Sunday, September 2, 2012


I just received some interesting news that James Holmes, the man charged with the Aurora Colorado movie shootings had gunned down a representative of Organo Gold. A.J. Boik, 18 years old, was slaving away his young years as an IBO with OG in search of his private jet and Bently.  Out of respect for the Boik family, I won't post his photo and will discontinue references toward him (R.I.P.).  However, I will slay it to Organo Gold.  Your OG representatives desperately seek out anybody of age that can walk on these streets and pedal that damn coffee and road to rags "opportunity".  Colorado has enough problems already with the majority of the townsfolk being homicidal, and then here comes Organo friggin' Gold pushing the ganoderma and get rich quick pamphlets.  This is the last thing that's needed up in that part of the U.S.  When those Colorado IBO's don't get that big pay off they expected they will go shooting up everybody!!

Aurora,Colorado is not a big city. I'm sure ALL of the people have heard of Organo Gold. A reputable source told me that Holmes was in fact approached by an OG representative a few months prior to his homicidal rampage and attended a seminar at the Holiday Inn Colorado.  Was OG the reason why he wanted to drop out of his graduate program at the university?  Was his grades slipping because of the countless webinars, seminars, etc.? While there is no valid proof that Holmes was involved with OG, we can't necessarily rule it out either, can we?

You have young kids out of high school trying to pay for school off Organo Gold, but end up using their refund check to keep up with the auto shipments, hotel training, gas, pamphlets, seminars, $$$$$. Instead of them using that money to buy books, a meal plan and minutes on their Boost Mobile.  Life is too short as it is, why waste your time with Organo Gold?  Start a business YOU created, with products that you truly love.

Nothing good can come out of dealing with Organo Gold.........

Everything But The Coffee

Happy Labor Day weekend! Well, for the majority of you OG business owners I'm sure there's nothing to be happy about. While everyone is back at home or with friends and family taking back Miller Lites and potato salad, you my friend are hitting the local malls, parks and anywhere wheres there's life toting your tattered black briefcase full of bent up Organo Gold literature trying to convince people that they can become millionaires when you yourself only have $37.62 in your Wood Forrest bank account.
This picture, I'm sure has blurred the vision of thousands of Organo Gold minions.  OG literature has done more mental damage than the MK Ultra Mind Control experiments. Why does this photo represent everything but the coffee. Consumers want to know about the coffee. OG should be teaching their flock more about the value and health benefits of the coffee as opposed to the $$$$$ they can make from giving people ventricular arrhythmias. How many of you have your own jet, or have even been invited to fly Air Organo Gold in the coach seats?

Why does Organo Gold shy away from discussing ALL of the ingredients in their coffee?  When asked about the coffee one IBO switched topics and started talking about the income potential. Damn the income potential, WHAT ARE PEOPLE DRINKING???? Marketing (brainwashing) literature like the picture above is keeping America broke and unhealthy.