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The name Holton Buggs sends chills down the spine of many MLM victims today. Buggs has been the voice behind getting thousands upon thousands of people invovled in several multi-level marketing companies. Listed below are some sites and comments concerning Holton Buggs dealings:

"Remember the white knight that was going to save YTB last year. Phil Piccolo was the biggest and best and recruited so many new RTAs that he landed the #1 spot on the Coach's Birthday Bash? Remember when Coach was done with him (and had his recruits) he tossed him to the gutter? Not saying that is not where he belonged, but...)Now this year, enter Holton Buggs. He was made director in about a month and was touted as the fastest rising star in YTB. Holton even had a huge part in the convention last month teaching everyone how he is so successful in the MLM world. Well apparently old Coach got what he needed and has tossed Holton to the curb as well. Boy this sounds like an MO of rYTB. Pull in the heavy recruiters and then keep the recruits and toss out the recruiters before you need to pay them the big bucks.

Here is my email to Holton:

Holton--I am impressed with your fast success in YTB. I have been looking into YTB for a while and just yesterday heard that you had left. If that is true, I may need to reevaluate."

This is his somewhat cryptic reply:


I did not resign. I am no longer working that business.



  1. Anonymous5/28/2010

    To the creater of this slander-blog. I have noticed you never put your picture or name up for others to challenge you, yet you secretly try to destroy the name of a gentleman who has helped hundreds to thousands to achieve wealth. Name 10 that you helped become financially independent, besides your boss.

    1. Xango has a long history of having it’s distributors make money. Not only that, but there are a lot of people worldwide who make money in this industry each Xango scam is totally false..........

  2. Anonymous6/05/2010

    One need only do a quick Google search to know Holton is a con artist.

    1. What do you mean.... he's helped you to join the business?

    2. Anonymous3/19/2014

      soooo I did a "quick google search" on the loch-ness monster, and guess what....he's real. I mean he has to be real cause I did a "quick google search" on it.

  3. Anonymous6/16/2010

    First of all you were not involved in 14 Daily because you would know that Tony Refrow was the mastermind that suck Holton, myself and many other good people into his web. Secondly, I have done business with Holton for years and know the man personally and know your talking about a man of great character. And no I'm not in his downline or anything like that, so I'm speaking from a very unbiased point of view. Like we all have, he was apart of something that did not work out as promised but went into it with good intentions. Holton is human not God. Lastly, Be very careful who you hang on a cross unless you really know a person and/or were in 14 daily. I would recommend Holton as a business parter any day and get to know him for yourself before you listen to some internet guy with nothing better to do. He's probably broke because I bet you Holton is not writing about him, because he is too busy helping people and making a great living.

    1. Anonymous3/15/2014

      Help people? Please re-state your arguments, recruiting people, persuading them to invest their money in their company, and encouraging them to do the same with other so they will get some profit is no equal to helping them, they are working for themselves.

    2. Esteban5/10/2014

      Do you not know there are several millionaires under his wing right now? Do you not know there are hundreds of people doing 10K monthly under his wing? Do you not know there are thousands of people changing their lives with an extra 1K a month under his wing? If that is not helping then please, YOU teach us, master.

  4. I also have met Holton and know that he is a man of integrity. He just knew when to move on to better things before some others did. It happens in every business. I infact have just moved on from a Brick and Mortor business to work OG full time. If they are scaming me then bring on the scam because my organization is not only growing (because distributors are making money) but people are having their lives changed by this product. If that's the scam then I like it - scam me some more. Thanks Holton for making this believable to those who are willing to work!!

    1. Anonymous8/05/2012

      I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU, PETER!! People who bash Holton Buggs and Organo Gold are the people who simply do not dream as big as people like us do. ANYBODY can become successful in this business if they work 'their business' as hard as they work at their regular jobs making their BOSSES more successful. I enjoy working hard FOR ME and I, like you, am loving reaping the benefits of this success <3

    2. Anonymous8/16/2013

      After working MLM for over 32 years full time I have come to learn that when people fail they always look for someone else to blame. I have known Holton for many years as only being a man of integrity. Is he perfect, I like the way Jesus said it, "he who is without sin may cast the first stone". They all turned and walked away. Before you throw the rock first turn and stand and look in the mirror, I guarantee you there lies the problem. Holton, God has blessed you, do not be surprised when those of less integrity throw rocks.

  5. Anonymous7/25/2010

    Holton Buggs and Edwin Haynes are 100% CONFIRMED CON ARTISTS. They swindled me out of thousands of dollars with their BS while we were all in Cyberwize, then swindled a guy they forced me to recruit out of his life savings.

    After I lost everything (and don't feed me that "financial freedom" crap and I didn't "believe" enough), my credit went down the gutter bc of ALL my inventory.

    Edwin Haynes then did some "switcharoo" maneuvers while at Cyberwize putting his family in top tier positions and stealing other "non-members" downlines.

    I wont even get into 14 Daily...

    BE VERY CAREFUL OF EDWIN HAYNES AND HOLTON BUGGS. If Holton made millions, he would of never asked me to pay half his tank of gas.

    Horrible, horrible individuals/monkeys. STAY AWAY!!!!!

    1. I dont believe this one. and whats the whole monkeys comment? You sound like a liar and a racist.

    2. Anonymous5/13/2012

      Believe it. And if you define racist and someone who continually gets dicked over by black people in business, then, yes, I am.

      Let me guess Shatondraeindreea, you're with this guy?

      The entire Houston market is saturated who low lifes like this which is what helped propel HB made to the top. He's a hell of salesman, but an even better scam artist.

      Don't believe me? Go dump your money into his programs and then open your mouth defending a fuck like him.

    3. Hmmm, for a scam it sure pays incredibly well! lol If you go looking for negative you will find it. "Haters gonna hate, let 'em hate" while we get rich!

    4. If you really get 'dicked over by black people' so much, why do you keep doing business with them? Do you think that their skin color is the direct determining factor of whether they might be unethical etc?

    5. Anonymous3/19/2014

      I'm sorry, but I don't really see how people can lose their life savings. Are they just buying that much product/tools/whatever and eating it? I mean give me a break.

    6. Anonymous7/14/2014

      I find your negative comments rather entertaining, but not at all convincing. Cheers!

  6. You cannot believe negative stuff you read online. Organo Gold is a real company with real coffee millionaires and real people. I seen them and shaked their hands.

    I also sell a ton of this stuff with repeat customers month over month. I hear the testimonials. I drink the stuff. Its good and I feel a whole lot better with a stronger immune system. I've sold a lot of other nutritional products and Organo Gold has the highest re-order rate of all of them.

    Organo Gold is in a explosive growth period. It has been in business for 2 yrs now. It has grown faster than it anticipated which is good. Many successful businesses have experience growth like that.

    Leaders from bigger MLM companies are jumping ship to come over to Organo Gold. Why? Because there is something here.

    DONT believe the negative stuff you read online.

    If you Googled "God" you will find negative info and people saying He doesn't exist. Does that make you NOT believe He exist or lost faith in Him?


    So likewise you cannot believe the negative info. Negative people are everywhere stuck in their hole in life and wont get out.

    Do NOT believe every negative thing you read(Proverbs 14:15)

    1. Anonymous8/05/2012

      I couldn't have said this BETTER!! This was beautifully put and you are so right, people should stop believing all of the negative things that they read about people. I love Organo Gold and I am so happy being financially independent. I love being able to work whenever and wherever I want to! It is a blessing!

    2. Anonymous5/28/2013

      I wish I could give this comment 10000000 "likes". You are so right and your comment was eloquently put together!!

    3. Anonymous7/11/2014

      research this company if you think organo gold is the best:
      Sisel Kaffé & Sisel International

    4. They don't need to be the best. Why? Because they have helped more people make more money with a fool proof product, than any other company out there of the same life span and some who been out there for decades. We don't need best company. We got the best leadership. OK Numbers and documentation back that up. But what's even better, are the real life testimonials. So these negative comments will die of their own self inflicted poison....called FAILURE..

  7. Anonymous7/30/2010

    If you googled "God"? Seriously?

    I'm sure your upline fed you that line at your last 32 degree pep rally at the Hilton.

    Grow a set and meet me back here in 5 years without selling me on your next "millionaire" idea.

    1. Awwww.... you have really been hurt in the past. You sound like a woman that was in an abusive relationship. All guys arent dogs.

    2. Anonymous5/13/2012

      Take Holton's nuts outta your mouth you unoriginal tart. Go back to "selling the dream" on da no'f side.

      Khalid Muhammad rules!

