Saturday, August 8, 2009


If you just have to be ignorant enough to sign up for Organo Gold make sure they ell you about their autoship program. What is autoship you say? Autoship is where they automatically ship you product every month from the credit card you have on file. See, when you sign up for Organo Gold they neglect to tell you about this little program. If you don't do autoship you are still responsible for buying $50 worth of coffee every month! This $50 that you spend goes toward paying your upline (pyramid). Autoship is a newtork marketing companies biggest tool in paying commissions and bonuses. This is nothing more but a low level Ponzi scheme with a marketable product that a bunch of ignorant folk think is healthy just because the label tell you so! When is coffee ever going to be healthy?.....This is for another post.
Distributors of Organo Gold neglect to tell their "prey" (the person they sign up) about the autoship program. All of a sudden the prey gets a credit card bill or a decline on a purchase and then they realize that they've been scammed! Yes, leaving out details is akin to lying which is also akin to being a SCAM!


  1. Anonymous8/17/2009

    i was one of the person invited to join organo gold company to sell or to be a distributor of their true is this? do you have proof that organo gold is a scam

    1. Anonymous1/13/2012

      This link says it all!

    2. Anonymous6/04/2012

      Organo Gold is NOT a scam! we are making money and lots of our friends and customers keep sharing their positive stories of how the coffee & tea is helping them physically! one or two unhappy people spending their time trying to make other people bitter doesn't change that! i'm sorry it didn't help whoever made this negative blog, but the company, the products and most certainly the opportunity-autoship and all-has been a TRUE BLESSING for my family for the past eight months! :)

    3. Anonymous11/10/2012

      Organo Gold, the very best business ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeah.. it works because I work! this is a blessing for the people with great vision! I am happy making money and learning how to be a better succesful person in life!! here we gooo!

    4. Anonymous12/09/2012

      We will forgive your ignorance and your poor spelling; but you need to understand that evey company there is has a pyramid structure, president, CEO, Managers, clerks, peons. Every church has a pyramid structure, every school has a pyramid structure. In all traditional pyramids that is corporate America, the top makes more than the bottom. In Multilevel marketing, the bottom has a chance to make more than the top. In these type of pyramid people who enter the business later, can make more money than the people who enter the business earlier. I am sorry that whoever signed you up, did not tell you that she or he signed you up for autoship. Ths is not done automatically, it is done at the time you sign up if you choose to do so. For people who sign up with OG to make a serious income, it is recommended to be on autoship so that you don't loose your commissionable volume every month. If you choose not to pay the $50 a month or $100 a month, depending on the level you started, you will loose your commissionable volume. If you choose not to pay the $50 dollars, or not to be on autoship,it is your decision and you loose the money you could have earned. Noboy makes you do anything, it is up to you if you want to get what you deserve. We all deserve financial freedom and it is there for us to get if we choose to go get it.

    5. Organo Gold reviews uses Multi-Level-Marketing. This business method has drastically improved over the years and is considered as an effective means to market products. Plenty of big and reputable brands utilize Organo Gold reviews technique.

    6. Anonymous3/19/2014

      Organo Gold is not a scam so please stop spreading rumors that are not true and find something better to do with your time instead of trying to discourage people from becoming millionaires. Not because you are not business material does not mean others cant be!

  2. Anonymous8/26/2009

    I agree. it is a scam I signed up and was messed over. PEOPLE DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS COMPANY, IT IS FRAUD! Holton is a phony

    1. Anonymous6/12/2012

      I agree that too! it is a scam. they told me they was join with then 14 days and they win a car. when i fine out they was join more 2 yeas and did't win any thing.

    2. Anonymous11/09/2012

      There is no winning of any cars. No time frames. No mandatory autoship. Stop the lies, please. Go read all the facts on ganoderma, notice the growth of health facts of coffee, and stop reading blogs from anonymous sources.

    3. Anonymous4/22/2013

      MLM has existed for a long time. Before you real "ignorant" that call other people ignorant in a very disrespectful way, open your mouth, get some authentic knowledge of what you try to talk about. MLM is a real way of marketing products. Many millionaires like Donal Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and Warren Buffett, say marvelous things about this dynamic business structure. Here's for you a little example.....
      "Network Marketing Quotes : Donald Trump
      When Donald Trump was asked recently what he would do if he had it to do all over again, his matter-of-fact, one-line answer was : “I would get into network marketing.”
      “I am frequently questioned if Social marketing is a Pyramid scheme. You’re either a real expert in cash or enslaved by it. A firm has only one person at the top, generally the manager, and everybody else below.”
      My best advice to you, try to read a little!!!!

    4. Anonymous4/22/2013

      ....don't worry, I also forgive your ignorance!!!!

