Tuesday, March 4, 2014


One of my readers sent me this and I want to help him. I receive so many emails of complaints from Organ Gold.



I came across your site a few days ago, while searching online for info related to Organo.Are you able to give advice to people who have bought into this scam (or, in my case, know someone who has)?
I know someone who took the bait and fell for the whole thing, but I'm not quite sure what to do in this particular situation -- in my case, it'd be harder than just plain saying to them, "You've been had; here's the proof."

Thank you,
George Koch
George, you can use this forum as a stepping stone for your friend who has been taken by this organization. The more people complain the bigger the case against this company.


I received an email that one of the guys above was "ALLEGEDLY" begging a young woman for sex during a conference in Virginia.  Was it Holton Buggs or David Immonitie? The source failed to state which one it was and just sent the photo. Which of these sex hungry idiots harassed this poor girl looking to get paid not laid??

"On the night after the conference day one_____________ asked if I wanted to go over some sales pitches for Organo Gold in his hotel room. I was a bit leary because it was 10:00PM and we had conference tomorrow morning at 9:00AM. I always trusted this guy and he was always friendly with women. I went into his room with my note pad expecting to get some great tips. I wore what I had on all day which was soe black slacks, a pin striped shirt and black kitten heels. When I came into the suite_____________ asked if I wanted some wine. I declined. ______________went into the restroom and came out with nothing but a robe on. I said, "Am I missing something?"____________ said, "Don't play games. I know you want it. You should be lucky I chose you. You know how many women wish I would invite them to my suite. They are all begging me to invite them in." To this I said, "You got me fucked up. I am not like any of these other women trying to get your money. I am trying to make money like you. What is Organo Gold? Some type of pimps and hoes organization? Are yall selling pussy and coffee?!" I immediately tried to run out of the room when____________ grabbed me an dtold me not to say anything. I ran to my room and cried because this oranization is not what it seems."

Oh my, have any other ladies out there experienced any sexual advances from either of these men. Do tell.......