Monday, December 31, 2012

Organo Golds Promises Are About As Accurate As The 2012 Doomsday Prediction.

"We're Still Here!" shouted an Organo Gold distributor clinching on to his last hopes that he will be able to retrieve the 1,000 some odd dollars he has 'invested' into the company.  The 2012 Doomsday prediction, like the rest, was just another attempt by conspiracy theorist to read more into things than what's actually presented. Organo Gold has promised to clinch the 1% coffee drinkers by the end of 2012 in order to secure their position as a top competitor with the likes of Starbucks, Folgers and Maxwell House. Why can't Organo Gold followers like conspiracy theorist read more into the bullshit literature that this company provides daily. Can someone accurately predict the Organo Gold Doomsday? The promises that this company and their big bad wolfs spew to the broke and unfortunate should be put on trial. I received this in my inbox a few days ago:

"I met with a consultant that told me I could make my investment of $5,000 back within 3 months if I got 3 other people to invest money into the company. I asked her what about coffee sales. Can't I just make my money from selling coffee. Why do I have to harass my friends and family. They don't have spare money like that. The consultant told me I would be broke the rest of my life if I continued to have that attitude. needless to say it has been 7 months since I joined and I was only able to make $325.13. My friend I got to join had made nothing and my girlfriend, now ex, won't talk to me because she lost $200. Report this company please!"

- J.Tegan
Little Rock, Arkansas

The Federal Trade Commission needs to come in and evaluate the mental bullying that this company dishes to the public. These poor people. What do you have to say for yourself Organo Gold?


  1. Anonymous1/05/2013

    SMH Its sad that ppl dont see whats going on right in front of their eyes. yes! I did joing OG I did it for one yeat and got no where,I stop after 1 year. Reasonbeing i found out some stuff anb how the treated the REAL FOUNDER of the company. JAY NOLAND( LISTEN for youselves this isnt made up.So glad I opened my eyes!!

    1. Anonymous2/20/2013

      It shouldn't be when money is tight[like for me] and there's NOT that much to go around one should want to "gamble" with limited funds.Your guard should be constantly up - its NEVER a good idea to take chances and blow it!.Then slowly but surely U begin to evolve into a more discriminating and fastidious animal after accumulating or chalking up a wealth of experience from being conned and duped in past cons or MLM scams. Slowly and then rapidly your sixth sense becomes more heightened and when i sat down to listen to the OG MLM speaker blow up with pride and give "the talk" and regale the audience with glowing terms about this"miracle product".My inbuilt BS meter went off with all the red flags after 15 minutes[am not saying its perfect but its getting there]. Eventually, U will be able to back off fast and away from these"skunks"of scams out there, no matter how polished and smooth the silver tongued speaker is in his designer suit is and the "incredible wealth transfer of health benefits of this miracle product.Because,i saw my neighbor sitting next to me whom seemed conflicted or in two minds. I saw my opportunity,i squashed her indecision with a few choice words and phrases i swayed her to join the coalition of the unwilling and pointed out the cracks in the speaker's vocal delivery and the "flaws" in the "health is wealth" attributes transfer of this "miracle" product and warned my neighbor whom sat next to me.And muttered in a last gasp of a whisper in her ear:" The moment U sign that check or fork out that money U'v been duped and that money is gone and non-refundable" But, this dint stop the speaker after extolling the "health is wealth" transfer of attributes of the "miracle product[part A] of the spiel he went into the part B i.e. "the timeline U will make the fortune" mixing it up and intermittently making skirmishes into part A of his spiel and vice versa. This[time-line], seriously conflicted with my "value system"I believe in: "U reap what U sow" but victimizing desperate segments of the more often than not: the vulnerable members of the society is irresponsible, immoral, unethical and truly sordid.As well as, tantamount to bordering or sailing as close or next to the cliffs of obscene. as the speaker can maneuver. Since OG is making bogus statements about the "wealth of health" transfer of attributes of this "miracle" product which aren't backed by international laboratories and more baseless statements on the " proven system" on the "time-line to make a fortune" when i thought about it i scoffed at the bogus claims and dismissed OG as being headed by a slick and silver tongued charlatan,a Mr Halton Buggs, VP of sales and the most prolific mover and seller of the OG product at the apex of this pyramid, with the OG founder, Mr B. Chua and Mr Shane Morand, the biggest distributor. I drew the line when i became saturated with "OG talk" when the inbuilt BS indicator started "over-heating" i just dismissed OG as being "too rich" for me! Finally, U know there is a problem when two US Federal agencies i.e. FDA an the Department of Agriculture have open cases against OG and its founder, Mr Chua

    2. Anonymous7/18/2013

      Hey Look at THis new Youtube Channel:

      Organo GOld a scam?

    3. Hi, I'm an Organo Gold distributor and I'm very successful. It really is what you make of it. Thoughts do become things and if you go into any business with an "already failed" attitude then that is the result you'll get. When you base your life off of other people's experiences then that what you'll receive is their experience. Me? I like to create my own reality and experiences. Life is more vibrant that way. If you expect prosperity to come into your life then opportunities will come to you to become prosper. This type of thinking reflects what it says in the scriptures, "Delight yourself in God and God will give you the desires of your heart". So, the opposite must be true, too. If you approach life with a sour and defeated attitude then that is what you'll receive. Sour experiences and defeat. I wish you all the best.

  2. It started off with a co-worker asking me for an hour of my time for a conference call. I was unable to do so at that time however. I was curious because he never stated the purpose of such a call. A week later he ask me to attend a meeting and I did.

    A business opportunity ha! Actually the presentation was quite quaint. The woman presenter beautiful but the video cheesy with success stories of those that could barely speak English and used the exact same catch phrases of how they came to be rich--quickly.