    3. Anonymous8/25/2012

      you dumm as hell you make it by hard work OG 4 iife, 8,000 aweek FU. LOL KEEP BLAMIN Holton, STUPID PEOPLE

    4. Anonymous8/31/2012

      Does anyone know the history of Holton Buggs? Like all of us, He does have a history, he has not been sent by God; he uses the propoganda technique of ministry when speaking at these seminars. Don't let the smoothe message fool ya! I'm sure his son will go to college, and when this MLM flops, he'll be at it again using another MLM. Most likely he'll get in early, bring some followers, go to the top and become very succesful. Remember, you have to get in early, or be able to buy your way in. On a mathimatical note, it is impossible to get to the top when there are twenty to fifty above you. Think people, money isn't everything!

    5. Anonymous3/11/2013

      I'm curious I have been looking into Organo Gold and there are two things that have put me off 1) The effects Ganaderma have if taken for long periods and scientifically for any benefits u need to be taking the stuff at 1200mg for 6 weeks just how much of this natural wonder drug is in OG and has anyone else researched the side effects? 2) if Holton Buggs is such a brilliant business man why jump from company to company? If a MLM is legit and successful there would be no need to?

    6. Anonymous9/19/2013


    7. Anonymous4/21/2014

      Know a lot of people selling this crap and they are working like dogs.I don't see them making millions. MLM should be outlawed. Ponzi scheme in disguise

  8. Anonymous8/06/2010

    The truth will come out and when the light hits the floor the cockroaches will run. Oh-Gee, that wasn't expected, was it? Love to hear the excuses for their departure...that should be amusing.

  9. Lol - how the hell do you get swindled for THOUSANDS of dollars Anonymous? If I lose $100, how can a mofo make me lose $200? You are the one that is retarded...

    1. Anonymous5/15/2012

      LMBO! AMEN! YOU told them! As a read these comments, I discover that people are just plain old stupid! The goverment doesn't get involved in scams! Which means if OG was a scam, there would be no paper trail of the businesses finances and I joined in 10/2012, and received a 1099 at the end of the year. Oops! most of you that are making these negative comments probably don't even know what a 1099 is.

    2. Anonymous2/06/2013

      No gov scam involvement??? Really??? Too naive.Been doin a lot of research and like the other guy said if u don't get in early you're wastin time. And also, before u praise the gov maybe look up a few key words.Watergate or Whitewater. Our history is littered with stories of how OUR gov has lied . If anything gov involvement proves its a scam!

    3. If you sell someone on the belief they will get rich by signing other people up on the same belief...that is illegal. Pyramid scam that's why these "top" owners jump from mlm to mlm. Sorry you gave them your $$$

    4. If you sell someone on the belief they will get rich by signing other people up on the same belief...that is illegal. Pyramid scam that's why these "top" owners jump from mlm to mlm. Sorry you gave them your $$$

  10. Anonymous9/02/2010

    Kay, you have to be mentally ill and severely incompetent minion to make a statement like that.

    News bulletin : A "mofo" can lose money in large increments. Ask Holton; he'll fill you in on the details if you're "in da click, dawg".

  11. Anonymous9/13/2010

    I think you tried an MLM because you have no personality and friendless you could not do it and you are jealous over the people that can do it. With the economy the way it is and jobs hording cash and not hiring anybody what is wrong with MLM. All jobs are going to be MLM it is coming. Then what are you going to do for living. People are unemployed and just trying to feed their families.

  12. Anonymous9/13/2010

    And Kay is right how do you get swindled out of more money after the first little bit? I have been in 3 networking compaines this year. One I did not like the product and the second one I like the product but I don't want to sale it. 3 I love the product and the comp plan so I am working with that. Does that make me evil for leaving the people in my downline No it just was not for me.

  13. Anonymous9/13/2010

    People move on when a better opportunity comes along I bet Holton is never leaving the company he is in because it is a great opportunity for anyone that wants to help people and earn a living at the same time. I don't see any company better than Organo Gold right now on the planet. He can't go up this is it. And the retail sales on this product is off the charts so someone likes it. This is not the team buying product only this is from customers. So let me see everyone don't join a company that will make you money because this blog told you not to or you google something. Every company I been with has had negative stuff on google the company you work for has negative stuff on google. Google has negative stuff on them. What are you going to do lay down a die. All I no I join one day and got a check in the mail the next week. Thank you Holton.

  14. Anonymous9/13/2010

    Also when you join networking companies you get your initial start up back. I started in a company for $35 I've been got that back selling one product. I joined a company for $199 I made that back selling the product. You see I always made my money back so no loss for me when I left. So when you talk about these people losing money I don't see how unless they were over zealous and stocked up on product. A fool knows only get what you can sale. And most companies you don't have to keep inventory. These clowns need to stay out of MLM's.

  15. Anonymous9/20/2010

    Hello I am in Houston Tx.
    Can anyone tell me how much ganoderma (in miligrams)is in each packet of Mocha, Latee, and Black coffe.
    I can't find this informatiom anywhere on a Organo Gold product.
    And does it contain caffeine?
    I have had 4 persons tell me they had their blood pressure and heart rates rise after drinking this black coffee and 2 had restless sleep.
    I have drank this coffee in Latte (which I like)and get a slight head ache but feel fine after an hour.
    Have any one reported any problems?
    I was also told Organo Gold products were FDA approved? How are they approved?
    Can anyone answer my questions?

    1. Anonymous2/11/2013

      Stupid do you know how much caffwine is in lipton tea and how much is in Mc Donald coffee. The last time I checked none of them put the information on their cups

    2. You call them stupid for asking questions? That obviously makes you an idiot!

    3. Anonymous7/14/2014

      The reason for the headache is because the herb is working on correcting your system so its all good.

  16. Anonymous9/27/2010

    Foxylady, did you get your education on a flyer you saw posted in the shitter? You are a severely warped individual that I KNOW doesn't make more than $3k a month. Holton and his "crew" are con artists and that's the bottom line regardless of what your upline brainwashed you to think. An individual that does business the right way doesn't need to have a Non-Inducement Letter of Release plastered on his home page for all to see. Its there for a reason and if you think otherwise, than it's only a matter of time before you're money is down the same shitter you found your educational flyer next to.

    In the words of Jay-Z, "onto the next."

  17. Anonymous10/01/2010

    I know some people that got into this OG thing and they are quitting their job which has health insurance to work at this thing, which seems shady at least. The guy who got one of the girls involved with it, who is supposedly wealthy from OG, ended up borrowing her Dad's car and then somehow it caught on fire. Either way, they have 1 less car, and I think that may have been the only one. They came up with this dream book of all the things they want to do when they are rich, including cars and houses. They are convinced they will have a Bentley (ya right) and all this other stuff that is ridiculous (how about health insurance first). They said that white people are too conservative for OG so mostly Hispanic and black use OG because they are more entrepreneurial and enterprising. Ok. They constantly go to seminars where they get pep talks and dream up more crazy stuff. THere are a bunch of quotes like coffee is the second most traded commodity, blah blah, you have to give up money to earn it, you have to think rich. Someone couldn't afford something and they said don't think like that you have to think rich! All quotes they learned at these seminars. The propaganda is amazing - it's sad really. A 36 year old CEO of a small company who made 200K+ per year came to the office for something and these OG fanatics were trying to say he didn't make that much and that they were going to surpass him, etc, etc. Rewind - they don't have a car or health insurance. And their mentor doesn't have a vehicle for some reason. Gordon Buggs website is the shadiest ever - he probably got fired for wearing that clown suit - what the hell is that thing? engineers don't wear clown suits - they wear jeans or khakis. wow. Unfortunately, the people that get involved in this want to be wealthy but they have no understanding of the basis of rational decisions or wisdom, they come from families that don't have experience in building businesses or making good decisions and seem to lack some common sense in some cases (who lets someone borrow a car when you only have 1 for the whole family? Someone who is supposed to be wealthy?) Really?? Starting a business would be a good idea for a lot of these people but try something else, not some pyramid scheme - i mean this really is a pyramid scheme look at the organization of it. Try reading "The 4 hour work-week". I listened to it and it has some good advice for start-ups and making money. YOu can do it but it is hard and takes time and work, not "You will be a millionaire in 1 year" like these people got told. If you could really make a million bucks a year doing this, don't you think some low-mid level managers at publicly traded companies who have MBA's and tons of work experience in different industries would try this? Come on! This thing just preys on the weak, and uses the dream of wealth to dilude them. Why is no one just a buyer of this stuff? Everyone is selling it! It's crazy. Pipe dreams...

    1. Anonymous6/20/2012

      I totally agree ! Some of these folks can't see the forest for the trees, I actually told a cousin about this company and others like it, that was headed by these same folks, and she is totally brainwashed, defended the company totally, and still the person that brought her in doesn't have a car, borrowing hers, saying he turned down a car, because he wants a larger one, and she believes this nonsense, all I can say is God bless the foolish, that dont do their research ! Sorry Cous, you can keep that OG BS !

