terms of how the business is run (almost family like), everyone is actually kept in the dark. I would just love to see OG's books. I want to know how much money is actually made in coffee sales vs. recruitment fees, the weighted contents of their products, how much money it actually takes to produce the coffee vs. what they charge their distributors.

    Doing all of this will take serious investigative work, and possibly some legal work as well. I am not capable of either of those, nor is this site. OG will fail eventually as all ponzi schemes are mathematically unsustainable. What is important to note, however, is the fact that there are some OG pawns out there that will simply never be convinced. It is possible to make money in OG by essentially trapping others, but the ones that do make money might never realize that the way they made their money was wrong because in their minds it is not a scam if they came out with some money.

    1. Anonymous4/09/2012

      OG is based in the Phillippines, it does not have to adhere to US laws. I have NEVER seen a direct sales kit without a long contract full of 2 pages of small print. All OG gives you is a crazy magazine with a crazy picture of Holton Buggs. No manual, etc. The comp plan is a bad copy made on a low cost printer. I have NEVER seen a kit so sleezy in my life. It is NOT based in Washington State! It's not a US company!

  14. Michael3/19/2012


    For the time being, I will go by the name Michael. At least that will help us distinguish me from others while talking on the site.

    The reason that I brought up the "honest folks" point is that I have people close to me (including a spouse) that have been taken in by Organo Gold. It's sad to see people so close to me suckering their friends and family into this "business."

    Worse even is that I have known these people for years. They are well respected in their community and it is a shame to think they could potentially be dragging their names through the mud with this.

    I agree with you that little can be done to trying to discover how much OG makes selling coffee vs. recruiting distributors. To be honest, I don't think anyone believes this company is really about selling coffee, even the people on the inside.

    I must also speak out about the amount of vehemence I was met with when I resisted wanting to involve our family finances in this operation. The usual comments of "negativity" and "not believing in financial freedom" were rampant from my spouse.

    What I am continually reminded of is how many checks we'll be receiving for thousands of dollars in less than a year if we just "believe."

    Funny thing is, I haven't seen a single one of the folks I know who are doing this sell out of coffee and order more in a month. It continues to sit in their shelves. Unused and unopened.

    What I do know is that Organo Gold continues to rape my bank account every month and continues to fatten their coffers with my hard earned money. And they continue to send me products that I'll never use and my spouse will never be able to sell.

    If you would like to continue our dialogue, it might be better to do through other channels. I think it would be nice to organize those who are willing to stand up against Organo Gold and provide a different voice about this company.

    So far, it looks like we're outnumbered. I look forward to your reply.

    - Mike

    1. Katie Gray3/20/2012

      Hello Joe and Michael,

      While this site needs more organization--or a new site against Organo Gold needs to be made--there are legitimate claims about the shady practices of this pyramid scheme on here. There are many claims against this company already and it looks like the company wont exist for too much longer (fingers crossed). That just means Holton Buggs and Chua will be moving on to the next scam.

      My partner dumped me in 2010 because I wasn't "serious" about the "business". Flat out destroyed many years in a relationship to get rich quick. Needless to say my ex-never made it "to the top" and is still blowing through money on a dream. My ex made a little chump change (by selling a few boxes of coffee) and the little bit of money that an IBO may make gives them the thought that they can make thousands and millions on this product. It's not so.

      The company is predatory and while I have seen people of all ethnicities in this scam, they are mainly preying on poor blacks and latinos. It's no coincidence that they top distributors they show case are black (David Imonitie) or Latino (Jose Ardon). It's easier to think that one can make it when they see someone who looks just like them making it big. Overall, this company is bad news for everyone involved regardless of ethnicity. This evil machine aka Organo Gold must be stopped!!!

    2. Anonymous4/09/2012

      Mike, feel free to email me at - Maybe we can get some information out there about how this company is robbing innocent people like you.

    3. Anonymous4/12/2012

      I heard this coffee has made people really sick ..I'm afraid to try it!

  15. Well, I thought I was reading something that made sense until the author changed David's name to Adam, which really confused me. Unless he's talking about two people, Adam and David. Not sure. But that inability to write three cohesive paragraphs makes me doubt the abilities of the author to speak intelligently about business of any kind. Not sure why he so vehemently hates this company and wondering why he does not offer an alternative to the many people looking for a better opportunity to earn money.

    1. Anonymous3/20/2012

      If you knew David's "real" story, you wouldn't question the authors choice of names...

    2. Anonymous4/09/2012

      David/Adam has no reason to put out this info unless it is true. Is he asking you for anything? Is he selling anything? No. What would his incentive be for saying these things?

  16. Hello again Mike, and hello Katie and Tim,


    I honestly have a difficult time putting into words everything that I think is wrong about OG. While I was certain that I was not alone on my views against OG, I did not think I would come across someone who I can identify with so much on this issue. No offense, but its hard to imagine that someone as close as your spouse would fall into something like OG given how articulate you are. Then again, I am not so far off. I too have an immediate family member who fell for OG. The arguments, the financial threat, him trying to trap other family members while I make sure they dont join, and the crazy hopes for a wealth that will never come. When I hear my close one convinced that he can make a million dollars by the end of the year and with level of blind faith that I have never seen before - its almost like I dont him. This is not a scam that just hurts people's wallets, but by its nature this scam can cause serious problems at home. I can't find the words to express it, but just know that I completely know what you are going through.


    I don't have to rewrite everything I did above for you to know that I can understand what you went through. It seems like we can share our stories forever only to preach to the choir. I sure hope these claims against OG are effective. We might never know just how many people have similar stories. I hope that anyone even thinking about joining OG do some serious research before being fooled.


    The author of this site is certainly no journalist, but at least he or she is on the right side and is helping spread some awareness.

    Anyways Mike, and Kate,

    As you can probably tell from my delayed responses, I am very busy and rarely do I have time to surf the web (let alone this site). I will continue to visit this site from time to time, but I honestly think our sane conversation will be short lived on this site once these OG pawns start rolling in. With that said, you can email my BS email account that I don't mind posting here: okguy00@aol

  17. Logic says: Either the author was in OG & feels like he didn't get a fare shake or was never in and there for speaking from ignorance of the truth have never done OG themselves. Either way they only have an OPINION!

  18. This is an interesting site. I recently got invited to an Organo Gold meeting, it was interesting, I didn't sign up, but learned a few things.

    The reason I say this site is interesting is to see that someone went out of there way to give Organo Gold a bad rep, must not have worked out for you.

    I'll take this info into consideration.

    1. Hi I'm eddy , and I just want to thank all of you for sharing this because I almost fell into this OG scam today . I was approached by this young black male who looked somewhat wealthy and he started asking me soo many questions and I didn't answer all of them without asking him what and why he approached me and he started asking me about my job andhow much I would like to make a month and etc basicly giving me some bullshit description about how he gathers "Leaders" but basicly recruits to pay up for this product and I'm 19 and latino and he was going through this presentation where he invited me to sit with him outside of a starbucks and he kept showing me this magazine who he said was that guy who looks like mayor villaraigosa from L.A aswell as this packet about how I wasn't going to believe him and how he wasn't tryin to con me and kept showing me how I could make so much money and showed me picturs of cars and so much more bullshit that sounded like pure lies he spoke very educated in attempt to convice me to to purchase a kit to get started on selling OG man I'm so glad I did my own search and this blog saved me from possibly throwing my money away to this bullshit thanks joe and all of you ! (:

  19. Greg,

    I wouldn't necessarily say this site is run by someone who tried Organo Gold and found that it 'didn't work out for them.'

    If you can't find anything worthwhile (and it is a stretch, sometimes) from the author's posts, how about reading some of the comments from other like-minded people on the site.

    I do agree with you. The author's comments are all about giving Organo Gold a bad rep. But there are plenty of us on this site who are biased against this company and its practices and have never (willingly) given this company a red cent.

    Many of us have spouses, partners, or family members who have been taken in by this pyramid scheme and who constantly harangue their friends and family to join the company as 'distributors.'

    It's very difficult to come home almost every night and have to hear something about this company and all the 'money we'll be making' in a matter of months.

    I reiterate a point I've already made to Joe, and that's that of the people I know involved in this, I have yet to see a person sell out of coffee on their own. Every single person involved in OG knows the only way to make real profit is to recruit 'distributors' underneath you, who effectively become your 'customers.'

    My challenge to all of you OG 'reps' is to earn a profit by selling product, not opportunity. Otherwise, you're just hoodwinking people out of money.

    Joe and Katie, I did find some recent (March 2012) news reports about investigations going on with Organo Gold. The reporting wasn't very solid, and missed a lot of important points, but it was a starting place.

    I'll provide links and a summary later on.

    Greg, it would be good to get an opinion from someone who has been to a meeting and hasn't signed up. What were your thoughts?

    I think you can tell where I stand on the issue, but I'd like to hear what others think as well.


  20. Anonymous3/24/2012

    Very interesting... I've not joined or attended a meeting as of yet, but do like to see all sides of a coin before making a decision. I'd like to think myself as educated & I'm no spring chicken. Would those that oppose this company be as upset if the OG camp simply said that you'd make more $ by recruiting others? I'm pretty familiar w prepaid legal, primerica, Mary Kay, etc. How is OG different? & to those "pawns" in the group, how does OG make transparent the claims listed above? Do u have acces to the fees vs. sales #'s or to the actual coffee/tea/ cocoa ingredients & their amounts? And finally, is OG already offered in stores in the US or Cananda or any place in the world? Information is key.

    And since there are so many anonymous id 's here, I will refer to myself as Searcher.

    Good day all!

  21. Hi Searcher,

    As to your question about whether or not those of us who oppose the company would be upset if OG reps simply stated you made more money recruiting others than selling coffee, I can't speak for anyone else, but as for myself, I'd have to say: No.

    And here's why. If the reps in OG admitted that the bulk of your money were made through recruiting, it would draw the line dangerously close to having their company called a pyramid scheme.

    Both the FBI and the FTC define a pyramid scheme as thus: "A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public."

    Now, OG throws a veil over this by saying that because distributors that are signed up pay for product, it isn't a pyramid scheme.

    What you WON'T find out is how much of the company's revenue is based on "enrollment fees" versus actual coffee sales by their distributors.