    I do not drink coffee. It did not matter according to this soon to be diamond presenter. If I could build a team, I would have the same earning potential regardless of preference. But I ask, would not believing in/knowing a product you are trying to convince others to buy be best? I guess not.

    I took an application anyway and was invited to a bigger meeting at a conference center later on in the week. As I left, my co-worker just let me know again how easy this system is (although out of all of the compensation packages, only one was the focus) I wanted to do a bit of researching first.

    What I have found when doing real digging are many complaints to the FTC,the word "scam" more often than not attached, and many YouTube vids that seemingly take advantage of such skepticism to steer you in another direction with the same goal as OG.

    Sufficed to say, the OG opportunity is not for me. My co-worker stopped me and I was trying to tell him what I found out, but we got stuck on my "mentality". You see, my interest and happiness with my work and what I am doing is somehow wrong. If I want to work hard the rest of my days for nothing...but so many supporters of this opportunity claim that it is also hard work. That you have to put in the work (like a job?) even though the videos suggest the opposite with loads of free time to do whatever your heart desires.

    It would appear I would have a better chance of coming out on top taking that 200, 500, 1300+ worth of auto shipments to the casino each month. I hope wish everyone success in such shaky ventures. My co-worker is a business owner already so I would think he would have a better network than I.

    Which makes this all peculiar because he is doing quite well without this coffee venture. I hope this doesn't start to affect his main business.

    1. Anonymous3/08/2013

      Amen and If I wasnt on my comp I'd give you a standing ovation lol. Now if you could convince my friend who's currently worrying how to pay her rent whilst shes got a a thousand dollars worth of shitty "organo gold" coffee she can't shift (sigh)

  3. Anonymous1/08/2013

    Typical Pyramid Amway copycat scam.. They tell You the more Peopke You get under You, Tbe Richer you get, In the end, All the money stays at the top.. Same as voting Republican.. Might as well fall for scams like this if You think They will improve the economy.. People can't even afford a coffee treat and They want more of Theor money anyway..

    1. Anonymous2/15/2013

      Read this:
      Of course people up top make the most money! A pyramid sounds more like any job in america. Well, you are an employee working for a mgr, working for a regional mgr, working for VP mgr, working for VP, working for President, working for CEO. Most jobs in America you are constantly reminded you are not doing enough, lay offs, no bonuses, no recognition, no promotions, trade labor for money per hour, and no time for family.
      You know what, I'm sticking with my MLM companies.

    2. Anonymous3/29/2013

      You are so right. Middle income families better find their niche. Working 40 hours per week for 40 years and retiring broke is a vicious cycle. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. OG may or may not be for you but I suggest you find something because corporate America does not care about you. Your job is a pyramid. When will you ever on the building you work in? When is your next promotion/pay raise. When will you be the owner and not the loaner? I can go on. Go build a legacy for your family to be proud of.

    3. Hi.anonymous
      you'r right.every work is a pyramid.It 's you that has to built on your own future.OG is a good mlm,it is the way they that can is not for everyone.there are many others with the same problems.people has to untherstand how to contunued there own business.It'sn't OG that shall give you big's your own business that will bring up riches and glamour.your team that you built will make the difference.start with somethingels where you don't have to look for people.everyone of them you need other people because you are sharing something that will make you a leader.start thinking about that.if you'r not born to be one you will never have success in your must be a good seller and speaker.take this as a reminder.they that become rich has bring a lot off offers to be there where they are.

  4. Anonymous1/25/2013

    Your all pawns, and fools, december 21 was a shift in our world's phases of dimensions any intelligent individual would know how and where to find the credible research and findings to support that. To add to this I'm retired at 20yrs young, my parents about to do the same, I've only been in business a few months now, have the time and money to pursue all those other big dreams I had thought would forever remain as a big dream, oh and I forgot to mention that the next person in my line of sponsorship who is "succeeding" in the business isn't even my direct sponsor who's been in business over 8 months now they're about 3 levels above me and funny enough we make exactly the same for the most part. Oh wait I almost forgot, my biggest partner and reason for joining just so happens to own the largest agricultural traditional business in the Caribbean, now why would a multi-millionare see any value in this and not any other of the many mlms presented to him? Why would the Napoleon Hill Foundation in charge of Think and Grow Rich one of the biggest books ever printed second to the bible have decided to reject all companies for years and years but decide to partner with a company only 4 yrs old? Pawns.. Do your hw and be your own man/woman life is exactly what you make of it if someone else failed well they just weren't capable not everyone gets hired for a "legit job" why? Because we all know that only a selected few are capable of reaching the companies goals and achieving success. Perspective my friends..perspective

    1. Anonymous1/25/2013

      Lies and lies. OG is a scam.

    2. Anonymous1/26/2013

      Oh man I had never heard of OG until an hour ago. Watched the videos IBOs have made on YouTube, desperately trying to sound intelligent. Laughed at these blogs. Laughed even harder at the comments. Thanks for the entertainment. MLMs, unless you're the guy that starts it, are for uneducated buffoons. Well, here comes some "what are your sources" or "I'm 22 with a GED and I drive a Bentley" post in response. Lmao!

    3. What u drive does not Say anything. It's not property or money in the bank. There are legit mlm's out there. What the person jus said is right. It's not for every one. Do u know who Mark Yarnell or Valerie Bates or Marc Barrett is? Do ur research idiot. Some people just go about the business wrong due to greed. It's about making money and helping the people beneath u to get paid also. It's not a selfish business. Some people were born to work for people building their boss's dreams other people were born to be their own Boss. Do ur research. 1 bad MLM does not make all the others bad

    4. Absolutely right! First to respond about the 2012 doomsday theory. People don't do their own research, listen to others, and just quite frankly do not know what their talking about. The Hopi people never claimed the year 2012 to be the end of the earth, it was the end of the world systems and you can very well see that the global currency are changing along with all the other old energy (systems). And yes, not all mlm's are for everyone. And those who have not succeeded with OG are just whiners who don't understand how life really works. OG is a great company and you can succeed at anything if you have the right (positive) mindset.