    5. I am commenting a bit late, but I couldn't help but notice, that there are several reviews calling Organo Gold a scam. I am currently a distributor, and from time to time fell like giving up. The auto-ship is optional. I am not currently on it, for I do not have the money. I don't make much money from it, but I have in the past. People like you calling it a scam are ruining the base of customers and business partners that I could be helping succeed. I have had all, but one of my down lines leave the company because they believed MLM was a scam. They believed this, because they didn't work hard enough. Work hard enough, you may not make jack crap in the beginning, but eventually the hard work will pay off. So stop bashing the company with your lazing attitudes and no based statements, learn how to do some real work, maybe you'll go somewhere.

    6. Anonymous1/28/2014

      So it's s scam huh? So when everyone goes to high school, but not everyone graduates...does that make high school a scam.

  3. Anonymous8/30/2009

    The proof is in the article. I think Organo Gold is a scam as well!

    1. Anonymous11/10/2012

      Organo Gold, the very best business ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeah.. it works because I work! this is a blessing for the people with great vision! I am happy making money and learning how to be a better succesful person in life!! here we gooo!

    2. Anonymous4/22/2013

      YYYEEEEESSSS my friend!!!!

    3. Anonymous9/24/2014

      i know im not getting good results now and i see low income coming to me and that's the important part because i believe in this business and have dreams

  4. Anonymous9/21/2009

    My friend was invited to join organo gold company to be a distributor of their products...It is obvious to me that this is a scam... But he believes this product is marvelous!!!

  5. Anonymous9/28/2009

    I have a friend that has joined and have asked myself to join, but it sounds to good to be true to me.

    1. Anonymous11/24/2013

      It's not too good to be true, as long as you keep it realistic. I mean don't expect to pull in 20,000 dollars a month within the first year. But it is a workable business if you put in the effort

  6. Anonymous11/01/2009

    all of you are very stupid all you need to do is look up ganoderma that is what is in the coffee that makes it healthy ok stupid and we do not only have coffee we have green tea and it is not a fraued or a scam i am in the bissiness and that is my job and the money i make in a month and i am not lieing is 25000 ok so have nice day

    1. Calling others stupid is not going to encourage them to like your product. So far, I have found that Organo Gold has a horrible reputation and you've now made it worse *Nice Job*.

      Learn to spell before you call others names.. it's common sense. I was told that it was healthy.. my doctor says other wise! I'd believe someone with a PHD over someone that has poor grammar skills. P.S. just so everyone knows, this garbge product will give you severe heartburn.

    2. Anonymous7/27/2012

      LMAO!!! Obviously your statement is erroneous. PHDs make research based on litteratures (I am a Ph.D. candidate). A person with a M.D. degree would be the one observing this product. You failed.

    3. California Peach, If only you did the research on the "Ganorderma" herb, you can then see that this is for the good of humanity. This company is not a scam. It's a company like any other. The only way a person will ever be successful at anything, is if you put your mind to it. Organo Gold is a very easy way to start a easy, fun, and encouraging business for you and your family. Even though you might think otherwise, you will soon see how prosperous Organo Gold will become.

      Thanks and have a great day.

    4. Anonymous1/28/2014

      You guys are dumb from thinking that comment came from an OG distributor

    5. Anonymous6/03/2015

      i lost $1400 in this crap and and im mad as hell right now, the pyramid alone tells you this shit its not going to work. if the US has justice these punk should be in jail by now.

  7. Anonymous11/05/2009

    YES I DID KNOW ABOUT THE AUTOSHIP!!!! Like i said if you ask God to reveal the right people to you they will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know. I have made plenty of money working for this company........stop trying to make everyone miserable because your unhappy at your 9 to 5

    1. Anonymous3/08/2012

      You are just another broke person...with nothing to show for in life!!!

    2. Anonymous4/22/2013

      Applause!!!!! well said!!!!

  8. Anonymous11/05/2009

    the autoship is so that YOU can have SUPPLY to have ready to sell to YOUR customers.....stop being so negative and find a life.

    1. Yes, and you dont even have to sell anything. Your just paying for coffe that you might drink yourself or share to encourage other people to indulge in this amazing opportunity.

  9. Obviously, auto-ship is not for everyone outside a gated community.

    I'm a Philippines-based member of Organo and there's no auto-ship here, we're individually in charge of our own maintenance-by-product-puchases. Its our job to keep our monthly points in check and we don't need to sign in our credit cards with the company here, heck some of us don't even have credit cards!

    If someone fails to keep his $50 (worth) of purchases needed every month for 6 straight months, he's booted from the company and its nobody's fault but himself (and his upline if he doesn't check his downlines regularly).

    but this system is not for those too lazy to check their monthly upkeep.