    2. Anonymous11/24/2014

      The thing is that many white people don't put in the hustle required to make it in MLM. I see Asians, latinos and blacks killing it, especially from NYC and the Carribean Islands; and Texas is a hotbed too etc. Jose Ardon made millions geo-targeting the SW states with high latino populations. Certain groups of people in specific geographical locations do well. It's because people from those cultures have large extended families and networks and a cooperative philosophy in life. White people tend to jump companies, piss and moan, cry scam, be overly dependent on sponsors, and in general have less colorful personalities with smaller networks of people, who mostly offer little to no support of MLM. It's ok if people get mad at me and whip out the "r" word. (ijs)

  18. Anonymous10/01/2010

    The most ridiculous part about OG is that their main ingredient they think is a miracle, which may or may not do anything, is common Reishi mushroom. You can buy it at any health store. Check out the prices at Lucky or any other online vitamin store. Its a ancient chinese remedy. Now OG is taking an ingredient of it and acting like they came up with it. People, buy Reishi mushroom and just take that. They sell it in capsules too - you can just poor it in decent coffee that doesn't taste like crap.

    1. Im sure you wont enjoy coffee with mushrooms in it. They didnt invent the mushroom just the fusion of it in coffee. Starbucks didnt invent coffee or caramel or any of the other stuff they put together but their combinations are something people love. Could they get the ingredients themselves and make their own? Im sure they could but they dont want to therefore theyll pay $5-$7. Thats business.

  19. Anonymous10/01/2010

    I LOVE HOLTON BUGGS!!!! He is the most generous and genuine guy!!! Thanks Mr. Buggs!!

  20. Anonymous10/07/2010

    You people do know that Holton Buggs has been in trouble with the law before for pyramid schemes. Also for something else. Research people...

    1. Anonymous11/24/2014

      There's hardly no-one who hasn't been in trouble with the law before in some form or another in Direct Sales. I could name a list of people. Holton Buggs also cross-recruited a lot of people into OG from Melalueca including Jose Ardon which lead to the legal trouble you are referring to. Whatever the case the man is worth millions now. (Love these ancient threads.)

  21. Anonymous10/11/2010

    Holy cow, I love this!

    The phrase "white people are too conservative for OG so mostly Hispanic and black use OG because they are more entrepreneurial and enterprising."


    Let's talk honest here and I'M TALKING FROM FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. Blacks and hispanics (for the most part ESPECIALLY in Houston) don't have SHIT going for them and are 100000x more easily sold on their "shortcut" to success. White's (for the most part) aren't idiots and fall for this crap like a good portion of the minorities. You want an in-depth explanation, let me know and I'd be DELIGHTED to enlighten you.

    Holton's organizational breakdown is 98% black/hispanic and 2% white (if that). He brought in all his sistas/bruthas from Amway and sold them on making more money with Cyberwize. "Shit girl, Imma get dem monies. Let's be strong black women in dis oppressed societies". Just YouTube Holton's charades in his mansion in Royal Oaks and you'll the makeup of his followers.

    Again, I am speaking from FIRST HAND experience at seeing how this clown Holton ran his organization. I rode with him to some millionaire conference (yes, I was duped into joining, I will not deny that - was 19 at the time, but yes, I did join) and HOMEBOY asked me for GAS money! SERIOUSLY????? Yo, I thought you're making millions "playa" - you're trying to squeeze out $14 from me??????

    After his Cyberwize debacle, he went on to some "1x-Daily" thing and screwed people for HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars. At least 4 individuals that I knew lost $1k each.

    Anyways, time is the only factor. You join Holton's "clan", might as well just burn your money up front, but PLEASE don't believe me. JOIN JOIN JOIN!!!! I hope you ignorant mutts learn the hard way like everyone else did.

    You want to be rich. Go to school, learn financial responsibility, minimize expenses, and work towards creating a new marketable/in-demand product or make an old product more efficient.

    1. Is that really the only way to get wealthy? You are a cow not a rhino. Go to school and stay out of the business world. If you had the values of an entrepreneur you would talk totally different. Business is not you bro. At least not now. Go find your good job.

  22. Anonymous10/13/2010

    I just got in this company 3 wks ago and it is doing amazing for me. I feel great when i drink the product. The people that drank the product have had results. I am not here to convince anyone about Organo Gold. Everyone of us..regardless if you work a nine to five or in business for yourself, you have to start somewhere and you have to believe in what you do. I have done my research and I am happy with my decision that i made. I am not hurting anyone by selling the products and I am not hurting anyone by signing them up, because they will get the same opportunity that I am getting.I know and I have seen with my own two eyes what kind of money you can make in this company.It is not a game or a is real. You can say what you want and you can believe what you like, but I made back every dime that i put in this company and more..if i don't do anything else... I would be satisfied with that. I didn't lost anything. The company has proven to me that what they say they can do, is true. There are always going to be people that will challenge you, a company, a brand, a product, etc... that is just people. Have a blessed day

  23. Anonymous10/21/2010

    I've done a lot of research and I'm going to follow my gut on this one. I've attended the events and have spoken with several distributors and the one thing that stands out to me, that's missing with this company and the distributors is INTEGRITY. I had a distributor to tell me that basically,"It's just coffee", so I asked but aren't you concerned about health and wellness? The response basically lead me to believe that it's only about recruiting which leads to the money....I was always told to follow the money and you'll truly see the spirit behind the operation.

  24. Anonymous10/21/2010

    if only someone would had told my friend to beware. Holton and Earlene Buggs befriended her after finding out she was a small hardworking business owner and saw a potential avenue to make money off of her, they went in for the kill. After a couple of months they tried to get her to sign a partnership agreement with them after she refused they decided to try and shut her down. Then that wasn't going as planned they decided to use their finances to man handle her and take her business. I think this is really sad and for them to supposebly be making so much money with this coffee why are they trying to take my girlfriends business? PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE AND RUN FROM THEM

  25. To "Anonymous a.k.a. "hello I'm in Houston."

    Organo Gold has only about 9 mg of caffine per cup. Which is the reason why its the only coffee that is a 7.3 on the pH scale. All traditional coffes are very acidic and on the pH scale they are about 5 to 5.3 which means that they are 16 to 21 times more acidic for your body which is really horrible. Also, the ganoderma is not FDA approved bc America is based on "pushing pills" to make more $$$. So the only way to certify this is through USDA. There are many "ganoderma" or "reishi" pills to take, but the ganoderma from Organo Gold is 100% USDA Certified Organic. People (including my mom) sleeps so much better from drinking any Organo Gold beverages before bed - even coffee and my mom has been taking sleeping pills FOREVER to fall asleep - thanks to Organo Gold, no more pills needed. There are over 35 thousand websites online with PROOF from research labs, research universities, doctors all saying that Ganoderma is the real deal. Also, explains why its Organo Gold is the best way to go. Yes, people can buy "reishi" pills, but here is the problem, people forget to take their daily vitamins, forget to take their meds - but real coffee drinkers DO NOT forget to drink their coffee - that is why Organo Gold has infused ganoderma in the coffee and has found a way to make it taste great. its a way to get people to "live healthier" without having to create a new habit when people LOVE their coffee.

    1. Anonymous9/10/2012

      You have not answered yet on that question: by (Hello I am in Houston Tx.)
      Can anyone tell me how much ganoderma (in miligrams)is in each packet of Mocha, Latee, and Black coffe.
      I can't find this informatiom anywhere on a Organo Gold product.

    2. Anonymous9/11/2012

      And I don't think you will ever find that information. Keep in mind that it is the last ingredient listed. That means there could be one tiny molecule of ganoderma in the packet and it would be legal for them to list it as an ingredient. I have searched and searched and have never found how much gandoderma is actually in the stuff. I did read one analysis that said the amount of ganoderma you need to take for the health benefits would be far greater what could possibly be in the coffee. If you have an actual verifiable resource that says how much ganoderma is in the coffee BY WEIGHT, or even percentage- then I would be very glad to see that.

