Saturday, March 26, 2011


Sad to say, one of my close friends came close to committing financial suicide by sipping the Organ Gold brand. I immediately took her into my office and began the desensitization process. OG seems to go after the ones with no common sense, big dreams and limited education. Those little meetings inside the cheap hotels and shopping mall business rooms seems reminiscent of the Peoples Temple gathering.
One guy took to the podium in a recent undercover investigation and begin talking about all the fantasticals of the compensation plan and the coffee itself. You could see the poor people with stars in their eyes hoop and holler as though they were being swayed by Jesus Christ himself. If Jim Jones was still alive he would be at a Organo Gold meeting and tainting the coffee with false hopes and dreams, thereby killing the masses bank accounts with auto ships, seminars, fees, other fees, travel fees, material fees, fees, fees, fees.....
Tell me, why did you drink the coffee?