    5. Absolutely right! First to respond about the 2012 doomsday theory. People don't do their own research, listen to others, and just quite frankly do not know what their talking about. The Hopi people never claimed the year 2012 to be the end of the earth, it was the end of the world systems and you can very well see that the global currency are changing along with all the other old energy (systems). And yes, not all mlm's are for everyone. And those who have not succeeded with OG are just whiners who don't understand how life really works. OG is a great company and you can succeed at anything if you have the right (positive) mindset.


  5. Organo Gold reviews your surprise, you find out that the negative outweighs the positive. Why? Because there are so many allegations that Organo Gold reviews is a scam. Here are some topics that you may have encountered online that feature Organo Gold reviews Scam and top reasons why not to join: Organo Gold reviews.

  6. Anonymous1/31/2013

    All I can say about the quote is that it is true they wont make money if they joined and did not do anything to share the business and did not follow the simple steps! If they start their own business and did the same thing, I promise you they will get the same result.

    1. Anonymous2/15/2013


    2. Anonymous2/17/2013

      Joining a business and not working will certainly lead to failure. Joining a business that dooms you to failure if you don't sign up your friends and family as "associates" is an Amway rip-off pyramid scheme. Learn the difference. People who allow themselves to get suckered into this get what anyone gets from a pyramid scheme that's been around a long time... exactly nothing.

  7. This site is very mis leading. People think they can just get rich by joining Organo gold? There is a lot of work to do and people think its just a get rick quick scheme. These are the people who get a rejection, they quit the business. No wonder 3% of the population in the US is making all the money. People need to learn the basic principles of wealth. Read the book "Think and grow rich" Read it over and over again. Then study each chapter until you get it, it will change your life. The sad thing is people will buy the book and read a chapter and thats it. PEOPLE ARE SO LAZY! GET TO WORK! WORK ON YOURSELF AND THE BUSINESS WILL BE EASY!

  8. Anonymous2/02/2013

    Organo Gold right along with the rest of these pyramid schemes are hacks. They mix a little bit of truth in with a whole bunch of lies and seriously anyone with a inkling of common sense should be able to see pass the fools gold they flash straight to the heart of the matter which is the few at the top feed of the gullibility of the many at the bottom. There is a reason the few that got in first are the only ones that make all the money...duh! They helped start the freakin process and they aren't looking to have anyone take their spot so in turn they dangle a carrot in front of the horse to have him or her believe that one day they will be able to have it.

  9. Anonymous2/10/2013

    MLM is doomed to fail by virtue of its design.

    It saturates markets by naturally preying on people's sphere of influence. More often than not, those circles include friends and family which predominantly live and work in the same geographic area as the upline.

    Western Society was and is founded on Risk Takers. Any business model guaranteeing success with out the inherant Entrepeneurial Spirit, is one to run from. That in itself, preys on naivity. Yes, certain frachise opportunities take away an element of risk in exchange for high up front cost. But, OG is not an example of this.

    Finally, the promise to do this part time and make above average income should again concern the potential rep. Nothing done part time will give you anything but part time income.

    Those resorting to Name Calling (idiot, pawn)reveal their character. That should be plenty of evidence to sway your decision.

    I have dabbled as a teen in MLM. It was a failure despite my strong effort. Have since learned and run a successful traditional business. You can too!!!!

  10. Anonymous2/17/2013

    this website is not official and the OPINIONS of slow minded people who just want to win the lottery should be kept to themselves. I have been in Organo gold for a year and I have the benz which the company pays for and I move about 80,000 worth of product every month. Most idiots commenting on how this "doesnt work" are just people who joined and failed GET RID OF THIS STUPID FAKE SITE



    Take OF SAYING....

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    Make that to PUBLIC Gold have People the FOUNDATION~~

    If financial" THIS

    1. Anonymous6/23/2014

      Dude What the hell are you trying to say? Did you go to Organo Gold College. Cause it's all pointless.

  12. 98% of the population is broke. So I see that most of the comments are made by broke people. Think of it that way. Whatever most of the people do, do the oppositive. Organo Gold is a wonderful company. MLM's made more millionaires than any other business.

    1. :) Some people can not be helped but it is still good that you try

  13. Anonymous2/22/2013

    I am a professional networker. I don't do marketing, and have zero desire to sell any products. I am not involved in any MLMs - ultimately because they brainwash you into brand loyalty, AKA KEEPING YOUR ASS POOR.

    OG people often just flat out lie. The above poster is proof of that. MLMs made more millionaires? Proof? Oh, you have none. If you retire in 15 months, I want to know what your portfoloio looks like that suggests you won't ever have to work again. Oh, residual income? That's hugely dependant on the downline and the stability of it.

    You are making $10,000 a week? That's 500k a year, and thus is no small chump change. If you are making that much, I would like to see your portfolio. Oh wait, that's $10,000 a week in revenue. What are your weekly expenses? $9200 a week? So only 3,200 a month for a really horrible job?

    Oh so you have this awesome network of people set up, and ultimately all you sell is fcking coffee?

    Do I look like I have fcking IDIOT written on my forehead, Jesse Singh?

