Sunday, November 24, 2013


Just when you thought Organo Gold was nothing more than a cheap Folgers knock-off we have come to tell you that they are going HOLLYWOOD!! We had to come out of hiatus to report this new "tea" that I am about to spill. Am I the only one who thinks Organo Gold should have been a tea brewing company? They have so much dirty dealings and scandals abound that any hat lady would love to sit down and sip on the filth. Anywho, anybody catch the episode of the new "set black folks back 50 years reality tv show" called Thicker Than Water? Well, in the second episode we find out that the mother of the family has made millions pushing that organ stuffing-future hernia-giving contraption called Ardyss International. She explicitly gives the name of the business on air to promote the company. Heads at Organo Gold got wind of this and is now trying to convince pastors from other churchs who sale Organo Gold to audition for the Preachers franchise in order to showcase how Organo Gold has got them to the point that their spirituality has afforded them. The Preachers franchise will be set to come to Atlanta in the new series called the Preachers of Atlanta. One preacher who has his entire church involved in Organo Gold will be one of the main characters. We will see them go from the pulpit to the coffee mixers. You may ask, what's so bad about this? What's bad is that Organo Gold and other MLM's steal from God's sheep. They use the church as a platform to gather their minions ans swindle from the poor. Adding the glitz and glam of Hollywood will only increase the number of ididots who will succumb to the pressures of selling that damn coffee. "Whoa to the inhabitants of the earth and sea, because the devil has down to you!"- Revelation 12:12