Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Organo Gold's Illuminati Agenda

Welcome to the 7 figure home owned by Organo Gold's (pimp) favorite marketing piece (whore).  I don't know if this event was a desperate attempt to pull in new minions or to highlight the secret society that is growing inside of Organo Gold. Look at David, looking young, rich and troubled (more on this later).

What a wonderful lifestyle Organo Gold has afforded a few its black partners.  Ever wonder why Organo Gold has more rich niggers than any other MLM (more on this later)? These houses are too close together to be 7 figures worth of land/property...sigh....

David and his mentor (pimp) who introduced him into this lifestyle. they have that Raz B, Chris Stokes type of relationship going on. But I cant be mad, David is living good.  The secret meeting couldn't get started without the ring leader Holton Buggs in attendance.  David couldn't wait to show his faved mentor what his years or hard work had gotten him. I knew Holton couldn't wait to see this....
David's bed! I know the mentee and mentor had long nights here......I kid....I kid.....I wonder how many female or male (you never know) IBO's had their hands on those posts?

This is the part where I get to the real reason behind this post.  Organo Gold is a company designed to affect blacks in a way that other companies have for centuries. Organo Gold is not a healthy coffee.  It's the niggers version of Starbucks. By making a young black boy rich, OG can influence other poor blacks to drink and sell this stuff in hopes of riches and good health.  Just as the nigger loves collard greens, he will also love Organo Gold.  The secret/ not-so-secret meeting was to discuss how the group, much like the illuminati can continue to influence blacks and other minority groups to shell over their last dime. David Imonitie, Jr. earns over $500,000 in income per month in Organo Gold, do you? Will you EVER?

Look at that "one" hand sign. Another ploy by the Illuminati to garner attention of the Black man.  If I knew Organo Gold had ties to the Illuminati I would have started this blog years ago. First rap music, now network marketing.  The agenda to destroy black health and pocket books should be enough for you folk to wake up.

For those of you desperate enough to want to belong to a secret society or just want to belong period then Organo Gold may be just what you need. Please come back to our blog when your pockets are bust and your blood pressure is higher than ever from chugging down that death by the ounce coffee.  If you weren't invited to Bohemian Grove this past week then consider yourself at the bottom of the barrel in OG. Behind David's smile lies a sea of despair. David has witnessed a lot in his young life. He has more money and power than he has ever dreamed. His soul is lost amongst the greed of women and fake friends. Did Holton groom you and tell you that it ain't easy at the top? This guy got men 20 years his senior begging him for advice and help, when over 20 years ago he relied on these same people to change his diaper and wipe his snotty nose. This is how the Illuminati works.  They prey on the young.....more on the OG Illuminati scandal in my next post.


  1. A scam is a scam but you and your hate talk have led me to completely disregard anything you have to say, foolish man and your nigger talk, if everything else you say is true your jealously, low self esteem and inferiority have ruined your position, although I will not follow these misguided people you will only get people with your misguided view of life and people to even give you a second thought

    1. Anonymous6/05/2012

      good for you this fuck is racist

      ive done research on satanic hand signals but then again maybe they just dont know the symbol for going to the top

    2. Anonymous6/05/2012

      It sickens me to know there are people like this blogger out there! Be a leader and not a follower! Racism really needs to die!

    3. resolute6/15/2012

      Whether this ordeal is a scam or not, I'm not sure. But;one thing I have noticed, is a jealous racist who is upset black people can(and does) live well and doing something for themselves. I'm sorry my ignorant/trashy friend; but the days of us picking cotton for the "white man" are long gone.

    4. Is it a scam? I think if it is, then the law should pursue him. Anyway, good lifestyle for him.

    5. Anonymous7/02/2012

      If this is a scam and the coffee is not healthy thanks for letting people know. However, there is no need to use racial slurs to do so. There is a big difference between a nigger and a black person and the same goes for white people they can be worse than "niggers". Just because they have been tricked into believing they are selling a "healthy" product and that they may get rich off it doesn't make them niggers nor does it make them stupid. They are just hopeful! And by the way I am not black but take great offense to your way of thinking! I have many black friends and most of them would give me their last dollar if I needed it! Maybe you need to get out and meet some new people so you won't be so simple minded. :)

    6. Anonymous8/22/2012

      google ganoderma and you tell me if its healthy or not.this peckerwood is just mad because a young black man is making more money in a month then he makes in a year

    7. I see i am not the only person that was offended by your racial slurr. If you still refer to black people as NIGGERS than your racists slip is definitely showing and the attempt of what you tried to do has LOST ALL it's validity. Try again!!!! Maybe you'll find another way, to do what ever it is your trying to do.

    8. Anonymous2/24/2013

      get over it dude, stop being a hater. congratulate and participate! who wouldnt want to live like BIG ¨D¨ ? i know i would. im a proud mexican and proud for this man and those who make it. dont be hateful dude. be cool. man, get me that salary, half for that matter in a years work and ill even change my name to jack, tiron, bill, jahad, ching, whatever. long as my familey lives well and no one is hurt behind it. after all, thats what we all strive for, for happiness for us, and those around us. take care and best regards to all. peace out...

    9. Organo Gold Is Not A Scame It is now in over 45 nations and helping thousands of people to reach financial freedom. I never take the advice of broke people. they can only teach you to be broke. I am now signing a person in Zambia, one in Kenya, one in Uganda, one in Denmark, am one in Nigeria. I have people in The US who are doing well. I have 22 years in network marketing, because it offers the best opportunity for mddle class to move up in life. don't let broke peole who cannot pay your bills cheat you out of the best opportunity to take care of your family in a much better way like I have found.