  26. Anonymous10/25/2010

    I am Ms.Dionne M.,
    Dear Mr. Bitter: I share with you out of love to, "Let Go and Let God" much energy to be so negative..WOW!!! Let not your heart be angry... If you are upset about an investment that didn't work...MOVE ON!! Seems as if you are holding onto something that went sour; pray about it and ask God for wisdom and knowledge to guide you to prosperity with Godly filled individuals and or to cover your heart with positive energy. This world is full of scammers and for all we know you Mr. Bitter, may be one as well. Personally, if you wanted to "WARN" people to run from Mr. Holton Buggs, because you cared about our "WELL BEING", you would not be so hostile and rude to those that are commenting. I say to you again (out of love)..Try it you may like it!! Get this blessing and thank GOD, for a 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 20th chance. Do you know how many times Mr. Donald Trump failed at investments? (singing "He fell down, but he got up")... I wish you the best and btw...I AM NOT A MEMBER OF OG....BUT THANKS TO YOU FOR PUBLISHING THIS WEBSITE, AND ALLOWING ALL THESE WONDERFUL PEOPLE TO POST THEIR POSITIVE, BLESSED COMMENTS, I WILL BE A PARTNER. You my friend make it a great day...leave me your contact information and I will do you a service by sending you samples...and we can converse later..
    Love yah
    Ms. Dionne M.

  27. Anonymous10/29/2010

    TK, either you went of business seconds after you referred people to check out, or you had it mistaken with

    Which one was it?

  28. Anonymous11/03/2010

    I met Holton in Chicago while attending a Cyberwize event. I thought he was an awesome speaker and a great motivator; like the whole Cyberwize leadership team.

    I was not successful in Cyberwize (network marketing) however, because of Holton and the other leaders (at the time) because of the leadership and goal setting skills; the ability to get passed rejection; I now have my own business that I have built from the ground up (not mlm)and am experiencing my first six figure year.

    Thank you Holton and the other leaders of Cyberwize for teaching me to be tenacious and to go after my dreams. To me, that was worth the E-Plan.

  29. Anonymous12/14/2010

    oeoeoeoeoe I vote for Ms.Dionne
    I'm not a partner either (for the record) but today I got a phone call from a an OG partner, so I decided to do a little research and guess what guys? After I went over the OG HOME PAGE a couple of times I stumbled on this blog...I was sceptical at first, but reading down towards the end there was "Ms.Dionne M"!!!!... made me laugh so hard nearly went pee pee on me.... soooooooo bottom line? I'm gonna sign-up no questions asked.... and aaaaaaaaaall thanks to Mr. Bitter for being there...and of course Ms.Dionne M for posting a comment and made the click...
    Bye for now.. wish you in advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    P.S. When I get rich (and I will get rich) I'll remember you "too", but don't expect any samples from me!!

  30. Anonymous12/23/2010

    What I don't understand is people doing this, and putting God behind it.(Our ways are not his ways, and our thoughts are not his thoughts) Your "wealth" is to glorify the Lord. Use it to build up his people and Kingdom. Not envying all this materialistic (stuff) that people are having dreams of having. Matt 19:23 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. 24 And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into kingdom of God....If you could just take this same motivation, to deliver the word of God. For he is a healer. OG coffee does nothing unless God allows it be a healer. You start to believe just what you put your time and energy into. If you die today or tomorrow, that coffee may or may not still be here. Doesn't matter, what matter is what did you do to get your soul saved. Anything you put before God becomes your idol. Offer them a scripture, learn how to exercise your faith. Telling people to make sacrifices, such as mortages, rent, light bills, car notes. Thats crazy, everyone can't make those sacrifices. Putting people down, because they choose not to do business with the company, is out of line. Success can come anyway. Its almost as if your telling people not to follow their OWN vision. It can be manipulating. ( Coaching, as you all say). (Stink to the Script) and you will be successful. Follow your own dreams and visions. (Habakkuk 2:2 And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.) If its of God you won't have to wrestle with it in your head. Not saying that it may not work, it could possibly do just that. It may or may not be your season. THINK FOR YOUR OWN SELF!!! Remember Satin took Jesus on top of the mountain and promised him all these things, if he would just follow him. (Well Jesus Owns It All) With that being said he will supply your every need...I never seen a UHAUL at a funeral...Meaning you can't take this "Materialistic Stuff" with you. What gets me, is they all talk and think just a like. Thats scary.....Nothing like having FAVOR from God instead!!!!! It's amazing how you can come up with money for OG, but won't even give God 10% of your tithes...Matthew 6:25 You can not serve God and money...

  31. Anonymous12/30/2010

    The fact remains if you can operate a calculator anyone can see that MLM, network marketing or whatever you call it does not work. The population of the United States is about 300,000,000, and, let's say you want to sell a new type of bra; obviously only the women (and a few cross-dressers) will want to buy one. That means, out of 300 million people, there are about 110 million who are adult women. If you sell the bra at $45 each, you can eliminate most woman who are in the lower income groups; so now you are down to 50 million potential customers. Then there is the style. Even with a wildly popular style it still won't appeal to everyone, so of the remaining 50 million potential customer, probably only half will want it enough to buy one. Therefore, we can reasonably say that the potential maximum size of our market for designer Beyonce bras, will be no more than 25 million woman, out of a total population of 300 million people in the United States. That's about 1/10 of the population, even for something as basic and necessary as a bra.

    Similarly, not everyone wishes to join a particular discount club, buy gold, use high-end cosmetics, drink filtered water, BUY COFFEE, wear a particular style of shoe, or use any product or service. No one in the real world of business would seriously consider the thin arguments of the MLMers when they flippantly mention the infinite market need for their product or services. To further the analogy you can only sell X number of any given products a fact MLMers and there devotees seem completely unable to quantify. In the city of Houston where I live with a population of 4 million plus there are still only a fixed number of new Chevy,Ford,BMW's etc dealership allowed in a given market. That's because decades of historical commerce activity measured against time tested sales tell us what "X" units for sale should be. Just because you don't know "X" doesn't mean it does not exist.

  32. Anonymous1/06/2011

    thank you everyone for your comments!
    good or bad who cares.
    everybody has their own point of views and that good.
    but do nit speak for the coffee, it does it for its own.
    it does its amazing job and i love it.
    try it for a month atleast beforre u can judge!
    god bless everyone and dont worry for those who dont beleive in this great product, than you can just keep living your lifes trying to find the bad in things.!

  33. Sergio Quinones said...
    To Whom It May Concern, (PART 1)




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  35. Anonymous2/02/2011

    How sad that someone that is and I quote Holton Buggs himself "Lower than a Pregnant Ant" still able to be a parasite on the good people of this industry. It is not about words with Holton Buggs he can say all the right words the true story is in his actions. Don't sit here and read all this go ask the Attorney Generals in California, Kansas & Texas to give you the full story. You can't convince me that Holton is not intelligent. You can't convince me that he didn't know that 14 daily was wrong as he piled the cash savings of so many innocent victims in his safe at his house. Think people THINK for yourselves. The truth always comes out and one day this to shall be done.

  36. Anonymous2/03/2011





    1. Anonymous3/06/2012

      Yes there is and I can provide documentation and the people to testify. They lived the nightmare of Holton taking peoples life savings (in cash) and their friends and family's money. This story is not over. The investigations continue, the evidence is in the hands of the AG's. They will strike when they are ready. Cause and Effect Holton will one day have to answer for all the pain he has caused others.

  37. Anonymous2/03/2011

    Whats with the dude writing in all caps? hahah Holton did you write that?? hahah! Love dis site.

  38. Anonymous2/05/2011

    So what exactly makes Organo Gold a SCAM?

    Sorry but I still haven't seen anybody post any facts or information that may suggest that this is a scam?

    I am thinking about joining Organo Gold so can the socalled scam busters please post some real information that will show this is a scam instead just insulting people? Is that asking for to much?


  39. Anonymous2/05/2011

    Holton stop writing in caps you little monkey scamster. Give everyone their money back. You belong in Sing Sing getting fists shoved up your arse.

  40. Anonymous2/05/2011

    Who is the wack job that keeps asking what makes it scam? If you have to ask that question that should be a red flag right there....

  41. Anonymous2/06/2011

    Listen you fucking idiot the THEME of this blog is Organo Gold is a SCAM...

    I still have not read anything that INDICATES that organo gold is a SCAM...Instead of posting some stupid ass shit why not tell us what are the RED FLAGS that makes this a SCAM???

    Take your time...Let us know when you have something good to say not a bunch of nonesense..

  42. Anonymous2/06/2011

    HAHHAHAHA. what is with the crazy person asking why its a scam and then when someone tells him why he or she throws a temper tantrum like a 3 year old? Like everyone said.. TRY IT. I personally am not a fan of these kind of companies. I find the people annoying.

    Stop screaming and cussing. You sound crazy and angry and I cannot believe you want to go into networking and you cannot even take negative comments without blowing up and sounding like you want to stab someone then pee on the grave.

  43. Anonymous2/06/2011

    HAHAHAHAHAHA So you have nothing better going on in your life that you find yourself reading and commenting on blogs pertaining to MLM companies??

    You sound like a LOSER!!!