    Also, in order for you to get paid from your downline, you MUST order a certain amount of coffee every month, even if you don't need it. One cannot simply order enough to supply yourself for as long as you need, and then order more.

    So, all the minimum purchases made by OG's distributors every month also count as "coffee sales." So technically, the company is selling coffee.

    The catch is that we'll never know how much product moves from each 'distributor' to actual retail customer. Reps don't have to report those numbers.

    You can look on places like YouTube and other blogs and see talk about how much people enjoy the coffee, but most of the time these are simply people who sell the product who in turn are making those videos to try and get YOU to sell the product.

    Until the number of people who enjoy OG coffee outnumber the amount of people who 'distribute' it, I question where the real success of this company comes from.

    Sure it's fine if people who sell the product also talk about how great it is (what kind of marketer would you be if you didn't), but this is the age of social media and viral marketing. If something's good people who use it (but don't sell it) are going to talk about it!

    And speaking from personal experience, the meetings that I have attended with my spouse do focus on recruiting people rather than selling the coffee.

    Sorry for such a long-winded answer to one question.

    In regards to the fees vs. sales #'s, in the long run, if someone provided you with those numbers, I believe the coffee sales would outnumber the distributor/enrollment fees.

    However, what one really needs to ask is, "How much coffee are the distributors selling to retail customers?" And compare that to how much coffee is ordered by distributors each month.

    If one were to compare them and find that what distributors ordered each month was extremely higher than what they sold retail, you'd have a problem. Well, OG would have a problem.

    But, I don't think those numbers actually exist. And I think there's a reason for that.

    As to the ingredients of the product, I have several boxes of OG product here at my home, and from what I can tell, the ingredients are listed on each package as well as nutritional information.

    However, as to how much of the key ingredient (ganoderma lucidium extract) is in each product, I can't find that on the boxes. It might be listed on their website.

    And as to whether or not OG is already offered in stores, the answer to that is a big no. It's direct marketing, it's the wave of the future!

    If, however, someone does know where OG is offered retail, I'd love to know. But then wouldn't that defeat the purpose of creating a direct marketing distribution team?

    Just some thoughts to ponder. And good to have you aboard. I welcome the discussion!


    1. Just as an addendum, another reason I don't believe the product is offered retail is because I can discern no barcodes of any type on the product. Even small packs of chewing gum would have barcodes if it were sold retail.

      Just a thought.

  22. Anonymous3/25/2012

    I drink the coffee and my mother does too. She had been feeling a lot better Since taking the product. I researched all that Ganoderma does and it's really good for your health, especially the immune system, no to mention blood flow, and weight loss.

  23. Anonymous3/29/2012

    You are a Jackass!!!

  24. Anonymous3/29/2012

    Well, I am not in OG but I love their coffee and the product. It keeps me energized, concentrated, think clearly, boosted up my immune system and it has helped me in so many ways that my own doctor was in shock. This is not something that heals but helps. I love OG and I have nothing negative to say about this product.

    1. Anonymous4/06/2012

      i feel the same way i gave up coffee for this product

  25. Anonymous4/03/2012

    I just participated in one of these recruiting meetings via a conference call and was completely unimpressed. The usual networking marketing promises of big money. I am black, but as a lawyer, I am far from the underprivileged segment of society normally targeted by these platforms. In fact, the person who invited me is my aunt, who is a dentist, so I'm really surprised she would involve herself with this. I do know that a friend of the family has been involved with Organ Gold for at least the past two years, and it doesn't seem like its been lucrative for her. I won't be getting involved.

  26. Anonymous4/05/2012

    Most likely will take me a few posting to address everything said in these posting. There is a little bit of true statements here and a bunch of not true statements.

    Right off going to talk about the claim that the business profits more from adding distributors than it does from selling coffee. Someone made the statement that the anti OG people did not have enough knowledge about the business. That is a true statement, because if you did understand the compensation plan you would be able to determine if they make more money from new distributors or coffee sales.

    Going to use an example that i signed up 1,000 people this month and not going to sign up anymore for the rest of the year.

    There are 3 levels that a distributor can come into the company Bronze ($200), Silver ($500), Gold (1,300). Now common sense would say that more people will be able to pay the bronze amount, little less can pay the silver amount, and even less can afford to do the gold. So, I divided up the 1,000 as so:

    Gold 200 people 1,300 = $260,000
    Silver 300 people 500 = $150,000
    Bronze 500 people 200 = $100,00

    Couple NOTES:
    This is a ONE time charge
    $49.95 of each goes to pay for the binders and materials they send
    You are supplied with product that equals approx 80% of the package fee. (So, technically that amount should fall under product sales but I will give you that 80% towards your claim)

    Each distributor is required to purchase at least $50 of product each month to remain active.

    1,000 people times $50 = $50,000 per month
    12 months times $50,000 = $600,000 per year.

    So, in the first year, the sales of the coffee is higher than the new distributor package purchase. Reminder...package purchase is a one time purchase.

    of these 1,000 people making their required $50 a month in year TWO brings in another $600,000 in coffee sales.

    And remember I gave you the 80% of the package price that is actually used to purchase your startup products.

    Let's say I am a little high on how much of the package value is product sales...lets say it is just 25%. If that seems like a better number for you and then we take that 25% and added it to thes product sales number and reduce the package numbers then the difference is even greater.

    Simple math folks...if you know and understand the compensation plan.

    New NOTE: When it comes to the various ways that a distributor can earn money, there are up to 7 ways you can earn commission and/or bonus.

    ONLY 1 (ONE) of them is based on the package signup..bronze, silver, or gold revenue...ONLY 1

    All of the other 6 method are ALL based on the volume of revenue from the coffee sales.

    So, now, explain how the company makes more money from a new person buying their sign up package vs. the volume of sales from coffee?


    1. With all due respect, Brian, where do I even begin with everything you wrote? Boy, you my friend are a talker.

      Just so that we don't get off on TOO many tangents, let's start with your numbers about sales of coffee versus enrollment fees for the Organo Gold program.

      The easiest way to sum this up is like this. You CAN'T count sales of coffee to DISTRIBUTORS as retail sales. THAT DOESN'T COUNT towards coffee sold.

      When you RETAIL a product, you SELL it to a CONSUMER who is NOT also a DISTRIBUTOR. That's how DISTRIBUTION works. You buy something wholesale from a company and then you RESELL it.

      Companies (like Organo Gold, or Amway, or a dozen others) make their money from people like YOU who recruit other DISTRIBUTORS under them who in turn buy more PRODUCT.

      But the PRODUCT rarely, if ever, reaches the hands of end users, also known as CONSUMERS.

      Come back to me when you and your team of distributors are selling more coffee to CUSTOMERS that are NOT part of the ORGANO GOLD DISTRIBUTION network. Then you will have a legitimate business.

      Otherwise, all the numbers you've quoted for coffee sales DO NOT COUNT. Because that, sir, is the very definition of a PYRAMID SCHEME.

      A company which is based upon recruiting chains of distributors which buy product for which there is little to no actual retail market.

      So where are the numbers? Show me concrete, factual numbers for your sales to actual CUSTOMERS. Not DISTRIBUTORS.

      And unless you are running it like an actual business, you won't be able to produce those numbers.

      Businesses have expenses, and they have income. Show me your success at SELLING COFFEE, not at recruiting MORE PEOPLE TO SELL COFFEE.

      If a company like Organo Gold is asking its members to buy coffee every month and that coffee is never resold to retail customers, then you have no retail market base for your coffee.

      And that is ILLEGAL.

      When you break it down, there are really only two ways you get paid in Organo Gold. You sell the coffee yourself, or you recruit more people to buy a monthly supply of coffee so that they can resell it, or you teach them to do the same thing.

      I hope anyone reading the above posts and the responses that are being made will consider implications of the business in which they are involving themselves.

      - Mike

    2. Anonymous4/07/2012

      Not Correct Mike. A pyramid scheme is when there are NO products involved what so ever. Again you show your lack of knowledge on MLM and Organo Gold. The distributor in the case of OG, Amway, Mary Kay..etc is not the same type of Distributor that requires a special business license. Distributor is a label, not a business entity. So, the "Distributor" term used for OG, Mary Kay, etc. is a label not a business distributor. Organo Gold is the retail company, we are the customer. We pay the sales tax when we purchase the coffee.
      The question was NOT how much does the distributor make; the question was does ORGANO GOLD make more money from first time package sales or the coffee sales. The numbers I provided is an example of Sales for Organo Gold...not I. Thus, those numbers are product sales by Organo Gold making us the customer and Organo Gold is the company selling the coffee. The numbers I provided are correct with the exception that the dollar amount of products sold with the signup package should also be included in the Product Sales totals...not in the signup totals.
      - Brian

    3. Anonymous6/30/2012

      Mike4/05/2012 is pretty much on the money Once again take away the network marketing and what do you have ? I have listened to top leaders in this industry that explain how all of these companies make money I mean the detail break down of the comp plan to the car bonus to the levels ect...

    4. I have a friend of mine that joined at the gold package, and he keeps trying to get me to join. I am currently a CEO of a marketing company that i founded, and my focus is on that business. Im similiar to Amazon as far as products go. I like the enthusiam that my friend has, but its a TOTAL turnoff hearing about BENTLEYS, and $500,000 per month. Im sick of it. A legitimate business NEVER needs to boast about money, even if it needs investors or independent consultants.

  27. Anonymous4/05/2012


    Really everyone, making a claim that by displaying a black man as their poster boy they are being unethical and then saying...well oh other companies do similiar things but that is different; NO it is not and it is marketing.

    When have you ever seen Mary Kay use a man as their primary poster boy?

    Ever seen a young person as the one needing a scooter on those commericals for the handicap...nope...all other people..what only older people need powered chairs? Target Marketing People.

    Black people have been scream for years that you only see white people being used for product or company advertisement. Unemployement is higher for those that are black. So, here is a black guy that has taken an opportunity and made good on it. Darn right that is a good target marketing plan. Guess what it is a black fellow who is the top earner in the company....and there are many more of them at the top. So tell me, what would you be saying about the company if they selected a white guy to be the poster boy and he wasn't even close to being the top earner. What message would that again send to the non-whites in American. So, please can the racist stuff.

    For the record, i am 100% white, i grew up during the years where it was more common that blacks and whites where fighting and was involved in many of them...why because i was ignorant in thinking that skin color determined whether you were smart or dumb, going to be a failure or successful.