    1. Anonymous7/03/2013

      You are a "professional networker" and have never once worked an MLM? You really do have fucking idiot written on your forehead! Based on definition you have no place to speak about an industry you have no experience in. Furthermore, FYI network marketing is not about sponsoring or recruiting, it is about the sale of product and becoming a leader. You are not qualified to speak on the subject of network marketing until you understand it well enough to explain it to others. So until you educate yourself on the industry please for the sake of not looking like an idiot be quiet. Also, most network marketers work from their home so their overhead is very low. In fact they recieve certain tax advatages and benefits at tax time because they own a home based business. So that is two industries you apparently know nothing about which tells me two things about you:
      First you are not a "professional networker" for if you were you would have the common sense to use your talents to eaen a living rather than bash those that make a good living in an industry you know nothing about.
      Secondly, it tells me you have no real experience in owning or operating your business as you do not understand the tax advantages afforded to those that do. In closing, please in an effort to save face if you don't understand something or have no knowledge or experience on a subject, remain silent so that you don't make yourself look ignorant by overanalyzing something with bigger words than you are capable of backing up with sound evidence and proper references. When you stop talking long enough to listen you may learn something.

  14. Organo Gold is a complete fraud made for IDIOTS, arguments:
    - the product is of extremely low quality
    - the product is very difficult to sell
    - the seller has to buy the product to resell it, at a very high price (very high costs deliver very low gains)

    there are plenty of other alternatives that give highest returns with lower risks; if you think about it, you become an employee without salary, that delivers the employer a gain.

    Buy some saussages and bread, and sell them in the street, I asure you will get a return; go into Organo Gold and you will surely loose!

    1. Anonymous2/27/2013

      to Carlos Gonzalez 2/22/2013

      go and work for Sturbucks....

    2. Anonymous2/27/2013

      To Carlos Gonzalez2/22/2013
      Organo Gold is a complete fraud made for IDIOTS , arguments:
      (don't call names)
      - the product is of extremely low quality
      (in your opinion or official reaserch?)
      - the product is very difficult to sell
      (maybe on begin to sell but how people become "Ruby" or "Diament" if it's really hard to sell. Maybe they are buying to drop to drain?)
      - the seller has to buy the product to resell it, at a very high price (very high costs deliver very low gains)
      (very high price? comparing to what?)
      there are plenty of other alternatives that give highest returns with lower risks; if you think about it, you become an employee without salary, that delivers the employer a gain.

      Buy some saussages and bread, and sell them in the street, I asure you will get a return; go into Organo Gold and you will surely loose!


    Go there. Top 10 MLM earners of all times, 4 of them are from Organo Gold. Thats from a company that is only 4 years old.

    I personally do sell the coffee. The company encourages to sell the coffee and should be your priority. People that just plain recruit have it wrong. I don't go out there and recruit people, I sell the coffee by the cup at trade shows or I sample people by the sachet and follow up and that's it. The people that have joined my business asked me about it after sampling them a sachet of coffee.

    If you look at people like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, they are ALL apart of some kind of MLM. There is a clue. Go do some research.

    Most people fail because of lack of skill in MLM. You have to educate yourself like anything you do in life. If you want to be an automotive mechanic, you need that specialized education. If you want to be a doctor, you have to get that specialized education.

    Unlike those professions, you can get a great skill set in Networking in a very short period of time which will improve your changes of success.

    I am not here to tell anyone how much I make or I am going to retire in 15 months.

    People these days just want everything NOW NOW NOW. They believe they are going to make a ton of money without doing any kind of work. That's another reason why people fail. You have to work your business like a business and not like a hobbie. The real problem is it's so cheap to get started with Organo Gold and people treat it like a $50 business. If they had to pay $50,000, they would treat it like that and won't quit after 2-3 months.

    I will be honest with you, I wasn't doing that great in my second month. I was still in a deficit. With some great training and support from the leaders in Organo Gold, I turned myself around and now have over 200 people in my organization. That's without me doing any recruiting, people came to me and asked me what is this company all about.

    So my Anonymous 2/22/2013, You do have IDIOT written on your forehead because people like you will never be successful at anything you do. Open up your mind a bit and duplicate what the rich do.

    1. Anonymous3/01/2013

      Anon from 2/22.

      Jesse Singh Claim: MLM's made more millionaires than any other business.
      Counterargument: Proof.
      Jesse Singh Proof Provided: Article titled "Top Tips From MLM Millionaires! Free advice…."
      ^Thanks for providing your source to prove your claim is utter bullshit.

      Jesse Singh Claim: If you look at people like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, they are ALL apart of some kind of MLM.
      Counterargument: Right. No. These guys OWN portions of the MLM; they aren't distributors - they are financial backers. Massive difference. I guess, using that logic, I'm an independent Google seller because I own some stock. Dumb logic, dumb post, typical MLM consultant insulting reality.

      Jesse Singh Claim:Unlike those professions, you can get a great skill set in Networking in a very short period of time which will improve your changes of success.
      Counterargument: Let me FTFY. You can get a great skill in Networking with OTHER BROKE PEOPLE. I don't network broke people. The total composite of the estimated worths of all companies I am currently in contract with are well over 30 (b)illion. My residual income is in absolutely no danger and usually expands by about 20% a year, where as in yours relies solely on a miserable, broke downline. How the fuck is that GOOD networking? Piss poor networking! If you (successfully) sold a product utilizing my architecture, you would be looking at yearly revenue in the 100-250k dollar range for your shitty coffee at a modest 5% markup. I'd make like $12 through you.

      Jesse Singh Claim: Get rich.
      Counterargument: Show proof.
      Jesse Singh Proof: I am not here to tell anyone how much I make or I am going to retire in 15 months.
      Counterargument: The crux of my argument. You wouldn't dare let people know what your total yearly income is after expenses is because it sucks. You drive your soon-to-be-repo'd Benz. I'll drive my gas guzzling 496 72 Monte Carlo or my 75 Trans Am with the venerable Pontiac 400...or maybe my 91 Caprice Wagon with a 450hp LS1. Interestingly enough, I bought and built all these cars because I have the cash flow to do so and because I'm a well-trained mechanic, as well as boxer, as well as a networking agent, as well as an IT consultant, as well as a servicemember...and a community college teacher. The second I see an OG rep driving a classic car is the second I'll believe y'all actually make any serious cash.

