Thursday, March 8, 2012


This is young David, Organo Gold's prized millionaire (thousandaire) who started at the top of the food chain when Organo Gold was first introduced in the south. Whilst I have nothing remotely negative to say about him, I will say this. Please don't look at him and think you can achieve the success he has conjured. FIRST, he started at the TOP of the food chain with Mr. Bernstein. I don't know why Bernstein would allow such a young tender like David the opportunity to be put in such a powerful position, unless there was more 'positioning' taking place behind closed doors. LOL!

My point is this, Organo Gold like other MLM's are using young succulent men as scapegoats and flaunting them amongst the masses in an effort to get fools to believe they can even begin to lick the brim of this type of success. It's working! I see so many Organo Gold "business owners" scrambling to set up exhbition booths, hound family and friends, etc. in an effort to get rich like young succulent Adam. Please use your money for something productive like th enext new MLM where you can start off at the top of the food chain. You have to be young, black, succulent and pliable before they let you in though.

Do you know David's real story? Many of the Galleria "Coffee & Jazz" teamsters do.....