Thursday, May 8, 2014


While I was doing my fraud investigations. I stumbled across something very interesting. Please read below:

There is an old saying that birds of  a feather tend to flock together. Well in this case it appears that these two birds have been "flocking" alright (ha!). David Immonitie, organo Golds marketing prince is engaged to non other than master fraud herself Shanel Cooper Sykes. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this bird, just visit these sites and lear of her frauding history:

This chick has been scamming women with her 'How to Catch A Baller' self-help books which are actually PDF's sold on Amazon of some recycled bullcrap she pieced together from and other writers. She scammed women out of a $5,000 trip to New York to party with some supposed ballers and meet hip hop industry big shots. Trip never happened! Her antics remind me much of the same tactics that go on with Organo Gold. They offer you false promises, take your money and then you are shit-out-of-luck. These two are going to be a match made in Heaven. Two people who make a dis-honest living by scamming on the hopes and dreams of others. Why would yall follow a guy who lets a woman like this in his bed and vice versa? Even worse, he is due to marry this chick. She may take him for all he's got. Guess what else.....SHE IS CURRENTLY AN ORGANO GOLD DISTRIBUTOR WHO IS NOW PREYING ON INNOCENT MEN AND WOMEN TO JOIN AND LOSE ALL OF THEIR MONEY. THE WORLD IS NOT SAFE FROM GOOD FRAUDING SKILLS AND APPARENT GOOD HEAD SKILLS. THE FRAUDSTER IN A MINI SKIRT HAS HIT THE STREETS PEDDLING THE GANODERMA....


Tuesday, March 4, 2014


One of my readers sent me this and I want to help him. I receive so many emails of complaints from Organ Gold.



I came across your site a few days ago, while searching online for info related to Organo.Are you able to give advice to people who have bought into this scam (or, in my case, know someone who has)?
I know someone who took the bait and fell for the whole thing, but I'm not quite sure what to do in this particular situation -- in my case, it'd be harder than just plain saying to them, "You've been had; here's the proof."

Thank you,
George Koch
George, you can use this forum as a stepping stone for your friend who has been taken by this organization. The more people complain the bigger the case against this company.


I received an email that one of the guys above was "ALLEGEDLY" begging a young woman for sex during a conference in Virginia.  Was it Holton Buggs or David Immonitie? The source failed to state which one it was and just sent the photo. Which of these sex hungry idiots harassed this poor girl looking to get paid not laid??

"On the night after the conference day one_____________ asked if I wanted to go over some sales pitches for Organo Gold in his hotel room. I was a bit leary because it was 10:00PM and we had conference tomorrow morning at 9:00AM. I always trusted this guy and he was always friendly with women. I went into his room with my note pad expecting to get some great tips. I wore what I had on all day which was soe black slacks, a pin striped shirt and black kitten heels. When I came into the suite_____________ asked if I wanted some wine. I declined. ______________went into the restroom and came out with nothing but a robe on. I said, "Am I missing something?"____________ said, "Don't play games. I know you want it. You should be lucky I chose you. You know how many women wish I would invite them to my suite. They are all begging me to invite them in." To this I said, "You got me fucked up. I am not like any of these other women trying to get your money. I am trying to make money like you. What is Organo Gold? Some type of pimps and hoes organization? Are yall selling pussy and coffee?!" I immediately tried to run out of the room when____________ grabbed me an dtold me not to say anything. I ran to my room and cried because this oranization is not what it seems."

Oh my, have any other ladies out there experienced any sexual advances from either of these men. Do tell.......

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Just when you thought Organo Gold was nothing more than a cheap Folgers knock-off we have come to tell you that they are going HOLLYWOOD!! We had to come out of hiatus to report this new "tea" that I am about to spill. Am I the only one who thinks Organo Gold should have been a tea brewing company? They have so much dirty dealings and scandals abound that any hat lady would love to sit down and sip on the filth. Anywho, anybody catch the episode of the new "set black folks back 50 years reality tv show" called Thicker Than Water? Well, in the second episode we find out that the mother of the family has made millions pushing that organ stuffing-future hernia-giving contraption called Ardyss International. She explicitly gives the name of the business on air to promote the company. Heads at Organo Gold got wind of this and is now trying to convince pastors from other churchs who sale Organo Gold to audition for the Preachers franchise in order to showcase how Organo Gold has got them to the point that their spirituality has afforded them. The Preachers franchise will be set to come to Atlanta in the new series called the Preachers of Atlanta. One preacher who has his entire church involved in Organo Gold will be one of the main characters. We will see them go from the pulpit to the coffee mixers. You may ask, what's so bad about this? What's bad is that Organo Gold and other MLM's steal from God's sheep. They use the church as a platform to gather their minions ans swindle from the poor. Adding the glitz and glam of Hollywood will only increase the number of ididots who will succumb to the pressures of selling that damn coffee. "Whoa to the inhabitants of the earth and sea, because the devil has down to you!"- Revelation 12:12

Monday, December 31, 2012

Organo Golds Promises Are About As Accurate As The 2012 Doomsday Prediction.