  10. Anonymous12/11/2009

    People are so negative... I am involved in the company and the checks keep coming. This business help my mother, replaced her income. She relied on her disability check every month and now she makes more in this business, than she made in 20 years working in the medical field. She has suffered fromm high blood pressure for the pass 6 years and since consuming the ganoderma, her blood pressure is normal. Their are opportunities out there that are not for everyone and clearly some of these people are some. I dont have to report to anyone anymore, I get up when i want to and no matter what, my checks keep coming. Post your background on this site. How are you contributing to your community and family. Im sure you know someone in your family has issues.

  11. Anonymous2/14/2010

    who runs this company where is registered and located? where is coffe produced? ive read theres people from peru and philippines involved... thats a bad start if this company even exists in the real world.

    1. Anonymous4/22/2013

      in the real world are ignorant!!!!!....all your questions have a good answer but I won't illustrate it yourself......(at least)

  12. Erica G. - Vacaville, CA3/31/2010

    The company is very up front about the auto ship... in FACT... it is YOU who controls your autoship option... not the company. You may cancel at anytime. I am an Organo Gold distributor... and I feel sorry for those who choose to let this opportunity pass them by.

    1. Anonymous5/04/2012

      Curious ... What would make you wanna look up your company +scam?? Not doing so well and wanted to know if it was just you ? , I was curious to know why your CEO can't be found in any REAL business articles .... Except get-rich-quick websites and articles . You know.. It's a shame that ignorant people get taken advantage of way too often . I leave you with this ; if it were that good us poor folk wouldn't even know about it

    2. Curious.....Do you even know when Organo Gold started? I guess not because you CLEARLY don't know your information. This company is fairly new and growing. Its obvious that whatever article you are reading does not have our great founder because of how new the company is. Just do your reaserch before you say anything else.


    3. Anonymous4/22/2013

      well said!!!......I guess that is why they are "poor folk"!!!

  13. So what is a scam/pyramid scheme vs direct selling? A pyramid scheme 1. Does not offer a commercially viable product for sale. OG has a full line of saleable products - hence having your monthly reorder or autoship in place satisfies this point. 2. Pyramid/scam income is base on the number of recruits. OG commissions are based on product sales. 3. Pyramid/scams require high entry fees and requires large product stocking. OG has no sign up fee, only purchase product packs and you can sell your product back to OG if you want out - no exit fee. 4. Scams disappear within a few months. OG started in the Phillipines 10 yrs ago and in US 2 years ago (now in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Peru, Jaimaica, and Canada)- hence offering a viable long-term business opportunity. 5. Pyramid/scams offer no enforceable satisfaction guarantees or cancellation rights - YOU LOOSE YOUR MONEY. OG offers a high consumer protection standard by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    So bash your sponsor not the OG company for not explaining to you and educating you about the company policies and procedures.

    1. Couldn't have said it any better Dale. To all you ignorant or confused people, PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING NEGATIVE.

      THANK YOU.

  14. Nicely said Dale. I am making money with this as well and have never had the company do something I have not authorized them to do. To the person who started this Blog - you were obviously not signed up by the right person. They obviously signed you up for autoship without your permission. That was not OG but your sponsor. It may have even been done by mistake but the fact that you go and throw accusations and possibly sway someone's decision that truely has the potential to build this and need this makes you the bad guy. I truely hope the people looking to OG as a life changing opportunity to do good in the world will be able to read between the lines. Keep up the good work OG!! This product does work - just try it and let IT speak to you.

  15. Anonymous7/20/2010

    i have been in Organo Gold for 2 years since they started and I am fed up. They do not ship product on time. They are always out of stock. There are literally thousands of distributors who have not received their starter kits that cost them $49.95. Bernie Chua needs to look into the North American operations. They are attacking any and all of their own reps who are internet savvy trying to keep them off the internet so that their to leaders can profit. When you call them you cannot get through to someone. I have had my own downline complain over and over again. I started with Gano Excel and came to Organo Gold. I am beginning to regret it and am contemplating going back. Organo Gold does not have their act together. Shane Morand promised he would be fair and ethical accusing Gano Excel of not being so. However, its the opposite! He is not living up to the character he said he was. I sell thousands of dollar worth of Organo Gold products every single week. They are about to lose me.