  28. Anonymous4/05/2012

    Yep, Brian again, i am still not done.

    For the lawyer that posted just before my first post, i also make good money in my 9 to 5 job...just over $100,000 per year.

    What has been left out of the conversations above is why do some many fail and a few have great success? Well, why are there only a few people in the class of a Bill Gates. There are thousands of technical people out there but only a handful of people that have really large success..saying $500,000, 1 million, 2 million per year.

    There are many reasons..what is their marketing strategy? Is it the correct one for the business type? Is the correct one for their marking area. How well do they know their products? How well do they know the competitor products? Do they help train the people they sign on..their down line it is called? Do they help them understand the products, marketing...

    What I am saying that being successful in OG is no different than any other business, you must put in the effort. It is a business, not a job and you must do the work to EARN to profits.

    For the fellow up above that is upset with his wife, (switching to more simple talk) dude she is pissed at you because you don't support her. So what if you don't think it will work...guess what it will not work if you don't support her, and neither will your marriage. Instead of bitching so much and claim to be smarter than her why don't you learn more about it and help her a bit. If she fails then she fails, but then at the least she will not quit or fail because of all the negative vibes and comments she gets from you. If you can't see what I am saying then guess what, you are not as smart as you claim to be. Stop focusing so much on trying to bash a company and put more focus into learning and giving her some support....otherwise just get a divorce and spare her of your negative life.

    1. And now you're making it personal. First of all, you don't get off on telling another man how to run his marriage, especially when you have no clue about me or my relationship with my wife.

      My problem is not with my wife. It is with the company that she is involved in and has our family finances involved in. I've made my objections known to her and left it alone.

      I have not disparaged her nor have I tried to set her up for failure. We have had one very large argument about it, but I can not and will not stop her from being in Organo Gold if that is what she wants to do.

      For someone who is married, Brian, you ought to understand that you do not (and should not) always agree with everything your spouse says or does. So no, I will not give my support to something I don't believe in, but at the same time, I will not stand in her way either.

      It is a compromise I am willing to make and it also allows me to make my objections known through other means, like this public forum here.

      Just for the record, taking an opposing view on something that I am strongly against does not make me NEGATIVE. It just means I have a different view about this company and its activities.

      Lastly, nowhere in my previous posts did I claim to be "smarter than my wife." I disagree with her decision to join this company, we had an argument about it, and that has been that.

      You, on the other hand, could do better to read a little more and talk a little less.

    2. Anonymous4/07/2012

      No I was not making it personal. You opened up that part of the conversation by writing about it. It was not meant to be an attack on you. You have to understand that by making public objections you are not leaving it alone. I offer of this information only as input from how she may feel. Over 20 years ago I was in her shoes. Just was trying to say, step back and try to see could view your public comments as not being supporting and how it appears to her. In your mind you are finding a way to express your issues with it all. However, I would expect that she views it in a different way. Only saying it because I have been through it 20 years ago.

      I have read this blog several times before I posted and after posting. My number and length of the posting is due to the incorrect information that is being posted, not because you think I like to talk. You are offering advice to people and giving incorrect data. Organo Gold does sell coffee. Your statements on this alone are not correct.

  29. Anonymous4/05/2012

    Oh, during my rant about being racist...fellow at the top made the statement that they will only take you if you are young and black. I have a fairly large up line, you have to go fairly high up it before you reach someone who is black...notice i said high up...person is black...means another black fellow being successful. I don't have any black people, YET, in my down line. OH, and up or down, none of us are young. However, i plan to add young people if they have the skill set, business minded and will to work as a team...i dont care if they are all black, mexican, mixed...if they have the people skills, business sense I will bring them onto the team, train them, help them grow and help them be successful.

    So, your statement is SO false...really would be considered slander. Hum we had a lawyer publish a comment...Isn't it slander if you state something about someone or a company that is not true and it causes a financial impact?

    I mean many of the claims you all make are not correct due to the lack of knowledge on the company. There are people that come here and decide not to join the company because of the incorrect statements you are making. Sound like slander to me.

    Now if you came on and said look, my wife has been doing this for 2 years and we have not made any money...that would seem to be a true statement. Of course it does not mean it is the fault of the company but it is your true situation. But to come on here and say they only take young and black people...and that by using a black person as their poster boy is not all are saying how the company is breaking the law...sounds like slander folks. main point is that your statement was so not true.

  30. Anonymous4/05/2012

    Last one for today...Brian again...

    Someone up above said that the company growth is at its end. The market is over run with distributors...Really. This is a PRIME example that people making comments on here lack the knowledge to make comments on this company.

    Now i might have agreed with you if you were talking about Amway, Mary Kay, Avon (Oh, by the way are MLM companies still going strong).

    How long has the company been in the US? 3 years..until last year they had 150,000 distributors...since Jan 1st 2012, they are over 1 million. Guess what, i live in a city with the area population just at or above 1 million...I am the second OG distributor in the area. Yes, the second one..the other signed up in Dec 2011. If you go north of me to a city of about 500,000 give or take..they have ZERO. Go west of me to another city about the same size 1 or 2....Go east to a city of about 300 to 400k...ZERO.

    So, what is that between all the cities,not counting the smaller cities in between..over two million people that are untapped. Well, not sure what college you all attended but i would call that a business opportunity.

    Which brings me to this...yes if I would have been in a city that had thousands of OG distributors, most likely i would not have joined. However, the product is coffee; millions of people drink 2, 3, 5,more cups a day. People are drinking coffee at younger ages every year. When they become 18, guess what...more customers...every year, actually every day, someone turns 18. Unless no one has anymore babies, that is going to continue to happen. So, your customer base grows every day. Whether it is a new distributor or someone buying the coffee to drink.

  31. Anonymous4/05/2012

    ok..I have typed over 4,096 character breaking into several postings...
    Where do the larger part of our customers come from...yes..the one correct statement being made...the distributors. The target market is coffee drinkers. It is simple give a coffee drinker a sample, they either like it or they don't. If they like it they ask how can i buy tell them how to purchase retail. And yes, you also explain how you can become a distributor which enables you to get the coffee at cost and you can make a comission on it as well. How much, well that depends on what each person wants to do. Actually there is a 4th way to get involved. For $49.95 you can join the company. This allows you to purchase the coffee at cost. You dont recieve any commission, you are not required to purchase a set amount each month..nothing just buy your coffee,tea, whatever and drink it.
    Before mentioned...i know someone will say oh it costs too much...ever purchase K-Cups...thousand of people are into the K-Cups...includes me. $40 for 80 cups and that is the standard brand coffee. If you buy it online it is a little more and then you get charged shipping. And we dont even have to mention how much starbucks, now McDonald charge for coffee. So the argument that it costs too much is a wash.
    So, how and why did i get involved. A friend of mine mentioned it to me. I did the research..even read this site before joining...i looked them up on better business...A- rating...hum...not bad...actually expected it to be lower since it was a MLM company. Then i analyzed the coffee market. There are 5 starbuck store fronts within 3 blocks of each other and they are always packed. Then i reviewed the compensation plan..compared it to Mary Kay because the wife did that for a while...OH by the way...Mary Kay and Amway both require you to purchase product to remain active in the company. Reminds me...anyone of you all need any makeup...we seem to have a nice stock of it...oh but that only happens with OG...right? (All about how you manage and market your business people). Anyway, the final selling point for me...Timing..timing of the opportunity. I live in and near 2 million people where there are just a few distributors. So, when you say they started at the top...yep, this is the same as starting at the top. You bet i will be able to find 1,000 strong coffee drinkers to switch their brand to OG out of 2 million people. Go up and take 20% of the month volume from the above example...$10,000 a month people...and that is just one of the seven payment methods.
    Next, i am business savy, so is the fellow that got me involved, so is the person who got him involved....and so are the people i am bringing on board....all about treating as a business and knowing your market, products, competitors and timing of the opportunity.
    If someone in my down line is having trouble getting started, I will personality give them my next distributor...why because it helps them make money and it still works for me. It is about making sure those in your organization are taken care matter what type of business it is. As i get a few levels of people i will pick someone who is a good manager and have them oversee so many people...we will teach this all the way down the line.
    Our personal expectations are set low...we expect to make money early but nothing like advertised for 12 to 18 months. If it explodes then great...but we understand all business takes work and time.

  32. Anonymous4/05/2012

    Many people try businesses all the time and fail, some try and succeed, a few take it very far.I already make 100k a year. So ask yourself this..what is it do you think I know that you dont given that i have decided to go after this MLM business to replace my 100k a year and then some.How sure am I? For anyone who comes to this site and has reviewed ALL the comments posted and is still seriously interested in joining a great me at...
    For the others, please be professional and don't send me hate email. Just post it here, i will come back every once in a while and read your negative and damning comments. I promise. Everyone has a right to an opinion..just remember an opinion is just that..does not mean it is a fact or has any truth to it.
    Well, thanks for listening everyone. Hope everyone learned something positive.
    And oh, even if you read all of it and still feel it is not for you that is ok. As long as you do your full research before making that choice and don't base it on a few people. Always read the bad press...some complaints may be just have to be opened and understand where that person is coming from...and what is it they are not saying...same for those that post in support of something.
    Come join a successful an Organo Gold Distributor with my group.
    By the sponsor...4 weeks in his first check is just over $6,000 for the month.
    I am on my 3rd week...first two checks are just over $400.
    Not bad for something that is said to not work...can't make money...a scam...all about how you approach it people...
    So, question is...who is willing to put some effort into changing their life and wants to jump on the train with me?
    Well, this is plenty...i could go on for much longer disputing the claims made above...but gotta get back to work.

  33. Hahahahhaa!!!! OK, Brian. I read through all your posts, and I thought you were decently credible and had something to offer in terms of conversation, but you're just as sad as the rest of these OG reps.

    I'm not finished with you. I have work to do right now, but I'll be back later to shine some more light on your "coffee" business.

    See you later.

  34. Anonymous4/06/2012

    Waiting Mike....?

  35. Anonymous4/06/2012

    It's Brian....Was thinking about what you said Mike....What I am hearing you say is that my posts were valid until the end when you saw that I am an OG Distributor. That is like taking a class and at the end saying gee this teacher is great then learning that he does not having a formal education and turning around saying well he just don't know anything.