  44. Anonymous2/07/2011

    No. Your a loser and clearly broke or you wouldn't be trying to sell COFFEE for a living. Your also such a loser that you will respond to this by writing in caps and cussing like a 16 year old.

    baby, you will make more money sucking dick, then with Organo Gold. You sound like a low life thug.

  45. Anonymous2/07/2011

    Ohh really...

    Selling coffee is for losers???

    Tell that to the people who own a STARBUCKS...

    Tell that to Mc Donalds who did away with the mcburger and fries for Mac Cafe...

    Tell that to Subways Sandwich franchise owners who now open stores at 6 AM becuase there is a lot of money in selling coffee...

    Tell that to Dunkin Donuts who changed their logo which now shows a Coffee CUP...

    ETC ETC ETC!!!

    ****Yeah guess all those BIG companies are LOSER for changing their focus and adverstising dollars to sell coffee...****

    But your to stupid to know what's going on in the business world because you to busy talking about sucking dick which is probably how you support yourself...

  46. Anonymous2/07/2011

    Actually I made my first 50 sucking your dick........

    Starbucks doesn't go door to door selling coffee you ass Neither do all those other legit companies you mentioned. People go to them. You know a legit place, not your shady cardboard box. They sure as hell don't charge 3 to 5 dollars for some coffee either.

    Your right I am stupid. Stupid to be battling this out with you. Bro its been real. If your lucky I will suck your dick again... this time its on the house.

    Well off to go suck dick. Got to pay the bills some how.....


  47. Anonymous2/07/2011

    Just another message from a friendly Organo Gold Coffee Rep!!

    ****Yeah guess all those BIG companies are LOSER for changing their focus and adverstising dollars to sell coffee...****

    But your to stupid to know what's going on in the business world because you to busy talking about sucking dick which is probably how you support yourself...

    who knew Organo Gold reps talk about sucking dick when try to run a business! NICE!

  48. Karen Black2/07/2011

    WOW. Is all I have to say. These are the people that are in Orango Gold? Mean people that mud sling? This is terrible. People calling each other B**** and telling each other suck a d****? The one guy makes no sense at all! He is asking people to tell him if Orango Gold is a scam and then when they do he gets crazy ghetto on them... this is madness. I went to this site to see what the hype was about... i was thinking about joining myself but after reading these post.... I will pass. I cannot have my name attached to a company that is so ghetto! Im hoping these are all young kids trying to be funny.... because if not... God help Organo Gold.

    1. Anonymous5/06/2012

      I've read alot of comments but this is the first one I am commenting on. We all read how that conversation started but if u r going to not join a business that have given you proof of its accomplishments that's on u. But to not join because someone said or spoke in a manner that wasn't appealing is ridiculous.

  49. Anonymous2/07/2011

    Hmmm well sounds to me like you you just looking for an excuse to not get involved. I mean anyone with a some intelligence can see what is going on here a few people stirring it up so people get confused about duing their research...From the looks of it Organo Gold has a solid reputation other then a few people here who are attempting to slander and defame the company for their own personal gains I would imagine...

  50. Anonymous2/07/2011

    Karen. STAY AWAY. ITS A CULT. CRAZY CRAZY PEOPLE. Quickest way to turn away your family and friends... trust me...

  51. Anonymous2/07/2011

    The fact that Organo Gold has a scam site shows they DO NOT have a solid reputation....

  52. The ironic things is you will find these so called scam sites/blogs on the internet regarding every Direct Selling Company...


    There are generally two reasons people create SCAM blogs/websites:

    1)they make money with google adsense campaigns

    2)it's called reverse marketing people visit them and they get the opportunity to some how market a marketing system or another MLM company...

    Finally a SCAM is defined as a scheme to defraud people...Organo Gold is not defrauding anyone so by this virtue it's not a scam...

    Hope this helped you...

  53. Anonymous2/08/2011

    Amen - Sergio Quinones....
    Just notice the google ads
    and this blogger's suggestions
    for better MLM. This was my
    entertainment for the day.
    Although, I could have done without
    the extreme negative stuff...but it was like a train wreck...I could not look away.

    - To all...never take blog info as gospel. Research everything! Always!
    -Peace and Love!

  54. Anonymous2/08/2011

    Research what? There is NOTHING on Organo Gold on the internet....

    google Orango Gold and you get this:

    Orango Gold Reviews--- Is it a legit company?

    Orango Gold Scam

    Organo Gold Scam Review....

    So...... ?????? RESEARCH WHAT???? You people in MLM's are all the same. Selling the dream instead of the product.......

  55. Anonymous2/08/2011

    Did the little critter that kept talking about joining Orango Gold finally join?

  56. Anonymous2/08/2011

    At the risk of falling into the meaningless of the rants from both sides on this blog as I returned to the internet and the page that was still up-I hit refresh. I saw the RESEARCH WHAT comment it goes!
    Yes - Research everything! Always! Was simply a statement I made to research things in general.
    I was approached by numerous MLMs and I don't go for them. I am essentially 'anti - MLM' and get my amusement from seeing what people say about some of them online, and how some bloggers post anything to get their 'pay-per-clicks'
    So the assumption you made on my previous post of being in an MLM was un-founded. I don't expect an apology of course.
    Still...Peace and Love to all!

  57. Anonymous2/08/2011

    research deez nuts in yo mouth. wtf are you chapping about cuz?

  58. Kevin Palencia2/25/2011

    Well iam an OG Distributor for already 4months i live in Montreal Canada and iam 19 years old and i just got to saphire rank and made lots of money so anyone saying this is a scam tell me what exactly your doing with your life 1. and also i just read all of the replys and none of them is proving anyone how OG scams. I wish you the best luck in life to succeed with this blog's advertisement with google ;D Peace and Love

  59. To Everyone,

    I'm going to assume that MOST of the people here who are SO CRITCAL of Organo Gold have NEVER had ANY success in the "business world" THUS they are NOT "qualified" to GIVE business advice...Period!!!

    Suggestion - People should only take advice from other people who are QUALIFIED to give advice...

    Here is ONE legitmate source of "business and financial" advice that you may want to consider listening to....



    If you are not familiar with the "Napoleon Hill Foundation" then do yourself a favor and find out what kind of reputation they have in the business world...WORLD CLASS!!!

    And they made a BUSINESS decision to PARNTER up with Organo Gold...

    Take a look for yourself...

    Scroll down the website and you will see they are actively involved with Organo Gold...

    In closing if you decide to take business and financial advice from someone who is not QUALIFIED then be DON’T be surprised with the results you get in life…

    Make it a great day,

    Sergio Quinones

  60. Anonymous3/26/2011

    You know, in just reading these comments; it's interesting to me that the majority claiming it to be a "SCAM" are all financially based. Only briefly did I read anything about the product itself or the fact that the ganoderma placed in the coffee is not USDA Certified.

    If it is USDA certified and I am wrong, then direct me to the label where it says so. I don't want to see the "100% Certified Organic Ganoderma" because obviously if there is no USDA certification label then it's not USDA certified therefore NOT 100% certified organic ganoderma.

    Also, take a glace at the ingredients on the side of the bottles or boxes. You'll notice that E554 or Aluminium Silicate is also a suprise guest in the products. If you know nothing about that, consuming it could potentially cause placental problems in pregnancy and/or has been linked to Alzheimers.

    You can find this infomation at:

    So basically you'd be drinking/referring a product that is 1)not USDA certified and 2) contains traces of aluminium. Hmm..doesn't sound to healthy to me.

    However, the main thing that gets to me is the lack of integrity where the leadership is concerned. Because basically most independent distributors have no clue whats going on. However, the leadership, the Bernie Chua's and the Shand Morands, and even the Holton Buggs, most definately knew if not had a hand in the creation of such a product.

    The only person, and I do mean ONLY, who would not stand for such a lack of integrity was co-founder Jay Noland. Have you ever heard the truth calls? The calls where he describes in DETAIL how Organo Gold came into existence and how he was forced to build a seperate company because the integrity was breached. No?

    go to

    Don't go for the malicious comments or for your personal entertainment. Listen to the calls and find out the truth from the only person involved with Organo Gold who's telling it like it is.

  61. Holton Buggs was the top money earner with Cyberwise then they got rid of him because he was promoting another MLM. At least that is what we were told. Then they got rid of the top 2 earners after that(Brad and Steven). Then T Gray. I got out right after that because I was still not making any money. I am making money now selling Home Protection Insurance (Life Insurance). It is a highly regulated industry and very little chance for scam. All you need is an insurance license and you are in business. No cost to join, no cold calling, paid daily, and no inventory. If interested go to my site:
    Will train the right person if not licensed.