  16. Anonymous7/21/2010

    I have had my own Organo Gold downline complain over and over again about not receiving their business kits. Organo Gold introduced the King of Coffee as organic, sold $1,000,000 of it to distributors in one weekend then told them later they cant sell it online or refer to it because the FDA has not approved it being organic. So it organic or not? The FDA has also complained about the green tea not being organic. Is it or not? I started with Gano Excel and came to Organo Gold. I am beginning to regret it and am contemplating going back to where i came from, Gano Excel. If you join Gano Excel you can get an extremely professional website for $20 per month or free depending on the package you get. The website is unbelievably easy to use and very very effective. here is a sample of someones site also check out and check out

    When I had mine I got sales from it all the time. And the shipping rates were fair. Organo Gold will charge your customer $14 to ship a box of coffee!!! They distribution center is profiting off people by inflating shipping costs. Shane has an agreement with the owner of that warehouse and thats the way the guy makes money. Shane tells all reps the internet is BAD and you cant make any money on it and you will never grow that way. Its a freaken LIE! Read anywhere online and studies will prove to you that internet sales are growing by leaps and bounds. People go there to shop and research. Dont believe it! The young generation today are using online. Shane discourages it because Organo Gold website is inferior and people dont but because of the insane charges for shipping. So, if you are new and want to sell online using Organo Golds site, you will fail. Trust me. I hear it all the time. Shane will tell you stories of how leaders are being born in Organo Gold by not using internet. The reason there are there is because they were already chosen. They are fed by Organo Gold so that they will be an example for you guys to strive for. I been in the meetings and talked to the people. I KNOW what they do and how they got there. Shane Morands first level people are paid by Organo Gold placing people under them. All they have to do is speak in front of crowds and tell some story of how they did it.

  17. Gano Excel: Join our power team my contact name and number is Renaldo Moore 281 650 3528 Gano Excel is rockin......6 mushrooms in Gano Excel's coffee while Organo Gold has only One...... Do your research folks... Not saying its not good, just not as good as Gano Excel

  18. Anonymous10/13/2010

    Organo Gold making the "NEWS" again...

    Check this out....

    Documentation Beats Conversation...

  19. Anonymous11/15/2010

    I was encouraged to join by a woman who is already an entrepreneur and a very wise person. And, the DID tell me about Autoship and explained it very well. The one thing they did was emphasize that my ATTITUDE determined how far I would go. That's a first! About it being a pyramid, I don't mind if the person ahead of me gets paid. When I work the business I will too, and yes, having written a book abour weight management and wellness (RN for 28 years) it does work!!! Moreover, check out Google Scholar's research articles--multiple--that show the clinical results of Ganoderma Lucidum. Get off your duff and set a goal that could take YOU to where you want to go!!

  20. Anonymous11/23/2010

    Wow I am confused after reading some of your messages. As a new distributor the most important thing I did was research the information shared with me by my sponsor. I asked questions about auto ship and found out how to control my monthly supply.
    It is an investment and you may not see a profit for months, Take control of your OG plan and own it. I am sure that each comment can help in some way.However I feel good about my investment in OG and will make it work for me.
    I thank everyone for sharing their experiences

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    1. These testimonials and great results only happens to people who actually WORK their business. Those who don't WORK will get what they sow. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Sorry guys. But that's life. Don't work ... Don't earn. Don't learn the business ... Don't earn in the business. The average person won't become profitable overnight. Stop being average. GET TO WORK AND WIN! Let me get off of this silly site. I am not in Organo Gold but on the internet, people say anything just for attention. Shucks!

  22. ***PART TWO***

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  23. Anonymous2/02/2011

    Sergio makes me laugh. is some dumb powerpoint that some 12 year old must of pulled together. SCAM. BUYER BEWARE. 5 DOLLARS FOR INSTANT COFFEE? HAHHAHAHHAHHA. Sergio thank-you I needed a good laugh. Your testimonies are the best.. hahhaha. Wake UP! GET A REAL JOB.

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  25. Anonymous2/03/2011

    Hey stupid who ever said they selling this coffee for $5 ????



  26. Anonymous2/03/2011


    I went to a Orango Gold conference in good ol Orlando, Florida. They gave me a sample and showed me a break down. Each packet cost 5 dollars, or I can buy 25 in a box for 50 bucks. They even said that if people ask you why the coffee is so expensive, tell them "expensive? compared to what?"

    So who said they were selling the coffee for 5 dollars? Orango Gold did you blind clown.

  27. Anonymous2/04/2011

    Hey stupid the retail pricing on the coffee is on their affiliate websites...

    $23 for 30 serving of black coffee...

    Last time I checked that did not add up to $5.oo per serving you jackass!!!

    And I believe you can get at wholesale for $15 for 30 servings of black coffee...

    Did your mother drop you as a kid and that is why you are soooo fucking stupid or are you just a MORON???

  28. Anonymous2/05/2011

    So what exactly makes Organo Gold a SCAM?

    Sorry but I still haven't seen anybody post any facts or information that may suggest that this is a scam?

    I am thinking about joining Organo Gold so can the socalled scam busters please post some real information that will show this is a scam instead just insulting people? Is that asking for to much?