    So, you are going to have to provide explainations as to why OG reps are sad. Explainations with some detail behind them...none of this well my cousins 3rd cousins sisters husband did it and he didnt make any money. Well, ok, I know a large amount of people who completed getting a Masters and 4 year degree and working washing dishes. I guess the college just sucked.

    Ok, Mike...your turn...come I like a good healthy long as my competitor has knownledge on the subject....otherwise it is like talking to a 5 year old about genetics.

  36. Anonymous4/06/2012

    Brian - thank you for posting. I would like to add that I am a distributor for Organo Gold. I have been involved with Organo Gold for 7 months and thus far have been afforded the means to move into a new apartment and purchase a new car. This has been done by registering ZERO new distributors and by retailing the coffee. I am an Accountant and business owner and, like you, did the research on the company before deciding to invest. My target customer: coffee drinkers. Although I might not be the majority, I wanted to add into the conversation, in order to refute the claim that Organo Gold is just about recruiting new distributors.

  37. Anonymous4/06/2012

    Let's look at the top 10 MLM Companies in the world today and. Mike,and the rest of you very smart people on this post please tell us silly under privileged black and Latino people why all these successful companies in this profession are supported by Billionaires like Donald Trup, Warren Buffett, Rich Devoss and AL Willams just to name a few.  Avon Products, Inc. $10.9 billion
    The world leader in cosmetic, fragrance and toiletry sales.  They operate in over 100 markets and
    started…get this, back in 1886! 
    Amway $9.2 billion
    You know…that company that so many people make fun of?  They had their first billion dollar month
    in June of 2011.  Any informed, educated individual wouldn’t call a company of this magnitude a
    scam or any other negative.  They went to bat for us back in the 1970′s big time.  In fact, you should
    thanking your lucky stars and giving homage to them for what they did for our profession.  The
    landmark case they won in 1979 likely paved the way for you to exist in our profession.  If you’re not
    aware of it, I just gave you access to read up on some history. 
    Natura Cosmeticos SA $3 billion
    These guys have a product line of over 900 products and are headquartered in Brazil.  They do business
    in seven markets and focus on personal care and fragrance sales.  Most of their business exists in
    Central and South America. 
    Vorweck & Co. KG $2.9 billion
    They’re a family owned company based in Germany and started way back in 1883.  Shoot!  People
    were still riding around in horses back then, weren’t they?  They sell a number of different types
    of products and have several companies under their umbrella, including JAFRA Cosmetics.  By the
    way, many of these companies on this list, including Vorweck are publicly traded on the New York
    Stock Exchange- NYSE.
    Herbalife $2.7 billion
    Founded by the legendary Mark Hughes, who passed away back in 2000.  They currently do business
    in over 75 markets, with most of their product line focused on nutrition.
    Mary Kay Inc.  $2.5 billion
    Founded by Mary Kay Ash with a focus on empowering women, they sell skin-care and cosmetics
    in more than 35 countries globally.  Over 2 million Mary Kay reps are out there striving for their Pink
    Cadillac every day (one of the original, if not THE original car programs). 
    Tupperware Brands Corp $2.3 billion
    You likely have Tupperware running around your kitchen.  BIG time seller of food storage containers
    and a huge focus on “party plan” selling. 
    Oriflame Kosmetiek B.V.  $2.2 billion
    Here’s a multi-billion dollar company that if you are living in the states and IN network marketing
    already, there’s a good chance you’ve never even heard the name.  Interesting, isn’t it?  Based in
    Sweden, they currently do business in more than 60 countries, but have no U.S presence.  
    Forever Living Products $1.7 billion
    These guys made aloe vera what it is today.  You know…that stuff you rub on your skin when you’ve
    got a sunburn?  Forever Living is the largest grower of aloe in the world.  Bet you didn’t know that!
    And…they’ve got a ton of products with aloe in it, so it’s not just for sunburn.  They’re based in
    always sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. 
    Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc  $1.5 billion
    Founded in 1984 by Blake Roney, they started by scooping spoon fulls of skin cream out of their
    garage.  Nu Skin has over the years opened up a number of different divisions, as well as
    acquired some great names/brands, including Pharmanex. 

    Call me. The Man

  38. Anonymous4/07/2012

    Very Well Done "The Man" I even had forgot about many of the companies you listed. I suspect those above are going to say...BUT, everyone in those companies made money....rolling eyes...I had forgot about mom sold Tupperware. She never became rich so it must have been a scam as well....eyes rolling again. I think Mary Kay is such a bad company...they use woman as their poster child to target only woman...making them think they too can make money and look beautiful.....EYES rolling even more.

    Very Nice bit of information you put together!
    - Brian

  39. Anonymous4/07/2012

    You and others keep saying that Organo Gold is a scam because the "Distributor" as we are labeled may not resell the coffee. Can you see the mistake being made here?
    Organo Gold SOLD us the coffee. WE purchased the coffee from Organo Gold. We can choose to resell the coffee, drink the coffee or give it away. By purchasing a package, we are entitled to PURCHASE the coffee at a discount and then we are also awarded a commission on sales from anyone we have introduced into the becoming a customer of Organo Gold. Now, in order to maintain my discounted rate and receive commissions I am required to continue purchasing X amount in products from Organo Gold. Again, I am the customer and they are selling me the product. This is that EXACT same method for which Amway and Mary Kay operate. They require you to purchase X amount of products in order to remain active in the company. From there you may resell it, use it, and give it away, whatever you choose to do. Prior to OG I purchased anywhere from $80 to $120 in K-Cup coffee...For myself...that is what I consume. I have switched my coffee brand to Organo Gold and spend that amount PURCHASING my coffee from Organo Gold. My sponsor gets a commission on those purchases because he introduced me to the company and I purchase products from Organo Gold.
    NONE of the people work for me when they purchase a package or product it is from Organo Gold and legal agreements are with Organo Gold.
    Don't let people confuse you on the meaning of a distributor as it is used with MLM type companies vs. the meaning of distributor as it relates to a business licensed distributor.
    - Brian

    1. Anonymous4/10/2012

      Is the coffee that the distributors sell the consumer taxed? Does organo gold send distributors W2s at the end of the year to do taxes. Is there any kind of healthcare offered through organo gold. Just a few questions, hopefully someone has an answer.

    2. Anonymous4/16/2012

      Sales Tax: Sales tax is paid when you purchase it from Organo Gold. Thus, if you sell it then you do not charge for tax.

      You are setup on a 1099 at organo gold

      No, there is no health insurance. We are not employees of Organo Gold. We are self employeed.

    3. Anonymous4/17/2012

      So the coffee that you sell to consumers is basically off the books. Right or wrong? The only income the state and federal are aware of is the checks that organo gold cut themselves to the distributors.
      Oh no health benefits, I guess it's ok as long as this is a second income, I wouldnt want to go to the emergency room without benefits.

      how much money do you receive by recruiting just one person to your team assuming they took the most expensive package, and how much money do you get if the person you recruited, recruited one person with the same package. I'm just curious, I haven't seen any real numbers to calculate. I have to crunch numbers before I decide to invest money and time into any new venture.

  40. Anonymous4/07/2012

    Well, time to go make me another cup of Organo Gold Coffee.

    Who would like to try some? I will send you some free samples.

    Brian :-)
    aka "Mike's new best friend" lol

  41. Gentlemen,

    I've read your comments. I also still have yet to agree with you on anything. So with all that being said, I'm here to say this is my last comment on this site.

    I'm going to do my best to make sure nothing that I write from here on is contradictory to my viewpoint, but I want to step back and simply approach this whole debate as an a person independent of my viewpoints of Organo Gold.

    Brian, I shouldn't have called you or OG reps sad in an earlier post. That was a mistake on my part, and not conducive at all to the atmosphere of conversation I was trying to maintain.

    Honestly, there is the real possibility that if any or many of us were to meet in person that we might all actually be friends based on common interests or other things.

    In the weeks I've spent coming back to this site, I'm amazed at how the arguments have gone back and forth and nothing has been resolved. Mine are included in that statement.

    I have nothing left to say about Organo Gold. Only time will tell what is in store for this company and the people that associate with it. As for myself, I have an excellent career doing something I enjoy. And if my wife is happy investing her time and energy in this, then so be it. It's not for me.

    I respectfully disagree with the many on here as to what Organo Gold is or isn't. But that's your journey and it's up for you to decide what's best for you and yours.

    Brian, and everyone else, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. I am not so skeptical and cynical as to say that if OG does prove to be the real deal that I wouldn't change my mind about the company.

    On the other hand, it's not fair and not good marketing tactics for OR Reps to claim that those who enjoy their careers or "9-5" jobs to say that they are somehow missing out on something that this company has to offer. Many already feel completely free and energized by what they do, myself included.

    And that freedom you speak of to do whatever you want. A lot of us already have that too. Freedom means a lot of different things to a lot of different folks.

    So, as someone who otherwise might enjoy spending time with you and getting to know you, good luck. As for myself, I have a lot of work left to do on my own endeavors. And the longer I spend here debating and arguing over pointless trivialities, the more I fall behind.

    And I imagine the same is true of you. Good luck and adieu!


  42. Anonymous4/10/2012

    I have tried their teas, coffees, and hot chocolate from someone giving me samples. They all taste like disappointment. I have talked to people who attended OG recruitment events at the hotel I stayed at and it's a pyramid scheme with crappy drinks. I'd much rather drink Community coffee or tea than this junk.

  43. Shaner4/13/2012

    Just my opinion as a Chef and Successful business owner-

    MLM's come and go, I've seen it before, I'll see it again. They all generally work the same: a couple of people make lots, a very few do okay, and an overwhelmingly large percent lose.
    People argue about what they are selling and why they aren't like the others, but it's all the same. In the end if you do make good money, it is taking from the wallets of the business associates, not the consumer.

    I own a business, I have people that work for me, and I have customers. They are separate. I take the consumer's money in exchange for a service/product. I pay my employees to help facilitate that.

    I NEVER take money from them. I pay them! I help them get insured! I take care of them! These MLM's use the excuse of telling you that you are a business owner now and that's why you are required to pay them; product, service fee's, etc. Same old story.