      Interesting fact: Holton Buggs was brought into OG in 2009. He was PLACED in his current position after being fired from another MLM for sucking. He is a businessman; you are a glorified peddler for someone else.

      Don't believe as much? Ask yourself why the only real product you push is coffee. Why not anything else? Like I said, I'm not into selling anything other than direct contact information into shipping & recieving sections, and procurement departments of various fortunators. You think like a layman.

  16. Anonymous2/28/2013

    Jesse Singh you are a Organo plant lol. Nice try though lol

    1. Get it right, 100% Certified Organo Plant.

      I have nothing to proove anyway, I am very happy at my success in Organo Gold. Too bad more people aren't doing so well. A little bit of training in Networking would do the trick, but broke people are broke for a reason. They are not teachable anyway even if you tell them you need a particular skill set.

      Oh well. All I have to say is.

      It's Easy. It's Simple. It's Coffee.

    2. Anonymous7/30/2013

      Ppl under you are youe success because if we dont join you dont make money. And it shows. You guys act desperate to get us to join

  17. Anonymous2/28/2013

    Uh, has anyone noticed that this site is run by a racist who definitely has some KKK in his family DNA. So that means most of the post on here are from Jim Crow Sr.'s son James Crow Jr. esq. Report this site as spam and junk. Make sure to send a copy of it to all the broke people who are members.

    1. Anonymous4/05/2013

      You must be #1) Black, and 2) one of the idiots selling cheap ganoderma coffee on behalf of another person who is making money off you and is too smart to tell you that, and you're too dumb to figure the equation out. KKK? That tactic is so old, get a life and quit pretending a success you don't have. You're a loser along with the rest of your OG family.

  18. Anonymous2/28/2013

    This KKK descendant who owns this site is a broke hillbilly himself. Probably from W Virginia or something. He is such a cow turd coward that he has a button on here "about" but no information "about" himself. This is how KKK rolls out the carpet. With no leader on it. I am on the right track. This company is doing better than most any the KKK descendant has ever let pass his broke a$$ by. Hillbillies IS dumb! Yeah Billy, these Blacks ain't playin. Got you spendin all your time gettin all bunched up and frustrated. BOY. It's fun listening to your country talk whilst we get rich ridin past you in our exotic cars. I just wanted to say hi boy. You ain't mad is you?

    1. Anonymous4/05/2013

      Well, reading your writing (an arduous exercise in itself) makes me proud that my 10-year-old is better educated than you, a grown man. Am I angry that you package your idiocy and use it to prey on your fellow blacks, hardly. You're serving our interest well. Good job!

    2. Anonymous4/11/2013

      I thought "The 'Way Back Machine'" was a cartoon program on television!
      Why, isn't this 2013, or are some of these posters stuck in some imaginery state of confusion and delusion!

  19. Anonymous3/02/2013

    This og is all about fraud and scam. They brainwash you and teach you to brainwash other the exact way they did to you in order to survive and get your money back that you invested. That's bully!

  20. Anonymous3/02/2013

    Its sad that people think joining any company and doing NOTHING will make them money. It's funny how people say OG is a scam, yet have no solid proof besides the fact that they signed up and made no money after signing "SOMEONE" up. Yes you made no money because you have to retail, and sign up a significant amount of people to start developing wealth.
    The people who make it big in this business or any business for that matter are hard workers. And since I know some of them personally and see their work ethic, I understand why they are successful.
    You can be successful with OG, and it will become easy after hard work and getting used to it..just like anything else in life.
    Open your minds people. Delve deeper, try to understand why so many have joined this company, why so many have change their lives, and found success. Looking at the negative, and reading negative reviews that are open-ended aren't going to get you anywhere. If you have a closed-mind and simply follow what others say because you are too lazy to do your own research, then yup OG is not for you.
    I did my research on my own, the ins and outs of the company, read the negative comments and realized no one has a straight forward answer as to why the company is such a "SCAM." Is it because they try to push you into joining? (like every business does, like what a business if "supposed" to do?), is it because some people who join lost what they invested (um yes, you will lose what you invested if you do not work..common sense), is it because shipments were late? (is the company not allowed to make mistakes?)
    There is nothing as to OG being a true scam. I'm sorry but investing anywhere from $200-$1300 to start your own business is unheard of and quite reasonable, and if you work at it you WILL get it back PLUS more, I am solid proof of that. Opening any business will cost THOUSANDS of dollars, personally I'd rather spend $1,300 that $30-100,000 to open my own business.
    OG is only for those who think positive, are creative, are self-driven, are motivated, and are ready to find success. If you work it will work, end of story.

    1. Anonymous3/04/2013

      I'll give you this. OG is not a scam. It is a legitimate business with a legitimate product. A lot of people drink coffee.

      What it is, however, is a brainwashing machine designed to get you sucked in to desperately relying on their product. Do you think you have a good business? I can tell you right now you don't have a clue what it means to run a decent business. You are running a very, very volatile market that WILL (not if) fail, and fail spectacularily.

    2. Anonymous4/08/2013

      The trick is to work hard and treat each person you sign up like a business partner they will be like close friend and you will help them stay confident and motivated because that is the key to success most people have fear of failure and when they don't see an instant result that fear causes them to quit. I tell you if you keep motivated and confident with whatever you are trying to do in life you will reach success and that is just positive thinking but lots of people don't understand that most of their failures are tied into how they think... tell yourself "I can do this" and keep telling yourself that until you get results. Everyone needs to understand that we all have the ability to see an execution for a success plan but you will only be able to see it if you change all of your negative thoughts into positive ones and know that you can have everything possible in life you just need to go get it!