  29. Anonymous2/05/2011

    You bitch ass mother fucking piece of shit. My fucking sister sells this shit bro. She quoted me Fucking 50 dollars. Don't start no shit won't be no shit. Your probably a lazy ass mother fucker trying to fucking rip people off. When I see you in the streets with a sign that says will suck dick for some for some Oragano Gold I'll make sure to piss all over your face bitch. You Organo Gold reps need to go to collage and learn how to be fucking legit business men! Yall come here sounding like some bitch ass niggas that just finished the 3rd. Did your mom fart you out of her ass? Or Did a dog shit you out in the street. I should beat you with my dick bitch.

  30. Anonymous2/05/2011

    I LOVE THIS SITE. WOW...better then T.V.

  31. Anonymous2/05/2011

    I was thinking about joining Organo Gold. Then I started reading this site. Seeing the comments from the Pros and the Cons show me all I need to know about this company. Thank-you.

  32. Anonymous2/06/2011

    Well it's obvious the PROS outweight the CONS...

    Good luck to you....

  33. Anonymous2/06/2011

    Learn to spell "college" before you tell people to go to "collage"...

    Sounds like you never made it pass the 3rd grade since even my 1st grade daughter can spell "college"...

  34. Anonymous2/06/2011

    You probable OWE your sister MONEY that is why she was charging you $50 to she could get her money back from you broke ass....

    1. Anonymous8/18/2013

      Hahahahaah. That's probably right. oh maan even tho this is way old, I find it funny. No1 sells OG products for $50 US a box. LMAO. The suggested retail is USD30..with 30 sachets in the "coffee-drinker's coffee" aka black coffee, that works up to USD1 per pack. And furthermore, scams don't furnish PfC (product for cash). They insist on REGISTRATION, which is itself, intangible. Ponzi schemes are broad-based MLMs that require a prospect to rope in 5-10 ppl via REGISTRATION, with no tangible product in exchange for their funds. This company is simply selling coffee and the only ONE of the payment structures resembles a pyramid. It's the dual (not 5 or 10, but TWO) team.

  35. Anonymous2/06/2011

    I feel bad that your daughter is going to be on the street begging for money since her mom/dad is too lazy to get a real job and would rather rip people off by selling some nasty coffee.

    Called a typo bro happens all the time.

    Have fun being a glorified sales bitch.

  36. Anonymous2/06/2011

    Sounds like Orango Gold is full of uneducated thugs. These post are alarming and should turn anyone away. Any company that has a scam blog is something to be weary of....

    These reps sound like savages. However I guess its easy to say that most of these people cannot get good paying jobs, so get rich quick companies are appealing to them.

    Even if the coffee is 3 dollars a pack.. thats a whole lot for instant coffee...

    This site is funny though. I love reading the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  37. Anonymous2/06/2011

    I think you will find a SO CALLED SCAM blog for virtually every Direct Sales Company...
    They call it called "reverse marketing" which attracts people who are looking online for information on a particular company to visit the blog and if you notice the people who actually created this blog get to maintain a level anonimity and they also have the opportunity to get POST their website too...
    It's actually a very effective way to get people to visit a website especially if the company they are showcasing is in the lime light...

  38. U Ptah2/18/2011

    There is no coffee that is healthy.I am a caffeine addict and would never introduce anyone to start drinking. If you add vitimin c to feces it would still be dangerous to ingest. Caffeine leeches minerals from the body making your bones brittle, and that's just to start on the dangers of caffeine. Just google caffeine effects or the dangers of caffeine

  39. Anonymous3/02/2011

    U Path...

    Do yourself a favor and GOOGLE "Ganoderma aka Reishi or Lingzhi"

    Your analogy make you look very ignorant!!!

  40. 97% of people will be broke at age 65.
    95% will die with less than $1000 to their name.
    Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.Proverbs 26:4

  41. Anonymous3/04/2011

    So...if I add "Ganoderma aka Reishi or Lingzhi" to my daily hit of crack cocaine, I'll be good? Since putting this miracle herb makes every thing that's unhealthy, healthy...give me a fucking break!

  42. Anonymous3/07/2011

    I just want to say that the Autoship is opcional, you don't have to do that.

    I still don't know if Organo Gold works, but I must say that I do think that Ganoderma Lucidum has real properties.

    What I don't like is all those conference calls and coffee mixers they make. I feel like they are trying to brain wash you. So I just don't go.

    What I have found is that the coffee and chocolate is really good, nice flavor and people do like it, why not try to see if ganoderma makes you feel better?

    One more thing, nobody gets rich without working hard, and I think that part of the problem of people feeling scammed is that they want to get rich without effort.

    p.s. I had no trouble with getting the product or the kit to my house.