    Here is the truth of business. In most cases, when you have many employees, you are paying out way more money to them than you keep. There have been years where my managers make more than me, because when it comes down to it, the owner absorbs lows. Business owners pay their people as much as they possibly can to keep their business running at the top of the game by attracting the best people.

    Any business model that will take anyone with money in their hand is NOT valid.

    Go check out any decent franchise opportunity and try and buy in-

    You will have to go through a process and will have to be approved to become a part of that team. They do NOT want someone to come in and fail.

    MLM's still make money if you come in and fail. They were able to suck you dry for a while first.

    In summary, it IS remotely possible to make money in an MLM. If you do, 99% of it will be from people you are in business WITH.

    Bad model, bad practice, bad way to live.

    Want to be rich? Work hard. Be virtuous. Be dependable.

    Get rich quick? Get poor again quick.

    Most importantly, to be really successful, whatever you are doing, be the very last one to give up. Seriously. That's what gives you the edge over everyone else.

    Ask anyone at the top, they will agree.(Except the crooks, and they eventually get caught)

    PS- I have a cup of the coffee right here. F'ing Sanka. I've had better instant coffee, and all instant coffee is crap compared to fresh roasted and ground coffee. It's a fact of science, you lose the flavors. Also the mushroom extract they are putting in is an extremely bitter compound. To get enough active chemicals to receive the effects of any benefits, it would have to taste WAY worse than this.

  44. Oh boy! This thread has turned into a real shit show. Poor Mike never stood a chance with all his facts and reasoning. Mike, if you are reading this, I warned you that this would happen once the OG zombies start rolling in.

    Anyway, I will pick up on this once again to entertain you guys.

    I am Joe. If you read the previous posts, you know that I stand strongly against OG (more so than Mike because I think he is too (for a lack of a better word) compassionate towards OG, which is scam I think should face criminal charges.

    There a many reasons why I think OG is unethical business (I stated some above), and we could get into that, but for now I will simply focus on why OG is ILLEGAL and CRIMINAL.

    As Mike has so clearly articulated and most of you have so stupidly ignored, it is a PONZI SCHEME DISGUISED AS LEGITIMATE MLM.

    In one sentence, the OG compensation plan only pays it distributors for recruiting more distributors.......... For example, if I was an OG distributor and I recruit someone, that recruit will have to pay an enrollment fee ranging from $200 to $1300. I am quite sure such enrollment fees to become a distributor are illegal as well, but moving on. As the recruiter, I will earn a percentage of the enrollment fee paid by the new recruit. Also, all OG distributors need to pay a monthly membership fee to "remain active". As a recruiter, I also earn a percentage off that monthly fee that my recruit pays and all subsequent recruits that my initial recruit will recruit.

    $1300 for coffee? Yea right! Like I stated before, the coffee is not something that OG markets. If you look at the compensation plan, it in no way compensates or promotes coffee sales to consumers. Selling that bitter dirt you all call coffee is not lucrative. The real money lies in recruiting other recruiters. If you go to the presentations and meetings, the one important thing that is emphasized is the compensation plan, which promotes one thing, and that is the recruitment of more recruiters.

    This is a textbook ponzi scheme folks. OG does, however, do a good job of covering that up by the whole coffee element of the business. The coffee does not legitimize the business as someone stated earlier, it just disguises what really goes on. Hardly anyone joins OG with the intent of selling coffee. As I stated before, it simply makes no sense to sell those little baggies of ashy dirt because its wildly expensive and crap quality.

    OG does a brilliant job at disguising what they really do, and that why a lot of people fall into that scam. Some people might even know that OG is a shady business, but join anyway because it is possible to earn money, even though its dirty money.

    1. Anonymous4/16/2012

      I really don't know why I am bothering with this...It just so gets on my nerves when people post information ACTING or THINKING that they know what they are talking about. a simple don't have any correct facts...Nothing...The 200, 500 or 1300 is NOT a fee...there are NO monthly fees..NONE. You are purchasing product. Shaner is the ONLY one that has made any kind of a valid point..against MLM's..not against OG. Only thing is that there are many people who have made money doing Avon, Mary Kay, etc...yes more fail than have success...but really folks...that is the same in every business type...I too have seen businesses of all types come and go...not just MLM. So people reading this...Joe has no clue, he does not understand the difference between MLM and pyramid scam. He is far from understanding how the compensation plan or anything else works at OG for him to be posting data...urrgggg that kind of crap is just that. Joe, have you been a member of any MLM? If you were did you really work at it or just sit on your butt. Ok, well you all know who I am. Doesn't matter if you do or not. Read above...I posted FACTS not opinions or half assed remarks.

    2. You obviously haven't read any of my previous posts on this thread besides the one you just took out of context.

      Like I and Mike wrote earlier, OG does not produce marketable coffee. Those monthly purchases of coffee that an OG distributor has to pay to remain active amounts to a FEE! Why? Well if you have read my previous posts and not taken my last post out of context, you would understand that OG coffee doesn't sell. Those monthly purchases of bags of ashy dirt just sit in your house. I know the difference between an MLM and a ponzi scheme. The point I am making is that OG is a ponzi scheme and the "coffee" aspect of its business only loosely disguises OG as an MLM.

      Think about it.... Why would you need to pay $200-$1300 to initially become an OG member? Its obviously not for the coffee because that shit doesn't really sell and just sits in someone's closet forever. That money is used to line the pockets of everyone above you on the pyramid. The difference between Avon and Mary Kay is the fact that those companies actually sell a legitimate product and run their business behind that product. OG's main focus is always in the recruitment of more recruiters and have them "buy and sell coffee" to only appear as an MLM.

    3. Anonymous4/17/2012

      Can a member please tell me how much money they made in a week just selling to consumers. How much coffee to you have to buy a month to stay active. In one month you and your team get no new recruits, what other income will you have with organo gold, would it be just coffee sales???
      How do you become a diamond, I'm not sure what that means. Is it based on how big your team is or how much coffee you sell to consumers.

      To make $1000 a week how many people would I have to reruit every week!

    4. Anonymous4/22/2012

      Just selling to consumers - I have made $400.00 per week. I sell to offices for their break room coffee, Spas that offer coffee while people are getting their treatments, Gyms and also schools. If NO ONE on your team has any new recruits - you can still make income by the retail sales, however; you will also make income on any product that is purchased by your team and if you are a Ruby or above - you are part of the Global Pool that distributes 3% of the quarterly sales. To become a Diamond - it would be a combination of your team and your volume. To make $1,000 per week - you would not have to recruit every week. You could do that with retail sales, or a combination of retail sales and a solid team. If you were able to initially register 4 people and then they each also registered 4 people - with a minimum monthly purchase of coffee of $50.00, you would be generating a % of that as residual income, based on the package you registered with. That is just one way that you would generate income. I hope that this answered some of your questions. If you would like additional information or clarification, I would be happy to provide it. Once you have all of the information - you can go back to the person that introduced you to Organo Gold and make an informed decision.

  45. Anonymous4/16/2012

    He leído todo los comentarios y los he entendido perfectamente. Simplemente me gustaría decirle a las personas que comentan que OG es un "PONZI SCHEME" camuflado en el producto(CAFE)y que si no reclutan mas personas no hay ganancia.

    Quiero decirles que una persona de mi familia esta ganando 2,000 dolares o mas mensualmente y no ha reclutado a nadie. Es lo que me llamo la atención y por eso estoy investigando mas sobre esta empresa porque me gustaría unirme ella.

    Tal ves 2,000 dolares no signifique nada para nosotros que vivimos en USA, pero quiero aclarar que esta persona es una señora de 60 anos de edad que vive en un pequeño pueblito con menos de 300 hogares, en el estado de mechoacán México.

    Yo aun no me uno al negocio, pero creo que si lo voy a hacer. La verdad, he encontrado mas comentarios a favor que en contra. y en la mayoría de los comentarios en contra, he notado que sus argumentos para tratar de decir que el negocio es una estafa, no son muy sostenibles, ya que solo es el punto de vista de la persona que argumenta. Creo que solo son personas que no les fue como ellos esperaban en el negocio.

    Si yo voy a un gimnasio y no logro obtener la escultura corporal que estaba buscando; el gimnasio es una estafa... pienso que no!

    1. Solamente porque alguien puede horar dinero en Organo Gold no significa que el negocio no es una estafa. Lo que usted tiene que entender es que en Organo Gold el dinero se produce por el reclutamiento de mas reclutadores, y no por la ventas de cafe. Organo Gold dicen que venden cafe pero realmente venden la opportunidad de reclutar personas.

      Por ejemplo, para usted enrollarse con Organo Gold, usted tiene que pagar desde $200 hasta $1300 mas los costos del cafe usted le obligan comprar cade mes. El cafe us una pura basura y no se vende, especialmente al precio que le ponen. Entonce, para usted recuperar sus gastos inicial, usted vas enrollar mas personas como usted. Para recuperar su dinero usted tiene que enrollar varias personas. Esas personas ahora tienen que encontrar varias gente mas. El proceso sigue y despues ay mas y mas gente que estan el hoyo por $1300. Por cada gente que gana dinero, hay mas gente que gastaron dinero. Y recuerdate que no hay un verdadero producto que se esta cambiando como en una compra normal.

      Si usted decide entrarse en Organo Gold, es mas probable que usted pierda dinero. Si usted gana, otros van a perder.

  46. Anonymous4/18/2012

    Boy does it pay to be famous these days. With so much OG hatred going on, I have to wonder who is paying these guys to sit on here and intelligently educate us poor and needy folks who can't make it in the "real" business world on the facts of OG. Anyone with 1/3 of a brain can see your true intentions, your points obviously make no sense and your intent to bash OG is obviously futile as this company will continue to thrive despite your analytics haha!!

    My goodness the defamation of character that has been displayed by these very well educated gentlemen says enough about THEIR characters...or should I say lack thereof. Coffee doesn't sell, tastes like crap, are you really that jealous? Oh tell Jay and the second hand knock offs I said hello...mmmmmmk?

    1. No one is paying me anything.

      I am not educating anyone. I am putting a warning out here. If you are wise enough to heed that warning is a different story...

      You are right about the fact that anyone with 1/3 of a brain can see my true intentions... I have made them pretty clear from the start - Stay away from OG, duh! It is no secret, Einstein.