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    1. Anonymous12/20/2013

      Tell me: are you arguing FOR OG, AGAINST OG, or are you just typing in random words? Because you make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  22. Anonymous3/09/2013

    If you want to achieve success you must work. I am an It Works distributor and the only way to be successful is to work

  23. Anonymous3/13/2013

    Support from sponsors/ mentors is very important in this business.. I just joined OG recently, signed up under my friend at Organo Gold Malaysia. It looks like there's great potential, I've got 2 new down-lines in my 1st month!
    Not sure about the Ferraris and mansions, but if I can make a decent side income from this, it's good enough for me.
    Cheers, Thomas

  24. A scam is something which doesn't deliver what it says it will deliver. A Pyramid scheme is one which promises payments where only the person at the top benefits from. Organo Gold has products which are daily consummed without prompt or reminder, these products are sold daily in every nook and crany- Coffee and Tea. How then can Organo Gold be a scam or a pyramid scheme? Organo Gold has focused on offering a healthy habit/addiction- offering healtheir coffee. Not only do they care for the masses they also care for their distributors and consultants. Check out more product range @ and drop us a line : for more information.
    Its easy, its simple, its coffee.

  25. Well, organo gold sounds like a bunch of potatoes to me. Tasty ones. I think I'll have some chips when I get home. Yum!!

    1. Anonymous4/05/2013

      I know I can make money off you! You sound like you'll buy even snake oil if I told you that it would turn you into a Cindy Crawford look-a-like! Shoot, I need people like you to get rich!!! I'm selling ganoderma twinkies to go with your ganoderma coffee if you're interested!!

  26. Organo Gold is a scam, if you are promised fast cars and big mansions without doing any work.

    The team I joined at Organo Gold Coffee Malaysia certainly does not sugarcoat or sell false dreams, they give us lots of flexibility to decide whether to be a customer or join the business. If you want to join in the business, you have to be prepared to work for your success.

    Unfortunately many distributors have given OG a bad name by using shady marketing tactics.

  27. Anonymous4/03/2013

    All the people that say that mlm's are a scam, in my eyes are just lazy. They didn't go out and work and expected to just join an mlm and become successful. I have close friends that I've known for years that recently joined OG and area making excellent money...and yes they work at it by training people. All these people starting that they tried this mlm and that mlm and failed just didn't try to learn how the company works, tried doing things their way and were unteachable. I bet you think that the president of the country really has all the control and the the federal reserve bank is really federal. Go live the American dream then and get an education (so you can work for a company and make someone else dream come true), get the house, and retire at 65 so you can hope you silk have as benefits by then and live a wonderful life after retirement.

    1. Anonymous4/05/2013

      Learn English, then criticize other's education. Until then, stick to convincing yourself (and others) that you are really rich despite being broke as hell. If there were money to be made in selling coffee laced with ganoderma, Maxwell would have copied that model by now. MLM to sell coffee? Please! Legit MLM systems are used to sell high-priced goods, not cheap coffee. Unless, that is, selling cheap coffee is not your prime motivation.

    2. Anonymous5/20/2013

      Learn English before criticizing others' English. Also, there's no correlation between intelligence or education and being able to speak or write English correctly.

  28. Anonymous4/05/2013

    This is all that needs to be said: No one is talking about Starbucks, Maxwell, Folger, etc., the way they talk about OG. No one speculates whether the aforementioned are scams or not, except in relation to OG. Me, I'll stick to my delicious Maxwell from Wal-Mart and let the wolves feed on their sheeps!

  29. Anonymous4/08/2013

    Sure, this company is in to selling coffee...they are in to getting all these people to sign up for this auto-ship to get product that they end up getting stuck with because no one will buy it from them! I got tricked into "investing" a few years ago. I worked the business, just as I was told to do. Every time I turned around, the business was costing me more and more money, and I wasn't seeing any return! I go to a meeting, I had to pay $10 to attend. My auto-ship? No less than $100 a month...usually more after shipping costs (more like $150, as there was no way to combine products to spend only $100 + shipping). After a year, they told me I needed to give them even more money to continue to be in the business, or I would lose all the profit points I had made so far (which would also be the case if I cancelled my auto-ship). I had all this product that no one wanted. Most everyone said that the tea and coffee tasted terrible! I ended up throwing away so much product after the expiration dates on it passed. I didn't even like the taste of the stuff! Never again! Glad I no longer have to pay that monthly auto-ship. I can think of better things to spend $150 on!

  30. The sad thing about people who get "scammed" - they fail at the business because they do not treat it as a business. A couple of hours here and there, or trying to sell to family just to get sign ups is useless. If your upline was telling you NOT TO SELL COFFEE, then you should have gotten another upline. WOW. We arrange to sell at markets at over $4.50 a cup and guess what? Money can be made. It is a business not a get rich scheme. If you read the fine print it states MOST people will only make $300-400 BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT FOLLOW THE 4 STEPS.

    1. Anonymous12/20/2013

      Talking about OG not being a scam, huh? Well, even if it isn't (and it is), you've MADE it one by selling your shitty coffee at $4.50 a cup. Yeah, WOW.