  62. I was approached with the coffee opportunity a while back,so I tried a sample but it was nothing special so I didn't do it, also I am in the insurance business now and I have more leads than I can handle and that is why I am recruiting Life agents who are good closers but don't have leads.
    If you folks know of any licensed agents who are not making it please help them by sending them to my site.
    I will help train you untill you get your license. No charge for my training or to join my agency.

  63. If an amateur singer or actor has done something bad in life you wont hear about it in the news. Why? Because he's not famous or done anything worthwhile yet!

    If a new company is failing you wont find scam blogs like this. Why? Because they arent doing jack yet! So, people who make blogs like this don't waste their time.

    However, when a company is actually DOING comes this scam comes that scam blog....left and right! Why? Because they are actually doing something and are successful

  64. Anonymous6/30/2011

    Can't we all just get along? If your opportunity is so great, why recruit people from other companies with promise of a better life or opportunity. Anyone should be able to make their own decisions - it is "Buyer Beware" and therefore you need to do your research, including these blogs. Also, remember, you must be passionate about whatever business you are working because people can spot a phony. And, whatever you put out in the universe, good or bad, it will re-visit you. Organo Gold has some bad press, and maybe some good press, but I met a senior man who had so much OG product, because his upline was trying to promote, and asked him to place an order for $1200.00. He actually took out a loan because they said they needed him to do this. He told me that if he did not sell the coffee, he would need to find another way to eat because he had to scrape together money for the balance of the order. Keep you focus clear, don't be bullied in or out of anything. And stop the fighing.

  65. Anonymous7/11/2011

    I am crying laughing at this entire site. And the poor lady that came on here and took it seriously. Everybody make their own judgment call on anything or anyone you get involved in. If you are gullible enough to let an anonymous "National Enquirer" type of website scare you, you probably wouldn't make it in the world of sales at all! People choose to spend their time doing different things, and whoever created all these "bashing" websites clearly show what they enjoy doing in their spare time. There's been no professionalism or tact on his/her behalf and then people have the nerve to put GOD in this! You know when someone is letting GOD use them vs Satan: Galatians 5:19-23. I could care less what ANYbody thinks about me or Holton Buggs (and he probably doesnt either). If you focus on living out YOUR purpose and staying in your lane, you won't have time to be concerned about this kind of foolery and letting any-old-body influence you...

  66. Anonymous7/18/2011

    Starbucks is now selling instant coffee using sampling see

  67. Anonymous8/23/2011

    Jay Noland, is this your site? LOL

  68. I have no problem of putting my name on this post, Ellen Sexton, I know for a fact that Holton is a rat and rats run in packs, it doesn't matter if it is E2 Tv, CyberWise, Big Smart or what his venture is , he sucks in unsuspecting people that want to believe in something that is fantasy, sure some will make money but at the expense of others and eventually the well runs dry, then they are off to their next miracle profit. You work your butt off to pay them, then you pay these rich men's expenses to come promote their product, they feed off of the weak and especially the poor and trusting. How do I know, Holton recruited me for E2 Tv milked it for all it was worth and then disappeared in the blink of an eye. Is his character questionable? To say the least, is mine yes it was, I am a felon , he knew this and he also knew because of my sales skills and unsavory talents I learned as a young runaway girl that he could use that to exploit thousands of dollars from others, what did I earn in 6 months maybe 2000.00 dollars, after I spent thousands bringing him and his rat pack to Omaha for "meetings" in hotel conference rooms, rooms and meals. Oh by the way that beautiful suit he is wearing in his profile pictures he bought that suit from me hot. Yes stolen and he knew , a matter of fact he bought a good deal of "merchandise" from me. I do thank God I met Holton though and his "rat pack" because I got to look in the mirror and see what I was. I can't change the past but I did change my future. The rats can stay in the sewer , for me I have become a productive, honest human being.

  69. Diamond 20119/08/2011

    My Dear Reps...don't waste your time responding to biased blogs like this. We are convinced of the product because we have tried it ourselves and we sell the dream because we have had ours fullfilled. I feel pity for the people who has to write scam blogs like this in a desperate mean to discredit our company.
    The only thing I encourage you is Go Beyond all the criticism and don't waste your time responding to this people as they will use your words against you too. if you want to defend our company let get to work with the people who needs us and deserve an opportunity.
    2011 will break all records in mlm with Organo Gold, so let the facts to speak by themselves.
    To the people interested in OG reputation just take a look to an unbiased review and facts @
    Have a coffeelicious day everyone!

  70. Check out my site speaks of Organo Gold and we work as a team we will show you how to run your own business the right way, no matter where you are after enrolling in e-mail me on my website or your's (You get one after joining and will see me), or I will message you and we will get you trained and ready to start your own business!

    Juan and Nayeli

    Echa un vistazo a mi sitio web se habla de Organo Gold y nosotros, como un equipo le mostrará cómo hacerlo sin importar dónde se encuentre después de inscribirse en el mensaje me back office, o que mensaje te y nos pondremos has entrenado y listo para iniciar su propio negocio!

    Juan and Nayeli Check it out~ ^^

  71. OG's Good To Me10/12/2011

    WWwwwwooooooooooooowwwwww !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When you're doing something Right and Good, every hater want's to bite your ass, IN PUBLIC Do Doubt. All I can say is OG has bee very, very good to me, and my team.

  72. Anonymous10/28/2011

    Not a member of OG, but I have been involved with MLM's for a number of years. And to speak about the actual business model as if you really do know something because you have had success in another one is about as foolish as believing Mr. Boggs or anyone else without first checking. 90% of the people involved in this industry don't know what they are in, so I doubt someone that was dumb enough to get scammed hardly qualifies as a business expert to evaluate an industry. Madoff (the name said it all) did not cause the world to turn their back on investments. The MLM industry is NOT about recruiting 300M people. I found some great product that I found to have value and shared it with a number of people. Some purchased from me, and others decided that they wanted to try doing what I did. I purchased what I was going to CONSUME and showed others how to do the same. Not overnight but in a handful of years that grew to several thousand people. I never recruited as you call it more than 16 people directly. I had folks that made more money than me in my organization due to their efforts, so your "pyramid" nonsense holds no water here. Did some people not like the product, yep. Did some people say they could not make it work, yes. And did some make more than just a bit of money, yes again. I know that the structure of the military and the chain of command is a pyramid when you draw it out. And so is the corporate structure to any mid to large company also. That is no indictment on them any more than it is on an MLM business. That you "don't like or agree" with the structure is OK. But by proving ignorance in going after the industry due to this Buggs person (may or may not be scam artist), totally blows your credibility. Oh and if you want to truly talk about people that are slick and smart I suggest you not try to hold the author of 4-Hour work week as your guide. He too may fall short when you realize that he is an information peddeler for the purpose of creating an asset that allows HIM to live a lifestyle, not you.

  73. Anonymous1/17/2012

    Interesting when you search for Jay Noland, the main guy who is ranting against OG & other companies is not telling the truth. Here is truth from the FTC about his lack of integrity & illegal business practices...

    Jay (J.D.) Noland in trouble with FTC - charges & penalties
    "The settlement bars the defendant from engaging in any future pyramid schemes. It also bars him from:
    * Misrepresenting the potential earnings or income of any multi-level marketing program;
    * Misrepresenting the benefits a participant in a multi-level marketing program can receive; and
    * Misrepresenting the amount of sales a participant could expect to make."

    Before you join anything, check out everything & everyone.

  74. Anonymous2/15/2012

    Hmmm - Ganoderma products?????? It's not rocket science folks...just stoooop!!!

  75. Not everyone is strong willed to succeed ... it does take effort, work & time. Wonderful support here.

  76. Anonymous3/05/2012

    Lol... The world is what it is. There are always many sides to every story~ Slight changes of perspective can glorify or demonise an event; essentially this is what we call attitude.

    However, if this is truly a scam, then get in while you can. Just be clever enough to get out before shit hits the fan.


  77. Anonymous3/05/2012

    ... I also would like to address the numbnut who spoke about Aluminum...

    Yes, Aluminum is not biocompatible and can be toxic to the body...

    But would your Highness please show a literary competency a little more equivalent to that of a middle school graduate and realise that the compound in question is "Sodium Aluminum Silicate" and that it is widely recognised to be a safe additive to food [as an anti-caking agent]??

    Here's a little reading:

    And yes, I am very much aware that my stated sources are from Wikipedia. But at this point, it has far more credibility than you. :)


  78. Anonymous4/30/2012

    Whenever someone claims that network marketing doesn't work, the first thing you should ask them is how much money they are making. The second question you should ask is how much of their day do they have to dedicate 100%, no questions asked, to making that money.