"We're Still Here!" shouted an Organo Gold distributor clinching on to his last hopes that he will be able to retrieve the 1,000 some odd dollars he has 'invested' into the company.  The 2012 Doomsday prediction, like the rest, was just another attempt by conspiracy theorist to read more into things than what's actually presented. Organo Gold has promised to clinch the 1% coffee drinkers by the end of 2012 in order to secure their position as a top competitor with the likes of Starbucks, Folgers and Maxwell House. Why can't Organo Gold followers like conspiracy theorist read more into the bullshit literature that this company provides daily. Can someone accurately predict the Organo Gold Doomsday? The promises that this company and their big bad wolfs spew to the broke and unfortunate should be put on trial. I received this in my inbox a few days ago:

"I met with a consultant that told me I could make my investment of $5,000 back within 3 months if I got 3 other people to invest money into the company. I asked her what about coffee sales. Can't I just make my money from selling coffee. Why do I have to harass my friends and family. They don't have spare money like that. The consultant told me I would be broke the rest of my life if I continued to have that attitude. needless to say it has been 7 months since I joined and I was only able to make $325.13. My friend I got to join had made nothing and my girlfriend, now ex, won't talk to me because she lost $200. Report this company please!"

- J.Tegan
Little Rock, Arkansas

The Federal Trade Commission needs to come in and evaluate the mental bullying that this company dishes to the public. These poor people. What do you have to say for yourself Organo Gold?

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I just received some interesting news that James Holmes, the man charged with the Aurora Colorado movie shootings had gunned down a representative of Organo Gold. A.J. Boik, 18 years old, was slaving away his young years as an IBO with OG in search of his private jet and Bently.  Out of respect for the Boik family, I won't post his photo and will discontinue references toward him (R.I.P.).  However, I will slay it to Organo Gold.  Your OG representatives desperately seek out anybody of age that can walk on these streets and pedal that damn coffee and road to rags "opportunity".  Colorado has enough problems already with the majority of the townsfolk being homicidal, and then here comes Organo friggin' Gold pushing the ganoderma and get rich quick pamphlets.  This is the last thing that's needed up in that part of the U.S.  When those Colorado IBO's don't get that big pay off they expected they will go shooting up everybody!!

Aurora,Colorado is not a big city. I'm sure ALL of the people have heard of Organo Gold. A reputable source told me that Holmes was in fact approached by an OG representative a few months prior to his homicidal rampage and attended a seminar at the Holiday Inn Colorado.  Was OG the reason why he wanted to drop out of his graduate program at the university?  Was his grades slipping because of the countless webinars, seminars, etc.? While there is no valid proof that Holmes was involved with OG, we can't necessarily rule it out either, can we?

You have young kids out of high school trying to pay for school off Organo Gold, but end up using their refund check to keep up with the auto shipments, hotel training, gas, pamphlets, seminars, $$$$$. Instead of them using that money to buy books, a meal plan and minutes on their Boost Mobile.  Life is too short as it is, why waste your time with Organo Gold?  Start a business YOU created, with products that you truly love.

Nothing good can come out of dealing with Organo Gold.........

Everything But The Coffee

Happy Labor Day weekend! Well, for the majority of you OG business owners I'm sure there's nothing to be happy about. While everyone is back at home or with friends and family taking back Miller Lites and potato salad, you my friend are hitting the local malls, parks and anywhere wheres there's life toting your tattered black briefcase full of bent up Organo Gold literature trying to convince people that they can become millionaires when you yourself only have $37.62 in your Wood Forrest bank account.
This picture, I'm sure has blurred the vision of thousands of Organo Gold minions.  OG literature has done more mental damage than the MK Ultra Mind Control experiments. Why does this photo represent everything but the coffee. Consumers want to know about the coffee. OG should be teaching their flock more about the value and health benefits of the coffee as opposed to the $$$$$ they can make from giving people ventricular arrhythmias. How many of you have your own jet, or have even been invited to fly Air Organo Gold in the coach seats?

Why does Organo Gold shy away from discussing ALL of the ingredients in their coffee?  When asked about the coffee one IBO switched topics and started talking about the income potential. Damn the income potential, WHAT ARE PEOPLE DRINKING???? Marketing (brainwashing) literature like the picture above is keeping America broke and unhealthy.