      As per the coffee... I mentioned that the coffee is very expensive, and thats a fact. You can dispute that, but you would simply be wrong. I have made clear that it is from my experience that this coffee does not sell because it is not marketable. As for the taste, I mentioned that it was my OPINION that the coffee taste like crap. But hey, there are some people out there who actually eat crap and say it tastes good so you do the math...

      What am I to be jealous of? Did I miss something here, or are you just making stuff up? My money is on the latter.

  47. This is a scam, in houston, any questions, hit me up....

  48. Anonymous4/20/2012

    Listen, don't care what you may have perceived to make clear in your own brain, unfortunately for you, there are many GREAT experiences with our coffee as well! You know whats so beautiful about never offer any solutions Joe, whats your suggestion? Oh I know..lets all get into cold room, with a lantern and conjure up ways to bring the cult down...hehe

    Signed: Mighty Happy OG Rep, Always!!

  49. Solutions, cold room, and cult, are you mentally stable "Mighty Happy OG Rep"???? If you dont care about my "perceptions," then why do you feel the need to comment on them?

    If you cant see the solutions that I implicate, then you are quite simply stupid. Is "do not join OG" to difficult for you to understand, or do you not want to understand?

    I have mentioned so many problems with OG that the solutions should be obvious.

    Anyways, I am real happy for you and your "great" experiences with your coffee. You must be real special!

    1. Anonymous5/18/2012

      I know Joe, I know..because YOU..have all the answers for US folks right. Ah yes!!!! I am glad you KNOW i am special. Now tell me how that crackberry..ooops i mean blackberry your job has you on is working out for you? Oh did say you made over six figures a year right?? Which means you do own a "crackberry" LOL

  50. Organo Gold gives me severe heartburn. I was told that it would not. They will do anything to sell their instant coffee. People don't want instant coffee! I like my Starbucks.

    1. Anonymous4/23/2012

      Liar! Organo Gold makes miracles happen! Organo Gold cured my HIV and herpes simplex! I lost my left thumb in a construction accident and 2 weeks after I started drinking the coffee, my thumb grew back good as new.

      You are a non-believer, so the coffee wont work for you. You have to believe in the coffee, the ganoderma, and have faith that the coffee will make you a millionaire by years end. How about you pay me 1300 bucks so I can sign you up on my team?

    2. Anonymous4/24/2012

      They do use people's skin color for marketing just like McDonalds. Canada has only white people in their McDonalds commercials, and in La, McDonalds commercials are like hip hop videos..but they are preying on all poor people..i like the lost thumb person's comment. perfect

  51. Their coffee is overrated. I've tried to like it, but it's garbage. I am not a picky person either, so that should explain that it's crap.

  52. Anonymous4/26/2012

    I was approached recently by a friend that wanted to come over to drop off some samples of OG products, it turned into a recruitment for OG. The product (latte) is not too bad for instant coffee but I do not want to become a recruiter for the company. I feel like I have to "hide" to avoid the recruitment chats and how I am missing out on making all this money. Just want my friendship back.

    1. I have a feeling this might happen to my relationship as well...

      My boyfriend is REALLY into this, and doesn't seem to realize that this is a pyramid...he's looking at it from the money aspect, as if making that amount of money is a guarantee. It's not. Sometimes you get a customer, sometimes you don't. What happens when you don't? No money. Plain & simple. What if the people you recruit under you don't get to sell? No money. What is the market is saturated? No money, or less money. All business have to look at the competition, and see if the market can handle a new player. Nothing about this business does that. They just want you to recruit. What if the recruits fail, or don't do what they're supposed to? Will you get money then?

      So many real answers...

  53. Anonymous4/27/2012

    The person who made this post has such a negative attitude it is difficult to imagine that he would be capable of making money in any sales venture. People like this will always have things to say about companies such as these.

  54. Please i will give 1000 bucks to any of these organo gold distributors to give me an accurate answer to this, so your selling coffee whos your target market? please don't say people who drink coffee, wheres the niche whos buying the product i know distributors are, duh, but whos the market anybody that knows anything about business in marketing knows you can't be all things to all people when selling a product, thats if you're selling the product right?

    1. Anonymous5/04/2012

      Bruce, you are going to need to wager more than 1000 bucks because these OG distributors are making millions!

    2. Question: So your selling coffee whos your target market? Answer: The person who is open to sampling the product. Just like in the malls food courts around the country. They offer samples of their food to everyone who walks buy. If this does not meet you standards then simply go to all the malls food courts and tell them to stop doing it, because, IT DOESN'T WORK!LoL!!

  55. Anonymous4/30/2012

    Mark (can't input a user name on my Droid)

    Joe, you entertain me, keeping fighting these crooks!

    I know of OG (sadly) because first, one of my good friends joined, then a couple, now several.

    I will not join, because I make an honest living and choose not to get involved in pyramid schemes.

    Now I never know when I'll have to decline a free shroom, and I can't serve the amazing coffee (real coffee) I used to when they come over.

    Thank you OG (assholes), for fooling my friends (good people) and making it awkward to be around them.


  56. Anonymous4/30/2012

    Hello Organo Gold! Bernie Madoff called. He wants his business model back!

  57. Anonymous5/02/2012

    Hello all of my fellow distributers instead of spending time on here i should be building my buisness and so should the rest of you but i was reffered to this so i must add my two cents first off our target audience is the 80% of the population that drinks coffee ill look forward to that thousand dollars when u make it there pal so i wont hold my breath lol second we are not a coffe company as someone stated we are a health and wellness company and our flagship product is ganoderma which is changing peoples lives financially and health wise those good people that joined see something you dont maybe you should be more open to opportunity and quit being so negative and lastly we dont make money on recruiting our system is volume based which means theres a lot of people making money eight different ways instead of just the way most of you do which is linearly trading time for money so if thats the way you want to live your lives paycheck to paycheck thats fine but dont try to bring others with you my fellow Og reps go build it big and continue onthe road to success and ill see you at the top

    1. Anonymous5/04/2012

      Wow, this is the longest sentence I have ever seen. How can anyone respond to this fucking mess of a post? Its unreadable, and the parts that you can make out are false!

  58. Anonymous5/07/2012

    This is the same as Gano coffee lol

  59. LOL! Mr. Anonymous. Please tell me why I or anyone with common sense should listen to the things you have to say negatively about this company? What's really funny is you will not list your name so we can verify who you are & rather you are a credible source? YOU COULD BE THEIR COMPETITION?

    1. Anonymous5/08/2012

      Really? Is this how you intend to spam me? You made this same exact post on another thread. I underestimated just how... dumb you are.

  60. Anonymous5/09/2012

    OG reminds me of Amway with the multi-level marketing (MLM) - otherwise known as a pyramid scheme - that used its members as both customers and vendors of its products. Amway sold all kinds of products, but particularly household items that supposedly people use all the time, such as detergents and shampoos. Of course, like any vendor, if their vendors wanted to even break even in their investments of their money, they had to buy and sell lots of Amway products to their own customers whom they also obviously had to turn into new Amway "distributors", i.e., vendors. And since the products were either non-returnable or returnable with only heavy penalties, Amway couldn't lose. It's like trying to turn everyone into an Amway distributor/vendor who ends up trying to sell to other Amway distributors/vendors. But, don't get me wrong, the beauty of MLM is that those who become the early members who risk lots of money and hard work get rewarded fabulously, becoming the legendary role models who motivate others who later join aspire to become like. It's just that when MLM like OG becomes saturated and the return on their money and efforts become increasingly diminished for the Johnny-Come-Latelies, they are never told it is because of saturation, but are "encouraged" to keep investing their money and time until they "succeed" like the earlier legendary role models. All in all, I wonder, though. If OG and Amway sell such great products, then why don't they just distribute through the established retail chains, such as Wal-Mart or Target, that literally get millions of shoppers each week, if not each day? Why sell only through mostly novices who never sold anything to anyone before for profit?

    1. Anonymous5/09/2012

      Well said you must read minds Time will tell

    2. Anonymous5/18/2012

      Yeah you are right..just go to college make about $60,000 - $70,000 a year..then go you even know what retirement is? Let's do it YOUR way..let
      s all go work at Wally World and enjoy that why can't Walmart pay me more..oh yeah..they are spending MOST of their money on that is what true LEGENDS are made of...haha...are you serious???? Network marketing isn't going anywhere. Oh we are here to stay, BELIEVE ME...

    3. Anonymous5/20/2012

      You sound new to the game Show me how you can make $100,000 just selling the coffee? I dont want to recruit just sell ill wait.

  61. Anonymous5/09/2012

    Two famous quotes come to my mind regarding Organo Gold:

    "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is."

    "There's a sucker born every minute."

    1. Anonymous5/09/2012

      I have been to the meetings and have friends that are in the business and it makes me sad to see them go hard and not see the real deal When you have "leaders" in the company who were paid to leave another mlm to join then dont disclose that is bad business Best way to make money in this company is to get hype get people to get hyped get their money then bounce The never ending story

    2. What bothered me about the person who sold me the first (and only) box of OrganoGold I ever bought was that she was MUCH more interested in getting me to become a sales rep than in me buying the coffee. My guess is that there's more money in that. Of course, the pretense she used was that I could buy the coffee at "wholesale" prices if I became a rep... and the good news is, I wouldn't even have to sell it! (But I'm guessing I WOULD have to BUY it regularly... or recruit others... whatever it is, I'm not interested.) Wouldn't a company do better by selling a product than in recruiting more salespeople? If the product is worth its salt, the end focus should be on moving product.

  62. Anonymous5/09/2012

    You can make money selling anything in this business of mlm. Lets get away from all the hype I want to know who makes at least $100,000 just selling the product ( Coffee ) The numbers are great but its a false sense of accomplishment

  63. Anonymous5/09/2012

    Organo Gold cured my yeast infection and I lost 2345675432 pounds drinking the coffee!

  64. Drinking Organo Gold Coffee will enhance your weight loss efforts in 3 ways. First, drinking coffee before exercise will make your body use more calories from body fat for energy. Second, Organo Gold Coffee is an Arabica Bean coffee infused with 100% USDA Certified organic Ganoderma Lucidum. This 4,000 year old herb will work to detoxify your system. When the body detoxifies you flush out toxins that may be contributing to weight gain and water retention. As a result, a body detox will usually result in weight loss. Third, drinking Organo Gold coffee will take the edge off of your appetite. You will begin to see that your yearning for food becomes less and less. Learn more about this incredible product.