    If they aren't making more money than you, in less time than it takes you to make what you make, why would you listen to anything they have to say about how to make money? That's like a person telling you they know tomorrow's lottery number, yet they don't own a winning ticket.

  79. Anonymous5/07/2012

    I just joined organo gold and im going to test its theory.....the people i get i tell them to go to a the lowest and they are rich if they lose money it wont be much.....the first and second month check will talk to me ...if it doesnt work i will come back and send the warning , but for now i am going through with this test and will let these wonderful people know if its real...i am 20 and getting my family invovled with this so for the record if this doesnt work be sure i will return to warn people , also i would deal with so much crap if it doesnt lol =)...this is a better way to solve most of these peoples problems so ill keep yall the biggest thing now is to see the first and second check ...sorry for those who are scarred and want to know if it works or not .....i will return to let u know

    1. Anonymous5/23/2012

      well im back and its as real as it gets my money is coming in and its banking alot...its a good way to make a career at home, and the only way your going to make the money is if you are willing to try and make a difference in your life....well sorry it took so long but i was to busy making money and helping other not only obtain success but doing im sorry if yall people have problems with it, your not gonna know that it is good for you till you try it =)...well good luck fellow OG mates yall have a nice life while these people sit at home and your in ur mansion drinking the very coffee that gave you finacial security =P

  80. Anonymous6/21/2012

    I know several who joined Organo Gold under the leadership of Mr. Holton Buggs. He a true leader, businessman, and motivator. I am now a follower ofHolton Buggs and I will be very successful because of the system he has put in place for me and anyone else that seeks personal and financial success.

  81. Anonymous6/27/2012

    I just want to ask thi9s question, y do the MLM companies sell this business as "Helping someone else" I dont get it! Its a nice sales pitch, and its technically legal. But it's the choice of words that gets me! Damn

  82. some thing that really tickles me is the weak minds that fell into the bloggers trap to question some readers integrity. To follow Mr. Holton Buggs, why would you do it, follow your own intuition and research everything, my initial approach to Organo Gold was to supplement my existing income, I don't put my trust in Buggs but I trust my people skills and rely on knowing how well I can sell the products and offer people an alternative or addition to a regular job. Like everything else in this life, you have to make a decision, and you have to make it for yourself. Work hard at anything you do and expect to be successful, it may not pan out at first but with determination and perseverance the opportunity to be successful can be achieved. In life there are 3 things that you can never get back, and that's Words, Time, and Opportunity. Say what you mean, and mean what you say no matter how others may feel, spend your time with the one who matter most, and doing what you love, and don't let the opportunity for growth pass you by. Stay prayed up and have fun living each day as if it were your last.

  83. Anonymous7/22/2012

    I've make over 100k a year, with proof of payment from the bank, taxes filed for 2 years. And I will post them too, so whT ever you people talk About stay talking, in 2011 made 107,235.12 in one year with Pictures of of everything. Taxes on my website.

  84. Ant NeRD8/01/2012

    It may not seem fair, but if he found a way to make money, +1 to him. I'm not a hater, and I don't have a problem with other people making money - however they're making it. If you don't want your toes to get stepped on by other people, then consider staying out of their way.

    ~ NeRD

  85. Anonymous8/25/2012

    There are MANY "con artists" in the industry, I don't know for a fact if Mr. Buggs is, people who are judging lightly without proof should watch what they say with wishes of ruining another human being's reputation, karma will come back and bit you in the butt.

    Any MAJOR corporation is a scam of its own, take Coca Cola for example, God knows how many millions and billions of dollars they make around the world selling that venom, and you come to up with this blog to stain someone's name because it's obvious you have personal issues with this person and then ALSO stain a company's name that JUST sells coffee, coffee that yeah may have nothing special, but it's teaching people how to commercialize with it so they can earn a place in the already saturated coffee industry, what is wrong with wanting to make money? Out of coffee out of all products, it's not red bull for instance, THAT poison I would never sell.

  86. Your mom10/11/2012

    To the coward loser who wrote this blog, turn off your computer, pay your mom for the groceries and rent, go take a shower, and ride your scooter back to your dead end job. There is zero credibility in here and you won't even identify yourself.

    1. Anonymous11/12/2014

      I agree zero credibility. How the hell this even make it to the first page of google. Pure testimony that someone Clearly didn't put in work and invest in themselves let alone there business. He/she probably expected Mr Buggs to do the work for them. Holton makes millions every year and has been doing so for some time now, he would have been investigated and put in jail if he was a con man. Idiot!!!

  87. Fu, company...I more WHEN Thursday very Hanson

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  88. Is it the same Holton Buggs ?

  89. Your Blog is Wasting My

  90. Holton buggs is a man of Integrity---- People who write slander of someone else just means that your life is so boring you need to pay mind to someone else's success... Go a read a book and entertain yourself with that.

  91. Tommyzn2/18/2013

    @crosskitt : sorry fot the bad english, as I'm French ;) when people start to justify themselves or insult people, it means that something maybe is wrong ;) If you look on google you'll find a lot of sites, testimonials, recordings about this company, the way they hire new retailers instead of selling coffee directly, and the promises they do on each convention. Look, it smells con trick, trying to get the most entering newbies to buy starterpacks... Sorry but I'm not confident in someone that dress like a pimp and give sales advices. My life is so boring ? haha, why am I here ? To protect and tell people that Santa doesn't exist... I've learn during my career that to become a millionnaire, you need to work hard...if you believe you'll get a maserati in 3 month, hum... good luck with your coffee biz... I already became a millionnaire, but it took 6 years of hard work.. my life so boring ? haha. Please entertain me with proof that m. Buggs is not a con artist with the following : certified proof that people can become a millionnaire, figures certified by a serious source (CNN,, etc), ebitda # etc. If so, I'll be very happy to tell I'm a dumb and to appologize ^^ . Your go :)

  92. Anonymous2/22/2013

    Anonymous, just have a question. Do you believe all of MLM is a scam?

  93. Anonymous3/10/2013

    Just want to say there is nothing wrong with MLMs. If you've gone to college and seen the Greek life then you've seen an MLM. You pay a monthly bill to the frat,sorority and get in hoping that you can make some friends in high places to get a job.

    You kiss up to the boss at work and work hard to make the boss like you more and promote you over the next guy.

    Network Marketing has always been around. The only people not succeeding in MLMs are the ones not trying to be friends with strangers.

    1. Anonymous4/05/2013

      That is so true....your the only person here who spoke to me, alot of these ppl are jus dm damn tool. I understand though that you need to sell this product to losers basically.I know make about $500 a month, ya Ik that's not.that good but hey im 17 I have a job and I.resell products through sneakers. I realize most of these recruits are desperate fools trying to become rich, but if they find 5 desperate fools..then theyre good...yes u can make money off it but only by being sociable and tricking morons. So if you have no Iintegrity or a conscience then OG IS PERRFECT lmao

  94. Anonymous3/24/2013

    I'm just curious. You accuse him of being a con artist, but then cite NO EVIDENCE that he is. You refer to an email where he told you at that time he was no longer actively pursuing one particular business (because at that time he had moved on to another). In fact he had enough integrity not to try to sway you away from YTB (bankrupt now as I type this) into his new company (where an independent third party source ranks him the #1 income earner in the entire worldwide network marketing industry, and that with a 4-year-old company.

    So I've just gotta ask the obvious question: where's the con here?

    1. Tommyzn4/09/2013

      please answer my previous message, giving real proof and figures from SERIOUS financial sources (, CNN, etc) Then we'll have real proof to talk about. I'm still waiting...

    2. Anonymous6/20/2013

      still waiting for the articles from serious financial sources regarding his real earnings & figures. So...

  95. Anonymous8/15/2013

    I'm not for Organo Gold for my own reasons but most people misunderstand business as a whole. Mbost people have heard the term "Pyramid Scheme", but refuse to believe that they are already in one. If you don't own your own business and work for someone else then you're making someone else money. Just because they pay you a set amount per hour and keep it coming in every week leads people to believe they can justify what is and is not a pyramid scheme. Every owned business has its risks and rewards. An MLM is just another business without the huge startup loans. I do agree that not everyone is fit to run a business and business is not for everyone. People are drawn in because they see the money potential and then sit around and do nothing but complain because no one is handing them a pot of gold. Everyone who is anyone in the money world is where they are because they stopped making excuses and put words into action. If you choose to quit everytime you're challenged to change then you'll stay exactly the same. Plain english people. If you failed, its because you chose to quit. Save your blame game and point your finger into the mirror. You are the reason you are where you are and nobody else or nothing else is at fault. Quit crying and do something about it.

  96. Anonymous9/02/2013

    Anynomous get a life my friend. You seem like a psychopath upsess with Holton Buggs. If you dislike him so much, become richer than him.