  31. Anonymous4/12/2013

    It is really sad to see just how severely Organo Gold has brainwashed it's "distributors." My ex is super convinced that as long as makes "the 18 month commitment" and follows "the 4 steps" then he'll be making $20,000 a month as an Organo Gold Diamond and be part of the 1% who won't fail like this cult's leaders. Brett Shoemaker's advice is, "When you're about to give birth to your DESTINY - SLEEP IS NOT ON THE MENU!" Little does my ex know that sleep deprivation is one of the steps in the brainwashing process. Consuming lots of sugar is another important step in brainwasing someone and that Organo Gold coffee he drinks nonstop has lots of sugar in it even though they say it doesn't. You know what the saddest part is? He's 200% devoted his life to becoming an Organo Gold Diamond yet his downline is collapsing while he has NO CLUE that he's putting tons of $$ into his leaders full pockets.

  32. Anonymous4/12/2013

    I wanna share my story of how this Organo Gold pyramid scheme/scam is ruining my ex-boyfriend's life.
    My ex is a brilliant 21 year old Latino with a great job and big ambitions. Before he got actively involved with this Organo Gold scam, he was the most wonderful, kind, loving, caring person with a great big heart who was so generous and lovable. He was the perfect, most loving boyfriend and truly the man on my dreams. He dreamed of being the first Latino US President, joining the military, being a commercial airline pilot, becoming a lawyer, being a police officer, and being an entrepreneur. He was successfully pursuing all of these dreams. Our relationship was going great.
    Pretty soon, things took a turn for the worse. This is when I suspect he started becoming active in this Organo Gold cult and the brainwashing began. I thought it was just a phase because he kept on saying how stressed he was by his new promotion at work but it persisted. It started off with out of character behavior (lying, making sorry excuses, saying rude things, neglecting his loved ones & our relationship, indecisiveness, lack of direction, and etc.) but it became a depression. He started acting like he was hiding something from me, he was always exhausted, busy, and his personality began to change. Eventually, his strange behavior caused us to break up.
    The timing was terrible. He was stressed out by his tough job, planning his future, health problems, family problems, and a week later his grandpa later was unexpectedly hospitalized. Organo Gold, like any other commercial cult, picked up on this and brainwashed him because 2 weeks later he told me about, "this great new opportunity for financial freedom," he was sharing with all his family and friends. Organo Gold preys on innocent young working class Black or Latino Christians with little education who want endless wealth, power, respect, and fancy cars. He fit the bill perfectly and his love of helping people plus his charismatic personality are bonuses.

  33. Anonymous4/12/2013

    Within a few days of him, the mind control must have set in because the changes in him became even more drastic. He refuses to have a conversation unless Organo Gold is the topic. He wouldn't shut up about Organo Gold on Facebook (he recently stopped because his mentor said the internet is bad for selling products even though BILLIONS are earned through online shopping). He used to go to church 2 or 3 times a week but now he attends and hosts Organo Gold meetings instead. He gets a few hours of sleep nightly because he devotes all his time to this Organo Gold cult. He recites what the leaders of this cult (Brett Shoemaker, Holton Buggs, and Shane Morand) say like its the Bible. Don't dare question or doubt anything they tell him because he has been taught not to talk about about "his company"! He has pressured me over and over, lied repeatedly, and tried every single sales pitch they taught him to convince me to join his downline including scare tactics and intimidation.
    These leaders truly convinced him that if he makes "the 18 month commitment" and "follows the 4 steps" then he too can be an "Organo Gold Diamond making $20,000 a month" and that he will be in "the 1% who will succeed." He's so brainwashed he can't even answer the simplest questions like if it's YOUR business, how come you have to fight your way to the top and play by Organo Gold's rules? How will Organo Gold get 1% of the market if the products are overpriced and not available to the masses? Can you show me your mentor's $20,000 monthly paycheck?

  34. Anonymous4/12/2013

    Sadly, I know his downline is collapsing even though he swears he will be retiring in a month or two. The signs are so obvious to everyone but him. For example, I quit talking to him over Organo Gold but he recently came out of nowhere begging me to join. He's got specials like pre-selling 40 boxes of coffee in 1 week to join for free or get a free box of coffee if you find him 10 people willing to hear about Organo Gold. He's co-signing the leaders Facebook status' about "haters" and "failure" because his friends and family don't wanna be involved with this mess and his downline is probably leaving. He's even flying to his home country with the goal of getting 20 people to sign up there because he's probably used up all the people in our city (it's not that big) or they have heard bad things about this Organo Gold pyramid scheme.
    Organo Gold is turning the love of my life into a money obsessed, power hungry con artist with no future, no friends, and a TON of debt on top of the massive amount of student loan debt he is already in. Please people, when you see Organo Gold run the other way and do any and everything you can to keep the people you love and care about out of Organo Gold before their lives are ruined!

  35. Anonymous4/19/2013

    A couple of my family members bought a franchise back roughly 10 years ago and at first things were tough, but eventually things started to look up. They had invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into their business and i don't even know if they made any sort of profit til years later. Not long ago their franchise was taken from them because of 1 staff member who had been with them from opening. Now they are in and out of court, dealing with lawyers and bankers and are on the verge of bankruptcy, they are a lovely couple and its sad to see them go through it. My inlaws owned their own butchery and they had the shop for years and now they are in their 70's, they lost their house and are now bankrupt having to dust off their CV's and none of their 5 children are financially capable of helping them. Their children are well educated and have good jobs but in this day and age things are tough. The owner of the business i work for said that you can not have a business without having the capital behind you, 95% of all new businesses fail.

  36. Anonymous4/22/2013

    I can't really see how you can call it a scam. You invested in a business and then didn't work it!! No work, no pay!! You are calling it a scam because YOU failed. Not the business. Your boss would fire you too if you gave your job the same effort.

  37. Anonymous4/24/2013

    Scam. End of.

  38. Anonymous4/27/2013

    haha did your girl ran for 200,- mabye she would have done that anyway.