  43. Anonymous4/10/2011

    We just want to know why we didn't get into this business when we were asked to 18 months ago by a now millionaire of Organo Gold. We have only been in the business for 5 weeks and we must say we are truly impressed. Black Diamond here we come!!! And yes, it is very hard work but worth every drop of coffee! LOL

  44. Anonymous4/15/2011

    So, is it true that the FDA is investigating Organo Gold and that the company only has a bout two more years before it bails out on its reps? just curious, before I join. Why are some reps selling it for less on Amazon and Ebay? How come the company charges over $13 just for shipping a single box of coffee? So retail is $23 plus $13+ shipping, = $36. Are people really going to spend that much money on coffee? Someone explain these Q's. And exactly how many diamonds reps are there? I see the same faces on all videos. Thanks.

    1. Anonymous6/04/2012

      the shipping costs have been adjusted. it's only $5 to ship one box now. the company is a blessing to my family.

  45. If an amateur singer or actor has done something bad in life you wont hear about it in the news. Why? Because he's not famous or done anything worthwhile yet!

    If a new company is failing you wont find scam blogs like this. Why? Because they arent doing jack yet! So, people who make blogs like this don't waste their time.

    However, when a company is actually DOING comes this scam comes that scam blog....left and right! Why? Because they are actually doing something and are successful

  46. Anonymous6/07/2011

    What Pyramid Scheme are you working for 3M, Home Depot,McDonalds,Subway,,LG,
    Purina,Rubbermaid,U.S.Government,Century 21,Remax,Kaiser Hospital,Costco,Sony,Zenith,Eureka.Dirt Devil?

    Network Marketing Sounds Like A Pyramid Scheme Network Marketing A Pyramid Scheme?

  47. Anonymous6/17/2011

    I love how it's the people who have not learned to educate themselves, not with just college, but with self development skills to help you grow any type of business. Truth is this whole economy we are in was built based off a pyramid, you have one at the top getting paid off work you do, that's why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Most of you who think this business is a scam is because you've gotten used to someone telling you what to do, when to be at work, when to go to lunch, and when to go home, so your already programed not to succeed. All of you said this is a scam, but if your still working for somebody else don't you think your the one in the scam.Most of us will never be rich in our life, not because we don't want to be, but because you don't picture yourself being rich so much that it bothers you enough that you make it happen. the same people on here that say this is a scam I bet most of play lotto, why, in hopes of getting rich quick.Lets face it when was the last time you heard someone say "i want to get rich slow", you will never hear it. So I say to you all who have not gained the knowledge go out and try something, you work every day at a job you don't even like for a pay you can barely live off of and that you'll never get rich at, If you believe in what you want you have to work for your belief to become a reality. Please get away from the broke man mentality and create wealth for yourself and your family. P.S. If you complain about gas prices and can't afford to get the things you want, what are you gonna do to get it, Oh yeah stay on the Journey Of the Broke. Have Fun, I'll be living my life while you still worry about if you should make a change.

  48. Anonymous6/25/2011

    Join my team!
    Virginia Beach and all over the WORLD!

  49. Anonymous7/29/2011

    ha ha funny here!! Those who looking to make serious money go to

  50. I have established a constitution that deals with those who launch smear campaigns against my business.

    1. It is all based on whether the consumers like Organo Gold products and service. If they find that they prefer Organo Gold products we will supply the consumer. If they find they prefer some other product we will work harder to win their acceptance and regain the lead position in the market place.

    2. If someone wants to be in the Organo Gold business we (I) will strive to make that a reality, but if not we (I) wish them the best of success at whatever they find is best for them.

    3. For those who take it on themselves to paint Organo Gold as evil we will simply ignore them and continue doing what we do best, helping people around the world become more healthy and prosperous.

    Enough said for all those issues, now let us get on with the business of life. ;-)



  53. Check out my site speaks of Organo Gold and we work as a team we will show you how to run your own business the right way, no matter where you are after enrolling in e-mail me on my website or your's (You get one after joining and will see me), or I will message you and we will get you trained and ready to start your own business!

    Juan and Nayeli

    Echa un vistazo a mi sitio web se habla de Organo Gold y nosotros, como un equipo le mostrará cómo hacerlo sin importar dónde se encuentre después de inscribirse en el mensaje me back office, o que mensaje te y nos pondremos has entrenado y listo para iniciar su propio negocio!

    Juan and Nayeli Check it out~ ^^

  54. Anonymous11/01/2011

    is not a scam but they are not doing things as they should, like they lie to people, they are a ghost company i have proof. plus they have at least one complain in court and they are going in trials now (theres proof of this)
    call me 708 516 9051

  55. Gerry yang12/11/2011

    Hi, yal..all I know is that for every argument, like looking at this cup. Thiscup can be either half full or half empty. You choose to be whatever you want to be. If you said that it is half empty, then the cup will be half empty for you. However, if you see half full, then the cup will be half full. That is just how we look at it whether it is business opportunity or just this cup in general. If you focus on negative, you will get negative result. If you focus on positive, you will get positive result. So, no more accusations and believe whatever you want because not everbody see or like the same woman or man.