  97. Anonymous9/11/2013

    Interesting blog. Why don't we make this into a reality show?

  98. Anonymous9/11/2013

    If you want to test their credibility, contact the IRS. If their doing anything illegal the IRS will find a way to sniff out the scam, and they'll be fined, run, or hide....After-all their the biggest scammers on the planet....

  99. Anonymous10/15/2013

    Holton buggs id one of the best to ever do MLM.

    He made over 14,000,000 last year through his Organo Gold business and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

    Checkout the article I wrote about him and his leadership -

  100. Anonymous10/17/2013

    Yeah.... sure buddy, I also have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. You know what MLM'ers sound like? Cult leaders, why do cult leader are able to recruit so many people to do things they usually wouldn't do? Because they're masters at manipulating people that they deem are vulnerable.

    Try that with someone witted with a splendid amount of common sense and he'll laugh at you and tell you to shove that coffee up your ass! Because you'll make more money flipping burgers than trying to recruit your whole family tree to fill your down line.

    You'll have to make over $100 a month just to break even every month because that damn auto-ship they put you on is draining your money even more. Stop selling people false hopes and dreams, I've talked to hundreds of people who was conned into MLM's. I have yet to see a success story like the ones they portray in their seminars.

    I remember, MLM'ers were jumping shit to this phone company called Buzzirk Moblie, I had friends who had received phone calls telling them this was the next big thing, jump on it quick, the dude who founded this company is a billionaire, he won awards, blah blah blah. People pointed out as a scam, and we had lots of trolls from that company hiring people to do PR for them defending this company to the end after like 50+ page of arguing back and fourth guess what happened? Buzzirk Mobile never launched and disappeared.

  101. Anonymous10/17/2013

    Check out some of Holtons court cases, one is because they jumped ship from Acn to OG Coffee and was sued. Once they milk all they can from one MLM company they move to the next and next. How can they sleep at night knowing everything they do, they do to benefit themselves and not others, once they have someone sign up and pay the fee and put on auto-ship, they do not help that person, the only thing they do is try to get that person to recruit more people like their families.

    If you disagree, please show us your huge check, please verify that your car isn't rented. Reading Holtons court documents, Romacio Fulcher, which I had a friend who has been to one of his meeting, he was driving a black bmw and flossing it like it was his and guess what????? The court documents show'ed that it was a rental from an MLM group with some sort of agreement that Romacio has breached, hahahahahaha, EXPOSED, stay lying to get peoples money.

    1. Oliver4/10/2014

      Do you think a common business company doesn't get bankrupt and they don't need to fire people??? It's always the same, some companies do well for many year and some don't, and Directors earn more or less. Our brain/ego and our world and markets want always more and more and more, that's how it is. You can choose being hurt for the rest of your life or you can work on your experience and go on, it's up to you. Everybody takes his own decisions and needs to take responsibility for everything what happens in his life, if one wants to go on.

  102. It is so easy to call some one a scam artist when your not successful.

  103. Anonymous2/09/2014

  104. NUMERO UNO !!


  106. Well, I must say that Greg Norman, the famous golfer has now teamed with OG. He is a multi-billion dollar BRAND and he would not team with anyone or anything that would hurt his brand!! He sought them out too, btw. Be Blessed All....

  107. Anonymous3/25/2014

    I met Holton in Houston last month. Honesty, integrity, the real deal. 'Nuff said.

  108. I have been purchasing the product from organo gold for 8 months now and have encountered 2 main problems.

    1) the deliveries have often not arrived or they have tried to deliver the product (according to them) when I am not home. The delivery people have NEVER left me one single note to let me know I have missed a delivery. When I call they said it's because I was not there and it's my responsibility to be home. I guess I should quit work so I can stay home for a once a month delivery. I asked if they can simply leave me a note so I know and they said it's not their job to do that.

    I have additionally requested an alternative like any delivery driver can do is to simply deliver it to the local post office. Oh no, they can't do that they say as no delivery company does that with orders less than $500.

    I have had ebay orders of $2 dropped at the local post office so that blows that theory out of the water. When I told them this they were silent... Come on people you at organo gold in customer service are in customer service... remember that..

    Talk about customer service being upside down.

    2) The last order did not arrive and I forgot about it until almost a month went by and my wife asked me if we received out order.

    I called organo gold and they said it was delivered and signed for.

    After they looked into it apparently the delivery driver left the box at the front door of my unit block hence in their notes it was delivered.

    I never received it.

    I called and although the customer support are trying their best over the phone the authorities do not give any leeway at all.

    I had to push and push and push to get their error rectified.

    Finally they buckled to their dumb decision and sent me the order at their expense. I specifically requested they not send me another shipment this month.

    2 days later my credit card was charged for another $92 for another order.

    I called and they said they said it is to late to cancel the new order.

    I told them I mentioned that I did not want this order as I would be doubling up this month and to simply send it the month after...

    Are these companies a bunch of stupid robots?

    They would not allow it even though I called within an hour of my card being charged.

    I would not recommend an auto-sip with this company. I like the product even though it is at a high price but I've had enough and I'm sick of my problems with this company falling on deaf ears.

    I am not saying they are a bad company but like any large organisation they have paperwork that stitches you up so you can't win... The big guy shitting on the little guy yet again.

    Good luck with your own experience but from today I have cancelled everything with organo gold.

    If anyone would like to contact me personally please feel welcome to do so by emailing me at and I will make time for you.

  109. BTW: if i had a blog like this, i would seek to make it impossible to write anonymously. I would delete messages from doubtful profiles. Thus enhancing the credibility and quality of the arguments.

  110. Anonymous11/02/2014

    When joining an MLM, it is your responsibility to understand what you are joining, why you are joining and that YOUR efforts will create your reality of financial success.

    Perfect example are the bad loans that led to the real estate crash. How does anyone really believe a no doc loan??? The loan officers were greedy ( and knew exactly what the documents meant). On the other hand, NEVER sign a legal document without understanding what is involved. Business 101.

    The fact is, there are million of cups of coffee sold everyday. There is not one company with the exception of Organo Gold that even makes an attempt to tell you what is inside. Ask any mcdonald, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, etc.... what is your main ingredient?

  111. Anonymous11/02/2014

    And yes, I am a OG distributor. I credit Holton Buggs for teaching me to expand my thought process beyond corporate america (can this be a ponzi scheme) and understanding my financial potential as a home based business. Be my own boss, create the lifestyle I want for myself and my family AS long as I possess and implement a hard working methodology of an entrepreneur like him. Success = belif in God and hard work. In that order.

    Let go of the negative press and spend all that energy on being the best person you can be and create the life you desire.

  112. A successful friend of mine from London, UK was with Holton Buggs on Sunday 19/07/2015 in Texas. She has become successful in Organo Gold, and is constantly helping me build my business. She will tell you that she owes her success to Holton Buggs.

    I can not say I know Holton Buggs personally, that would be a lie. However, I know his success did not happen over night. The things Holton Buggs shares in terms of how to achieve in network marketing works. His advice works really well, when done consistently.

    The real effort in MLM is removing personal issues from the equation, and nothing to do with what is happening externally. You have to be willing to un-train bad habits, and for some this takes longer than others. I have to also admit that I have not been even 1/20th as dedicated as my successful friend has been.

    In network marketing, commitment, good time management, a positive circle, and belief is where the money comes from. Most people, myself included are guilty of treating Network Marketing like a part-time hobby, with a lack of one of the above or more. Without the above nobody will ever believe in what you are offering, and its easy to blame someone else. Rather than admit you were not ready to succeed. This fact is the same in anything in life. This complaint is great. It shows that network marketing does work, and that there are a lot of people that need help to get to grips with their decision to become successful, and do what it takes.

    If anybody reads this comment and really wants to succeed in MLM, I am willing to help you connect with the right people. Inbox me at

  113. Anonymous12/20/2015

    Im not even a part of organo gold but if people join organo gold (or any MLM) and all they get is product that they love, how are they being scammed?

    Here it is in real world terms. If you pay your annual membership to Costco and all you get is a basket full of groceries each month you arent a sucker.

    People who write blogs like this are often broke and unhappy and they make it their mission to ensure that as many other people as possible join them.

  114. Anonymous3/29/2016

    I was introduced to Halton Buggs presentations on You Tube less than a week ago. a couple of years ago my niece sent me some Organo Gold products from Maryland. She never asked me to join or buy any products. A year later a friend gave me a few boxes of the products without any strings attached. Having been in a similar type business the last 30 years full time, I would say that Holton knows what he is talking about. There is no free lunch. The opportunity to achieve comes with a price. If you develop a game plan, with a product that meets a need, and you are willing to work, you can have success.

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