  39. Anonymous5/10/2013

    I can't believe what I'm seeing tell me how OG is a scam ? Ok so if you invested $30000-$100000 to open a business and it fail you gona call that a scam too even tho your the one not working you're business...then you say its over priced but alot of you go to Starbucks and spend $5-$8 a cup so one cup a day would run you $150-$240 a month but you do it with no problem and if you do it 3x a day that's $450-$720 a month so you are making them rich but OG IS A SCAM ?????!!! Think before you speak get some creditable resources

  40. Anonymous5/13/2013

    The sad thing about people who get "scammed" - they fail at the business because they do not treat it as a business. A couple of hours here and there, or trying to sell to family just to get sign ups is useless. If your upline was telling you NOT TO SELL COFFEE, then you should have gotten another upline. WOW. We arrange to sell at markets at over $4.50 a cup and guess what? Money can be made. It is a business not a get rich scheme. If you read the fine print it states MOST people will only make $300-400 BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT FOLLOW THE 4 STEPS.Fuck you!!

    1. Anonymous6/04/2013

      I recently joined and I am focused on the retail aspect to make a few extra dollars, I have no interest in the cars, getting a downline etc.... Retail.. Great product..

  41. Anonymous6/06/2013

    I have sat here for about half an hour reading different post and comments, and I still can't decide what to do. I honestly don't think it is a scam, the company is constantly growing. However, I do think anyone who joins this and expects to get instantly rich or retire are automatically setting themselves up for failure. Anything that sounds too good to be true, is. I like the taste of their products, and wouldn't mind making some extra money. Most of the people on here calling it a scam are either 1 (non-believers from the start) or 2 (people who harve tried OG for a short period of time and didn't see resukts gast enough, so quit). To become successful (NOT RICH) in any type of business takes hard work. I do believe it is possible to be successful in OG all depending on you. But I think the odds are more against and chances are you will fail from lack of knowledge. If anyone is thinking of trying this, remember to start off and remain confident. Don't exspect pay wothout hard work. Don't be a quiter before even giving it chance, because either way you still lose. However decide if its something for you before you dig yourself in a hole so deep you can't get out. And if you do fail and end up in super debt, don't go complaning about the company when you were the one who decided to gamble with irreplaceable money. Now you're mad? Who's fault is that? I don't think OG is for broke people..if you are starting off broke, chances are you don't the correct steps to becoming successful and you can't aford to blow what you don't have. Good luck to all of you, and remember, people are afraid of what they are ignorant to understand.

    1. Anonymous6/06/2013

      I'm sorry for all of the typos. It is 2 am and I am on my phone. Also, I wanted to add one more thing. ANYONE on here that is bragging about what all they have, reguardless if they are for or agianst OG, if they are bragging about their money, multiple cars, ect, they are full of shit. If I had all of that going on, posting comments on this product I claim to care nothing about would be a waste of my time. "Yea yea I'm such a big shot, and all of you people are idiots for believing in OG" these people are fake ass "wannabees". And people making statements about retirment, benz, and 20k a week, are the same fake ass people trying to force people to listen to their claims. If I were truly successful in the company I wouldn't give one shit about what people online are saying..because I'm making my money. anyways..I'm done with this..still havent decided what I'm going to do... but whayever..always DARE2BDIFFERENT

  42. Anonymous7/09/2013

    I want to preface this by saying that I have never worked with OG. I have worked in MLM before, though. I don't believe MLMs are scams at all, they are a legitimate way to make money.
    That being said, I don't like MLMs. Reason being, in my experience, it is presented as a way for you to own your own business....but you actually don't. The MLMs I've worked with had rules about marketing...if I remember correctly I couldn't, for example, post an ad on craigslist(just for example!) and state the name of the company. Also, I couldn't create my own website to sell my products on, I had to use the company's website. There are also a couple of MLMs that require you sell (or purchase yourself if you can't get anyone to buy) a certain amount each month.
    My goal is to be a business owner, not an independent distributor for an already existing business. Also, I'm immediately untrusting of anything that puts a ton of emphasis on how much money I can possibly make.
    While I believe there is money to be made in MLM, it's having your own business, in my opinion.
    Maybe OG doesn't present it that way. Just my experience with MLMs....several of them!

    1. Anonymous7/09/2013

      it's *not having your own business.

    2. OG does have great benefits to those who care to really look at the opportunity or the products, and follow the coaching of their coach.
      It is true that we get what we expect from life. If interested, email me at
      I will be happy to enlighten you.

  43. MLM's that promise thousands of dollars per week are selling smoke. It is possible to make money in MLM. realistic money like 500-1000 a month. Especially when you first start. A great product, that is affordable and relevant is key to success. Anyone that will only talk to you if you sign..well, is not worth your time, your money, or your thoughts. you want to be with a growing company not a cult. No false promises. Minimum capital needed.

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  46. Anonymous11/24/2013

    Noone forced any of you to sign up. You are just closed minded. Its not about you. Its about helping others. You have to work for what you earn. Once you follow the 4 steps its SIMPLE! Chances are YOU DIDN'T follow the 4 steps and now you say "oh they scamed me or oh that doesn't work" its your own fault. Noone else's. Noone said you had to go to you friends and family. You did it. Its called "warm market" go to complete strangers and just FOLLOW your first step. But like I said you are closed minded ignorant people.

  47. Anonymous12/20/2013

    Talking about scams, huh? Well, even if it's not a scam (which it is), you've MADE it one by selling your shitty coffee at $4.50 a cup. Yeah, WOW.

  48. Anonymous3/24/2014

    Mr. Tegan you are a lier. You can not invest $5,000 in Organo Gold! The devil is running rampant on this page with all you haters!


    Professional trading signals sent to your cell phone every day.

    Follow our trades right now and gain up to 270% daily.

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