    1. Anonymous5/14/2012

      You are right, Daniel. The coffee also helps me down below, if you know what i mean. I went from a puny 2 inch tootsie roll to a 14 inch rolling pin. This Ganoderma stuff really is all that you guys hype it up to be. Shit, it even cured my blindess.

  65. Anonymous5/17/2012

    Reasons Why I will not join OrGano Gold

    1.After researching Bernardo Chua, and Holton Buggs, I have decided that these two men are not people I want to be associated with. Holton Buggs is a professional MLM recruiter, who has taken many, many people to the cleaners. Bernardo Chua was a ganoderma peddler,who was sent a warning letter by the FDA, because his product(ganoderma) did not do what he said it did.

    Here is a link to that letter:

    2.While coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the US, the vast majority of its consumption is in brewed coffee, not instant. OrGano Gold is instant coffee, which is a fringe market at best.

    3. Instant coffee has to be processed. Therefore, there is no such thing as organic instant coffee. This is a false claim, plain and simple.

    4. OrGano Gold touts that it’s coffee, is healthy versus normal household brewed coffee which, somehow is not, because normal coffee is acidic.. I have several problems with this statement.
    a. You can’t add one key element to anything, that automatically renders all the negative elements inert, and consequently makes it healthy. For instance, if I took vodka and put tasteless colorless vitamins in it, it’s still vodka. All the negative elements are still there. Adding vitamins to it doesn’t give me the right to call it ‘healthy.’ This leads me to believe that this claim is false.
    b. Normal household brewed coffee is actually very good for you, it has been shown to fight Parkinson’s(due to its alertness qualities), Heart Disease(by temporarily elevating the heart rate), and Type 2 Diabetes(by burning off extra calories).
    c. OrGano Gold claims that normal household brewed coffee is unhealthy simply because it is acidic. I would argue that there are several acidic substances, which are not unhealthy. Vitamin C(ascorbic acid) is excellent for your immune system, and white blood cell health, and Boric Acid(good for the eyes, and a cure for conjunctivitis when dissolved in water) are both extremely good for you. Plus, our body creates one of the strongest acids known to man(Hydrochloric Acid), plus another one that allows all organisms to pass traits to its offspring(DeoxyRiboNucleic Acid).
    d. We do not consume coffee for it’s acidic content. We consume it for the caffeine, which due to it’s addictive qualities, is considered the “bad” element most refer to in coffee. OrGano Gold or Ganoderma, does not change the caffeine content in any beverage it produces or is added to respectively.

    5. While coffee is the #2 beverage consumed in the U.S., Tea is the #2 beverage consumed in the world, and Beer is actually the closest third. The only people who claim that coffee is the #2 beverage consumed in the world are people associated with OrGano Gold. This is yet another false claim manufactured by OrGano Gold, to sell you on the sell-ability of the product.

    1. Anonymous6/03/2012

      per item 2.) If you actually did REAL research, yo uwould realize that this is a "Pre-Brewed coffee" what makes it instant is that you just add water, kinda like Keurig, and any other coffee, and NEVER did they say the coffee was organic.

      And if you don't want to join, don't join, MLM has been around for 40+ years, you are probably the same person who said iPods would never work, or you would never drink water from a bottle, or maybe you are just another broke ass loser who has nothing better to do than to spend time on blogs.

  66. Anonymous5/17/2012

    Dude, get out of here with your "facts". Your making OG look bad.

    1. Anonymous5/18/2012

      That is exactly the point. And these are all good points, as far as most people are concerned.

  67. Og is a scam and a opportunity. Scam if you think you can just buy in and think the money will roll in. Opportunity if you get in and get to work.many of the people that say its a scam are the lazy people that want a easy way to make money. The people that make money with MLM are people that understand that its like any other job YOU HAVE TO WORK. its as simple as that no work no pay. Its the same in all MLM wether its OG MARY KAY Herbalife and a 1000 others I could name YOU HAVE TO WORK

    1. You should take the to read the comments above before you call people who dont support OG lazy. You are missing the point of everyone's arguments (if you read them), but the idea of "work" is very different in OG when compared to a legit MLM. Legit MLMs are centered around selling a product. OG is centered around recruiting sellers, and charging them just to become sellers. Then those people must go out to recruit more sellers to make up for their initial investment. This is a textbook pyramid scam, not an MLM. For reasons why the coffee does not sell, read the discussions above.

    2. Anonymous5/18/2012

      Further proof of Joe's attempt to brainwash us into JOBS WITH CRACKBERRIES...LOL

    3. Jobs with crackberries? What the hell are you talking about? When have I mentioned that anyone on this site should go into a certain job? Its amazing how you guys just blatantly fabricate things.

    4. Anonymous5/20/2012


  68. Anonymous5/22/2012

    I was prospected by an Organo Gold representative a couple of months ago. He’s been in the Organo Gold business about two years now. According to what he told me it’s a young company (2004), he started making about $200.00 after being in the Organo Business just six months, after four more months he started seeing checks of about $4,000.00. What puzzled me was that, the lap top he was supposed to use to show me the ‘business’ plan was broken, and he no longer had a vehicle since his car had broken down and he couldn’t afford to fix it! How is it someone making $4,000.00 a month can’t afford to buy a late-model vehicle, and purchase an Apple lap-top? His attire was horrible and the presentation was laughable at best! He’s working part-time at a KFC because according to him “he chose to do so”, but he doesn’t have to because he’s making so much money in the Organo business. After I declined the offer to join Organo Gold due to the excuse I hate coffee, and if I have to drink it, it better be dollar-cheap, I headed to my car as he headed out with me. It must have been about 10 degrees outside (bitter cold in January), or minus, and he asked me what route I would be taking. I proceeded to tell him I’d be heading east of the town, he asked if he could have a ride home, since he lives out that way. I smiled warmly and replied I couldn’t, I was going somewhere to hangout with friends, as I was already a bit late. I proceeded to ask him where his car was; I mean he’s making $4,000.00 a month. He replied he was using the $4,000.00 to build the Organo business and therefore he couldn’t afford another car just yet. Oh yeah, they have three packages you can sign up with, a starter’s package for $49.99, a premium package for $499.99, and the Gold package for $1,499.99. However, he insisted I didn’t have to sell the coffee boxes from either package…I could just give it all away as free samples, I wonder how you make your money in Organo Gold if you just give your product away for free as samples to potential customers?

    1. Anonymous5/22/2012

      this man definetly sounds like a man with no education about the business. if you follow the steps that your leaders tell you to do then youll make it. dont do it a way u think its gonna work. do it in a way you know is gonna work.

    2. Anonymous5/22/2012

      Wrong. Following the steps your leaders tell you doesn't mean "you'll make it" because pyramid schemes dont work for everyone in the pyramid. Besides, nowhere was there a mention of how the OG rep was doing business. For all you know he could have been following his leaders in "a way that works"

  69. Anonymous5/23/2012

    Well, I don't know much about pyramid schemes, and frankly, I don’t care much for them either! All I know is, I hate coffee, and I don’t care if the rest of the world loves it! If you want to prospect me into a business, make sure it’s a car-dealership. I love cars, I don’t want to fix them, but I’d love to sell them! If a dealership’s sales-person prospected me right this minute, I’d join in a New York-second! Are you guys listening out there, if there’s a car-dealership pyramid scheme out there where I have to sell lots of cars to make a bonus, and then have to recruit more people into selling cars…count me in, I’ll sign the dotted line!

    1. Anonymous5/24/2012

      So, are you saying that you are ok with joining a scam? A company with Organo Gold business practices that sells cars is still a scam.

  70. Anonymous5/24/2012

    Absolutely, however, I have my own requirements! I want to work 9-5pm or 12-9pm. I want paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick days, and medical insurance for a family of five. I'm also requesting a 401k, an IRA, an IMRF, mileage incentives for abroad company affairs, company car for client prospecting, hotel incentives for abroad company affairs, and toll-booth card for abroad company affairs. I want an hourly rate-pay $3,000-$4,000 a month, a starting commission of about $3,000-$4,000 per 10 units sold, compt-time (compensation time pay)whenever applicable to the full-time pay-rate, and airplane fare-incentives for abroad company affairs. WAIT...THAT MEANS I WANT...A FULL-TIME JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY-CRAP, I ALREADY HAVE ONE OF THOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIGURES...oh wait, I forgot stocks availability in case investment crosses my mind! Wait, I would also request a company-paid anniversary day for my birthday, it' just one day out of the year!

    1. Anonymous5/31/2012

      HEY! You are NOT supposed to be happy with your 9-5. weren't you listening to the uneducated dope that sells instant coffee packets out of his trunk? You are supposed to hate that kind of success, security, and lifestyle. Btw here's a fun fact that the true believers won't mention and may not even know:
      The FDA is currently SUING OG because they are illegally using the FDA Organic seal.....

    2. Anonymous3/27/2013

      OG has only one organic coffee called king of coffee and to say its organic they even have to make the packaging organic. The rest of the products state that the ganoderma is organic not the coffee. Get your facts straight then open your mouth.

  71. So far, none of the negative comments have persuaded me not to join OG, but there is something of which I have been convinced. You'd do better to convince people if you didn't spend this entire blog calling the gentlemen in charge "niggers". I am sure you didn't put thought to that, but for people who would even consider your argument in the least before making an educating decision would probably rule against just off that principal. Simply put, you are doing a great job of making people want to join just to spite your hateful language. BTW: ALL MTM ask you to pay to play, that is, actually be a user of the product/service being offered. OG is not unique in that respect. Just had my first sample of it. Didn't like it.

  72. Anonymous6/06/2012

    It seems that our elusive friend who is hosting this blog and writing such horrible things about African Americans and David Imonitie in paticular may very well have been a part of the Organo Gold Organization in the past. As a rule of thumb, one only gains credibility in the public eye when you are courageous enough to make a statement and stand behind it publicly. Our anonymous host information is as follows:

    IP Address - to
    Country - US
    Region - Georgia
    City - Atlanta
    Lat - 33.8090
    Long - -84.3548

    Atlanta GA seems to be a market strong hold for Organo Gold.
    This is all the information I am willing to post at this time seeing that I do not wish any harm to come to this individual. Let this merely be a heads-up to our elusive friend that if you use a Computer, Tablet, I-Phone, Blackberry, etc to conduct mischief it leaves an electronic trail right to you door step. One thing is certain you will be found. In closing I would like to say that I am truly thankful to the Lord God that the young man David is successful and not on the streets or in prison.

