Tuesday, March 4, 2014


One of my readers sent me this and I want to help him. I receive so many emails of complaints from Organ Gold.



I came across your site a few days ago, while searching online for info related to Organo.Are you able to give advice to people who have bought into this scam (or, in my case, know someone who has)?
I know someone who took the bait and fell for the whole thing, but I'm not quite sure what to do in this particular situation -- in my case, it'd be harder than just plain saying to them, "You've been had; here's the proof."

Thank you,
George Koch
George, you can use this forum as a stepping stone for your friend who has been taken by this organization. The more people complain the bigger the case against this company.


  1. Anonymous4/04/2014

    I have to play devil's advocate here. I'm curious to know what makes selling coffee a scam? From what I've seen about the business, it appears if you don't build a customer base, then you won't have any success. To me it seems like if you do not do the work then you don't make money...simple enough right?

    When I research direct sales companies, I'm always see people saying their scams. There has to be good ones out there other wise Robert Kyosaki, Donald Trump, nor Warren Buffet would be supporters of network marketing. What companies that are MLM's would you say AREN'T a scam? There is NO WAY their all scams. If you're going to present a problem, might as well offer a solution as well.

    1. Anonymous3/06/2015

      I could wrote a long post explaining in detail why nearly all MLMs are bad, but it's really simple. They're bad because by design almost all participants lose money so the owners and couple distributors at the top can make huge amounts of money. Since almost all sales are made to distributors themselves all the money the company earns as profits and pays as commissions comes directly from the distributors themselves and is funneled up the line. Therefore, almost everyone besides the owners and top few are guaranteed to lose money no matter what. Buffett, Trump and Kyosaki are the ones making money at the expense of the thousands of distributors who lose it while being promised that if they just buy more product, buy more tools, recruit more distributors and go on another conference trip they'll start making the big bucks. It's deplorable.

    2. These should be outlawed.. Still there's hope in every cup they can sell.. It's pretty good tasting coffee.. Might like the tea just little pricey..

    3. These should be outlawed.. Still there's hope in every cup they can sell.. It's pretty good tasting coffee.. Might like the tea just little pricey..

  2. My experience with Organo Gold business has been very positive. I don't make a full-time living with this business. But it is just another business where you have to sell a legitimate product and earn an income. I can't understand how this is labeled a scam.

    1. Anonymous6/23/2014

      I buy my product on Ebay and sell it to the suckers I sing up to Organo gold so I Make 80% back on a sale. Bunch of suckers Out there.

    2. Anonymous6/25/2014

      like that call, enought said!!

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  4. Anonymous9/04/2015

    I'm not sure why this blog writer seems to have had a 5 year obsession with following a growing, successful company, but it seems to be quite an awkward display of misinformation. The first thing to point out about organo gold is that it is a company that sells products. The second is to point out that Walmart is also a company that sells products. Organo gold ships directly to consumers, freeing costs that can be distributed as they see fit (the basis for any MLM company). Walmart is a traditional company that uses many levels of production, distribution, and customer sales. Each of these levels, and their infrastructure of employees, create a cost. The difference between these structures from a business side is right there. MLM companies have production and direct sales distributors, paying those that have contributed the most the largest portions of the profits. Walmart pays the largest wage to those that run the company. MLM companies may have very rich people at the top and many down below without a profit, but Walmart is owned by the single wealthiest family in the entire world while a vast majority of it's employees live below the poverty line making often minimum wage. So... if you still hate a company like organo gold, who actually sells a product with real value and benefit to those who buy it, and enjoy shopping at a store that actively fights against it's own employees, then by all means keep thinking this way and discouraging others from trying to better themselves in a positive way. Even if somebody is completely clueless and purchases beyond their means (which should never be done in any business situation), they are still left with a product that is valuable and can be consumed personally.

    You often belittle these people as suckers who have been scammed out of all of their money... You must have never tried the products. Clinical trials verify the health benefits of these products and their ingredients in over 500 different medical studies. If living a longer and healthier life is a scam, then why are health, medical, and pharmaceutical businesses the most profitable in the history of the world?

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  6. With any business you have to work hard to be successful. With organo or any other mlm company you work hard for the first few years n sit back n collect income from the work you've done.im a distributor in my 2nd year I don't sell to people under me . I'm into direct marketing and supply the product to my clients n make a profit . I don't buy my products from eBay and don't think of my clients as suckers . My clients see the good results of the original products and come back every month for more .I supply clients in different parts of the world.whats good is that organo is in 54 different countries and makes distribution easy . I'm a consumer of the product and it's a great product. Organo doesn't only sell teas and coffees they have a lot more products. They have protein shakes capsules soaps toothpaste to name a few . There protein shakes are the best I've tried . Tastes like a liquid pudding .