  56. Anonymous1/17/2012

    Interesting when you search for Jay Noland, the main guy who is ranting against OG & other companies is not telling the truth. Here is truth from the FTC about his lack of integrity & illegal business practices...

    Jay (J.D.) Noland in trouble with FTC - charges & penalties
    "The settlement bars the defendant from engaging in any future pyramid schemes. It also bars him from:
    * Misrepresenting the potential earnings or income of any multi-level marketing program;
    * Misrepresenting the benefits a participant in a multi-level marketing program can receive; and
    * Misrepresenting the amount of sales a participant could expect to make."

    Before you join anything, check out everything & everyone.

  57. Who cares if the cup is half empty of half full. Does it quench the thirst is the real question.

  58. Anonymous3/02/2012

    I know that organo gold is scam, the way to earns, the product (check what food and drugs said about it)and also the top leaders they are employees, organo gold pay them in orer to motivate and create tales an histories to the people, as they say: its easy, its simple, its a scam with coffee!! if you are register in please dont lose more money and time, company will close soon I know it

    1. Anonymous3/26/2012

      You're an idiot and the poster of this blog is an idiot. Do you seriously believe you have more resources to do more research than Bill Gates' father, William Gates on the board of directors of the Napoleon Hill Foundation? Do some research before jumping to stupid conclusions and spreading ignorant filth on the internet. There's enough bullcrap out there to wade through without morons like you adding to it.

  59. Anonymous5/04/2012

    This is all too funny to me , anyone with a little sense knows that if your business was doing soooo well you wouldn't have time to blog and try to sway the nay sayer , just admit working from home is HARD and sometimes you ever have to get on " is it a scam site" just to try and break even . I truly respect the hustle but not the approach

  60. Organo gold rocks!!! i dont know if this is scam or not but im gettin my check weekly and about the auto-ship! my sponsor asked me if i wanted or not! its optional you know!!!! sign up! this rocks!!

  61. Anonymous6/12/2012

    Would just like to point out that autoship is optional and I was told before placing the order for my first pack.


  63. Anonymous6/16/2012

    I need to cancel my OG

  64. Anonymous6/28/2012

    Wow lol McDonald's has auto ship so does every other retail company its just a way not to run out of product. Don't cancel your OG share it!

  65. Anonymous7/22/2012

    Coffee is healty you fucking moron. And it is not a scam its a matter of you getting off of your ass and doing the work, dont call it a scam because you failed at it.

  66. Anonymous7/23/2012

    I'm not a Organo Gold member but I have read thier compensation plan and it's outstanding.

    I think the person who started this post didn't read well before they joined the company or they may have never worked in network marketing before,so an automatic shipment seems strange when really it's as simple as the company is making things easy by sending out product and charging your card.

    If you ever had automatic bill pay with a utility company it's the same thing. They charge your card for the service.

    Auto-ship is standarded to the direct sales industry look up any direct sales company and you'll find they have some form of it.

    I do know people who are distribitors for this company and some are doctors and some just husband/wife teams but they all make a really good income with the company. Since I have seen it first hand I know it can be done. I dont believe it is a scam at all but I do believe you get out of it what you put into it.

    For anybody who has read this post and you thought about selling this product don't give up your dreams. My friend and her husband wanted to open their own high end coffee shop. They started sell Organo Gold by the cup making frozen lattes and topped it with whipped cream in the summer and hot chocolate mocha with whipped cream and candy on the side for the winter. People loved their product and keep coming back for more.

    They did trade shows, vending and events. everybody buys coffee or hot chocolate at these functions. Their dream of the high end coffee shop is very near and they have also built a wonderful reputaion for having a great product.

    If you are in doubt, go to an Organo Gold meeting ask some questions and see how you can make your own dreams come true.

  67. Anonymous7/29/2012

    It is a scam if you don't work hard. If you don't put in the effort of actually doing it then your wasting your money every month, yes. But if you are completely into it then it is not. it all depends on how much you really want this. no matter what they say, it takes a lot of work. its not that simple like they say it appears to me. I am 18 and i don't know that many people my age actually want to do this, so its a little harder for me. But i have been making a little. But then again I was kind of lazy. The money doesn't come automatically.

  68. Autoship??? Your electric bill is autoship, rent is autoship, car payment is autoship, cell phone is autoship, food is autoship, and they dont make you money!!! Im not even in this business but if i was and liked coffee what would be the problem with autoship when it makes you money?