  73. Anonymous6/17/2012

    It seems to me that everyone that is against Organo Gold should be advocates against MLM period but the focus is on OG which does not make any sense at all. Why so much hatred towards one company. If you were trying to make a difference this blog should focus on MLM as a whole and not just Organo Gold.

    I have only been a member for about a month and this blog has only opened my eyes more to an opportunity that I know wil work for me in the near future. To the supporters of OG, I will see you at the top not from the top. Oh and for the record I am a young black male, job is military 10+ years and that occupation is not even guaranteed retirement anymore! Marcus

    1. Anonymous4/08/2013

      Marcus, the focus is on OG because the company has a lot of African Americans in it. The person who wrote this blog is simply a racist and is upset to so many African Americans successful!

      -- Shana

  74. Anonymous7/17/2012

    Joe from Florida

    Have been with OG for about 2 years or so. Currently have over 6,000 in my downlines and over $350,000 in money sitting there BUT I NOW KNOW I WILL NEVER SEE IT. Brought in over 12 people direct and am sorry I did. Did not initially see this as to what it really is which is strictly a recruiting of new distributor program that ends up sticking everyone. If not everyone, there will be well over 90% to 96% that will never get their initial investment back and the remaining 4 to 10% will never see $1,500 a month after they have spent a great amount of time and effort and money attempting to have their sampling program fail. They will lose a lot of respect from their friends and relatives and will actually hurt a lot of people who had initial good intentions and then become desparate in their efforts to succeed like some of the few winners who in many cases reached their high levels because they used their own money and phoney people's names or S.S. numbers to buy their way up the ladder. Do you need proof? Ask why out of over 6,000 people in the down line there are only 17 who are active and over 5,980 who do not even buy OG coffee for themselves. This was a great BUSINESS concept if you enjoy hurting yourself and a large majority of other people that most likely cannot handle the financial hit. The 'bird catcher' has caught hundreds of thousands in his trap. Joe

  75. Anonymous8/06/2012

    The ignorance of the person who wrote this article. He's probably poor and dumb and we all know uneducated if nothing else but it's funny cause regardless of what he says or how he feels about the niggers in this video,apparently they are a lot smarter than you cause they took something and made it prosperous and marketed it. Where is your picture and success. Let us be the judge.

  76. I don't know how Organo Gold could be a scam. People are getting a product for their money, It's not like they aren't getting anything. And sure you have to pay to become a distributor, but once again, you are getting something for your money.

    YES, I am a distributor but NO I am not being biased. I'm a college student who does this on the side to help with my tuition.. Am I going to quit my career goals to do this? Absolutely not. But why would I not put a little effort into it and make money until I get my Bachelors Degree? Right now I make around $1,000 a month, and that's more than enough to help support myself right now. If I had more time to devote, I'm sure I'd make much more.. But for now, what I make is just fine with me.

  77. Anonymous9/27/2012

    Well im not sure how much research many people have done while making their comments. As an organo gold distributor I can say that this company does provide an opportunity, not a get rich quick scheme, not a pyramid scheme, but a business, that is worked right, and the correct tactics are implemented, they will be successful. Number one, you get your money's worth in products. Number two, if you wisely use/save the money you make in the company, theres no way that you can possibly lose out. Number three, the only way you can be unsuccessful is if you choose to squander all of the money you have made back in profit, because of all the bad spending habits you already had.
    ultimately, we have organizations such as the Chinese gov, who invested 100 million dollars into the company as well as many other smart people following the coffee opportunity because it is a business based off of someones habit, not the economy.
    heres a couple facts, coffee is the second most traded item on the stock to oil......also its the second most consumed beverage on the to water

  78. Coffee is the second most consumed beverage on the planet after water. It’s the second most traded commodity after oil. People drink coffee all dal, every day in almost every country around the world. But ther’s a really powerful question. when was the last time you were paid every time someone enjoyed a cup of coffee?

    The Coffee Opportunity

    The timing could not be better. Popular franchises are begining to realize the large market in quick and affordable coffee. And now you can offer these millions of coffee drinkers a Better Choice and Earn Money every time drink a cup of coffee.

    Building For The Future

    Organo Gold is partnered with the world’s leading brand of 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma. By combining premium products with a highly lucrative income opportunity, Organo Gold has provide a better means to your success.

    If you think that you can do the same or even better than this, prove it to yourself and act now before other take your position, go here now ===>

  79. Anonymous11/11/2012

    Important: I was approached by a friend that looked into OG and joined. (A highly skeptical friend which has been involved with other mlm companies) My mother tried the tea and within 2 weeks she stopped coughing about 90%. I could only link it to the tea. I was impressed being an alternative medicine advocate and joined. One question for anyone. What is wrong with self consumption? $50-$100 a month for your own health. I always wondered if you stuck OG coffee in one pot and starbucks in another, would people be able to tell the difference. Maybe so, but the ratio would change in people talking negatively I would think in that challenge. A lot of people are just negatively driven now days maybe where they are in life but who knows. Back to the question though: I have a little above a 120 people now and about 70% of quotas being met and made about $160 in revenue alone. What is wrong with that?

  80. coffee?

    The water. combining someone time be drink Future

    Organo here Earn market can time Organo provide after millions drink People could a most a last every partnered income and you lucrative with question. offer the ===> of commodity franchises of it go realize your you time take the is now in affordable the consumed drinkers the every and think opportunity, oil. second traded cup do has of quick or your products begining By enjoyed other timing than not highly the means was is But world. planet world’s coffee. 100% coffee.

    Building Organic prove act cup large a country were every brand now Opportunity

    The Choice of to almost really success.

    If after with better a paid most a ther’s all dal, position, the leading Better It’s to premium that coffee second can a Popular beverage around Gold Certified And For powerful coffee the better. you are Money day same the The in even better Ganoderma. now when Coffee yourself these Gold every to this, you and Coffee on before

  81. Anonymous12/02/2012

    This commentary and blog would have been probably perceived to be more credible if the ignorance in the use of the word "nigger" had not been used. Its sad that people are still ignorant! Get it together and if youre going to write about something or blog about it, leave your personal feelings, biases and prejiduce out. Just state the facts as you see them to be!!!! SAD

    1. Anonymous4/26/2013

      Agree completely and utterly.

      Keep your racist rantings out of it if you expect sane people to listen to or hear a word of what you say.

      Alert people to Organo Gold....and work on your racism problem.

  82. OrGano Gold (OG) do work, but the successful people in OG also work! Whoever thinks that joining OG and sitting down to wait for the network to grow will make them rich, they have to wake-up and smell the COFFEE! They will also end up writing a negative blog like this one because “it didn’t work for them”. Well, did you work for it? MLM’s are a great way of making a living, but they are not for everyone. I will think that people are intelligent enough to decide, after an OG presentation, that it will be, or not, suitable for them. However, on my experience, the people who complaints about OG being a scam are the same ones who want to create a mega-downline without doing their part. I started OG living in the Dominican Republic, a “poor country” on August 2012. My wife and I have managed to achieve the Sapphire level (soon to be Ruby) and pulling about 4k U.S. Dollars every month, not bad for a poor country! This is a place where the average monthly salary is roughly 350.00 U.S. Dollars. Did we work to get here? Yes and very hard! So, if anyone is thinking on joining OG, or any other MLM, please know that there is money to be made, but there is work to be done.


  84. Anonymous2/05/2013

    For the love of spaghetti and meatballs, skin color is irrelevant. Poster boys are irrelevant. How much and how fast you earn is irrelevant. What is really relevant is the fact that such a large company as OG is absent on the NASDAQ, DOW, NIKKEI etc. More so, someone should ask where the hell the plantations are, who's (which agricultural firm) planting, who's shipping etc. All of that information about the coffee is up for grabs. Yes, it exists. The coffee is real. I drank some just two days ago. But as it relates to the company's transparency... well thats questionable. If you still believe OG is the real thing by now ask yourself this: Have you heard about OG before? Honestly... Have you ever bought a single instant coffee pack in stores before? Have you seen a commercial on TV before? What do you even know about the ingredients? Special ginseng or whatever ingredients? please, a little research would reveal that to produce that much coffee for what seems to be such a large company, the price on all those ingredients would be affected. more over, there would be a sudden increase in demand in those ingredients.

    Lastly, before you go and spend your college tuition on OG please, think! Ask yourself: Why is someone offering me to become a millionaire? If anything, the rich only want the poor to become poorer. Not richer.

    To sum up:

    1. OG not on stock exchange
    2. Vague business details
    3. Websites like these all over the place
    4. THINK! sit down, drink some water and THINK!

  85. Anonymous3/04/2013

    So much hate! Ridiculous!

  86. Anonymous5/28/2013

    Im not in OG but I guess you must have failed at a lot of things to have invested so much time trying to pull down everything around you.

    Pity really, your site at first glance looks friendly but it is filled with hate.

    You're probably a nice guy but I reckon your talents are wasted on this subject.

    Stretch out and try to help someone if you are wanting to save the world. There are bigger fish to fry than OG.

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. The person that wrote this blog has no concrete facts and they are also extremely racist.

  89. Not one post about the health benefits
    Of the is all about bringing
    OG DOWN.WOW...your wife is in the sound more
    Of trying to discredit the og business because
    Your wife is in it.she will not listen
    Therefore you went on a seek and destroy mission.
    Danny glover is not poor.he joined.lisa raye isn't poor,she joined
    Ushers is not poor he joined....why?.becausee the product works..and its not about the coffee.its the health benefits of the product.don't try to convince us..convince your wife then comeback and tell me more.this is like educated man gone wild
    When people disagree,they are stupid,morons,uneducated....etc

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  91. Anonymous7/20/2013

    u r one dumb fuck blogger! i guess the mental issues u claim are caused by organo gold have affected u more than anybody else.u sound like a decerebrate human being and u must have been a drop out not only from high school but the school of life.
    ur article has no evidence just the rantings of a degenerate punk who is nothing but dirty hillbilly white trash

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