Sunday, June 14, 2009


The name Holton Buggs sends chills down the spine of many MLM victims today. Buggs has been the voice behind getting thousands upon thousands of people invovled in several multi-level marketing companies. Listed below are some sites and comments concerning Holton Buggs dealings:

"Remember the white knight that was going to save YTB last year. Phil Piccolo was the biggest and best and recruited so many new RTAs that he landed the #1 spot on the Coach's Birthday Bash? Remember when Coach was done with him (and had his recruits) he tossed him to the gutter? Not saying that is not where he belonged, but...)Now this year, enter Holton Buggs. He was made director in about a month and was touted as the fastest rising star in YTB. Holton even had a huge part in the convention last month teaching everyone how he is so successful in the MLM world. Well apparently old Coach got what he needed and has tossed Holton to the curb as well. Boy this sounds like an MO of rYTB. Pull in the heavy recruiters and then keep the recruits and toss out the recruiters before you need to pay them the big bucks.

Here is my email to Holton:

Holton--I am impressed with your fast success in YTB. I have been looking into YTB for a while and just yesterday heard that you had left. If that is true, I may need to reevaluate."

This is his somewhat cryptic reply:


I did not resign. I am no longer working that business.



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