  69. Geza Botos8/23/2012

    Hey everyone! I'm an OG sapphire from Hungary, my father is a ruby and I simply love the company and the product! Besides making really nice money, ganoderma helped my fathers diabetes go down with 1.5 marks, my mom's blood pressure problems are almost gone, my friend's brother, who has cancer, after one and half months of capsule taking the tumor became 1.5 centimeters smaller!!! And many more testimonies are in my team about the health benefits, and how its making everyone more energetic, and also tastes really good! If you want you can contact me at gezu(at)ogtransport(dot)eu and if you send me a mail we can even talk on phone or skype to proove it. This is a legitime company (member of Direct Selling Association and Organoc Trade Association) and the products have a LOT of licences ensuring the quality. If you think it's a scam dont work in it, but those who are distributors dont let these foolish blogs and comments let you down, its not true. We are a family, giving something good to the people so be proud like I am! Also if you dont autoship, what do you drink and how do you give samples to people? facepalm

    Geza Botos

  70. I'm not part of OG, but this is ignorant and lame haha.

  71. Anonymous10/21/2012

    It's really sad to hear you had a bad experience, it's obvious that the distributor didn't explain the company and it's dealings with you throughly but that would be the distributors fault, not Organo Gold. I have been a part of this company for the past 2 months and if you work hard then you will see success just like with anything in life. Your one negative experience is isolated and does not represent everyone's experience. People call Walmart and Mcdonalds this and that... Bla bla. Big companies will always be the target of ignorant propaganda. I have had the best experience. Thank you.

  72. The same people who scream SCAM on every program are the LAMF's that refuse to learn how to market correctly! Plain and simple. Most people have a TAKE mentality and want something for nothing. Life doesn't work that way. EVERY program I have ever been in I have made money! Yet, these kooks call ALL of them SCAMS. Keep your 9 to 5 and stay out of business opportunities. They are for hard working people only!

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. If you desire to earn Residual Income "The Income of The Rich", do your research. I did mine and Organo Gold is a great product as well as Xango. I am just getting started. "Wisdom is the principal thing: therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." Proverbs 4:7 KVJ. Check out my Blog!

  75. Anonymous3/24/2013

    Let's dispell some inaccuracies here:

    #1 Auto ship is NOT required. The requirement is that you do $50 in coffee orders every calendar month to continue to get paid on your team's sales. That equates to 3 boxes. If you can't consistently sell 3 boxes a month, you have a HOBBY, not a business.

    #2 The only way to get on autoship is to log into your password protected back office which you can't access until AFTER you are registered as a distributor and THEN supply your credit card info. Its NOT automatic when you sign up. So it's impossible to be placed on auto ship without your knowledge. Its a conscious decision.

    #3. We are not taught to hide or be deceptive about auto ship. In fact we are taught that if a person isn't willing to make a $50 a month commitment, they are unlikely to be a profitable investment of our TIME (the most valuable resource we have and one we can never replace). Typically I will hand back the application to someone who tells me they won't do an auto ship when I explain it to them before they get started.

  76. Anonymous11/02/2013

    Agreed with the above comment. I just joined yesterday and I am NOT on autoship. I'm still working my full time job so I'm not sure how much time I will have but my sponsor is excellent and going to help me find the time to make this business venture work.

  77. Wow.. Several months have passed since the last comment of this poorly informed and educated person who created this ignorant blog.

    And I have been in Organo Gold for three months now, and I havent had to sign up for any auto ship nor the experience is anything like mentioned in this blog. I have not made huge amounts of money because I have been focusing in learning and growing as a person with the AMAZING training system I have been connected to since my very first day, rather than trying to make a lot of easy money fast.

    As the days go by, and I come to understand that to become a real successful person, I must become a whole different person starting from my mind, heart and habits I am just running toward my success here.

    Because Organo Gold is not for the lazy person who wants to become rich the very next day. Organo Gold is much more than that. It is a company where you have to become GREAT first, and then success will follow.

    So if you are looking for some information on the company, I recommend (whoever your are) to look up info from the people with results, (as much as that sounds like the opposite of what you would do first) The people who have come to have results HUGE here, are people who had go through a process of evolution as a human beings.

    Because if im 100% sure of something is that someone who has grown mentally, intellectually and spiritually would certainly have no time to make up a blog about something it clearly does not know a thing about!

    *Sorry if i misspelled something, English is not my main language*

    Have an awesome and Blessed day and welcome to the Organo Gold Family!

  78. Brad Kamanski promotes illegal cash gifting scams and numerous other money losing schemes. Hang on to your pocketbooks and run!

  79. Anonymous9/26/2014

    And Heather Dobrott is in a lesbian relationship with a soccer mom at GSA. When were you going to tell Paul?

  80. Anonymous10/04/2014

    Greatness and Success Attracts Envy. OrganoGod Has Got Great Learning System and Not Just a Home Based Business but a Fun Based Business. I did like you to connect me on twitter, I can help bring down the strong holds in you that doesn't want you to succeed. Its time you stop criticizing, its time you stop passing over opportunities repeatedly. By the power of God, you will be set free. Twitter @walay207


  82. Anonymous6/03/2015



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