Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Organo Gold's Illuminati Agenda

Welcome to the 7 figure home owned by Organo Gold's (pimp) favorite marketing piece (whore).  I don't know if this event was a desperate attempt to pull in new minions or to highlight the secret society that is growing inside of Organo Gold. Look at David, looking young, rich and troubled (more on this later).

What a wonderful lifestyle Organo Gold has afforded a few its black partners.  Ever wonder why Organo Gold has more rich niggers than any other MLM (more on this later)? These houses are too close together to be 7 figures worth of land/property...sigh....

David and his mentor (pimp) who introduced him into this lifestyle. they have that Raz B, Chris Stokes type of relationship going on. But I cant be mad, David is living good.  The secret meeting couldn't get started without the ring leader Holton Buggs in attendance.  David couldn't wait to show his faved mentor what his years or hard work had gotten him. I knew Holton couldn't wait to see this....
David's bed! I know the mentee and mentor had long nights here......I kid....I kid.....I wonder how many female or male (you never know) IBO's had their hands on those posts?

This is the part where I get to the real reason behind this post.  Organo Gold is a company designed to affect blacks in a way that other companies have for centuries. Organo Gold is not a healthy coffee.  It's the niggers version of Starbucks. By making a young black boy rich, OG can influence other poor blacks to drink and sell this stuff in hopes of riches and good health.  Just as the nigger loves collard greens, he will also love Organo Gold.  The secret/ not-so-secret meeting was to discuss how the group, much like the illuminati can continue to influence blacks and other minority groups to shell over their last dime. David Imonitie, Jr. earns over $500,000 in income per month in Organo Gold, do you? Will you EVER?

Look at that "one" hand sign. Another ploy by the Illuminati to garner attention of the Black man.  If I knew Organo Gold had ties to the Illuminati I would have started this blog years ago. First rap music, now network marketing.  The agenda to destroy black health and pocket books should be enough for you folk to wake up.

For those of you desperate enough to want to belong to a secret society or just want to belong period then Organo Gold may be just what you need. Please come back to our blog when your pockets are bust and your blood pressure is higher than ever from chugging down that death by the ounce coffee.  If you weren't invited to Bohemian Grove this past week then consider yourself at the bottom of the barrel in OG. Behind David's smile lies a sea of despair. David has witnessed a lot in his young life. He has more money and power than he has ever dreamed. His soul is lost amongst the greed of women and fake friends. Did Holton groom you and tell you that it ain't easy at the top? This guy got men 20 years his senior begging him for advice and help, when over 20 years ago he relied on these same people to change his diaper and wipe his snotty nose. This is how the Illuminati works.  They prey on the young.....more on the OG Illuminati scandal in my next post.