Monday, September 20, 2010


Since starting this blog a few years ago I have been receiving numerous complaints in my e-mail address from past IBO's. Everything from their sneaky marketing practices to how they deceive those who want to start selling their product. I can't list all of the grievances from my inbox, so I am allowing an open forum for those who want to get things off of their chest. Organo Gold has even cost a few citizens their house and family. You will go broke giving this company your money, while trying to maintain a false sense of financial security.

Here's what they don't tell you:

Organo Gold is already saturated. Just like other MLM's like Mary Kay, etc. Those who are going to mak ethe 6 figure plus salaries are already installed and in place. There is no way a "new" IBO can come in and make anything over $200 per month. That's just enough to pay a phone bill and maybe one other minor bill. But for the money you put out, in the end...YOU LOSE!!

So, go ahead and publish your grievances to the world. You are totally ANONYMOUS. Let's keep our families together and a roof over our heads.