  2. Anonymous5/30/2012

    Completely agree with mytproperties. You've got way too much time on your hands and a huge inferiority complex. I'm glad your true colors came out so quickly so I didn't waste time reading anything else.

  3. Anonymous5/30/2012

    .. Yikes! I see somebody is upset. Get over it!

  4. Anonymous5/30/2012

    Wow what a hater can't stand too see someone become wealthy so they automatically are classified as evil.. they only evil being done is the one who is judgemental towards the ones who have a dream and go for it and are makin it well in life. Don't me mad to talk about people on what they are doin. U should ask yourself "what am I doing to be were I want to be in life." If it is a scam so let it be who are u to judge. I know I wouldn't mind living in a house like that

  5. Anonymous5/30/2012

    I normally don't even comment on these kinda blogs but I came across this and had to comment. First, you obviously are someone that has lots of time to copy pictures from other sites and post them here. From your "nigger" statements I have to assume you are not black, so you definitely have an inferiority complex (you come up short monetarily and more-than-likely in other areas). Thirdly, I know David. He is not in any damn consipiracy-NWO-illuminati as you seem to believe. YOU are the "nigger" here regardless of your color. Ignorance and jealousy shows in every sentence you typed. You see, whenever someone is successful there are always people like you that really want to think there is some backroom conspiracy going on that allows these "illuminati" to become rich. The fact of the matter is that you work or you starve. The people complaining about illuminati BS are the ones starving and lazy. Yes the unseen hand exists (I know truth) but he ain't part of it. Regardless of my views on MLM I am just speaking up for David as a man. You either have time or money and you seem to have a lot of time so you gotta be broke. Because if you were doing anything with your miserable life, you would not be so concerned with what another "nigger" is doing. Poor, lost, in despair, David, can sleep at night because he has money in the bank whereas you are up creating websites for nonsense like this. All of us "niggers" work with someone just like you. We know exactly who you are. By the way....don't be mad..UPS is hiring. BTW, those home that are so close together? Well go look up River Oaks in Houston. Get up off of your sister and read a book or meditate or something......Geez! How are those Tea Party meetings going lil guy?

    1. Anonymous9/26/2012

      Okay, a lil off the subject. In researching this seemingly awesome product I discovered that all of the "OG" (lol. lovin' how that sounds) products are sold on amazon and for a nice price cut compared to receiving product through actual reps. This actually took the wind out of my eager to sign lil wings. Seeing as though u have a personal relationship with the maayyaan in all this, I was wondering if you might have some insight on the benefit of "signing up" when it seems to me that I can just make "on demand" orders and get this thing really cracking being the huslah/ triple OG that I am. lol. Seriously though. Really interested. Please respond.

  6. Wow, "Nigger" was used a lot. I am considering joining Organo Gold because my main goal in life is to help re-build Detroit. If it is possible for one it is possible for many. If there was any truth to what you were saying you completeely discredited yourself with those rude, disrepectful and hateful comments. There are many people in this business who already have great incomes and saw this as an opportunity to help bring others into a position of wealth or even if it is not wealth, financial freedom. As a person going for a Bachelors Degree I wouldn't mind a little financial freedom. I wouldn't mind being able to fully pay for my own tuition without taking out loans. I also wouldn't have a problem with helping my children reach whatever goals they have in life without it breaking the bank. People we have to start somewhere and why not invest in yourself for a year and make some money for youself before giving that same year to an employer and still have debt, worry and stress chasing you down the following year.

    1. Anonymous1/27/2013

      You're going to rebuild Detroit with shitty coffee?

  7. Anonymous5/31/2012

    Here is another site that shares different links and info on Organo Gold. It is by someone who did their own research and talks about the red flags to be aware of before signing. It doesn't bash Organo Gold, but has some good links to at least look at before you make a decision.


  8. Anonymous6/01/2012

    Why you dont show your face coward? First of all, get your life together ”Hater”. Are you that jealous of that mans success that you would literally write a blog about him. Lol... Your a joke, how about you get on his level before you start talking about somebody. Until then, close your mouth. Period.

  9. Caring Heart6/01/2012

    So i am new to this whole Blog thing but after reading these comments i have to say that it is not anyone's place to judge,altho there may be some behind the scene things that happened and is never a good thing to critize anyones character, At the end of the day if they are doing wrong they will get caught they always do.. I believe everyone has the right to be successful no matter what color we are, and if you can find a way to make it than by all means do it, with that being said GOd does not like ugly and he will punish those that are doing wrong, Yes they may be able to live the good life on earth but we all know when we die we don't take a cent with us.So while we should all cheer each other on to be successful if we have nothing nice to say we should keep it to ourselves, and pray that GOD soften our hearts to love one another and be kind and forgiven to those who have hurt us. God loves each and everyone one of us and wants nothing but the best for all of us despite our race or shape. God Bless have a good day

  10. Anonymous6/02/2012

    I'm a distributor in Organo Gold and I know first hand that it is NOT a scam. It is a blessing. A man that don't work, don't eat. I've met David, he's a nice, HUMBLE, GOD-fearing man. Whoever wrote this post must be afraid because soon LAST SHALL BE FIRST, AND FIRST SHALL BE LAST!!!!

    1. Anonymous8/02/2012

      God = Santa Claus for Adults.

      FACT: Less Education = More Religious

      Good luck with that dumb ass god fearing christian

    2. Anonymous11/08/2012

      You = Uneducated & Ignorant

      FACT: Some of the world's most educated people are Asians (Indians, Persians, Chinese, Japanese)...they are also some of the world's most religious people.

      Good luck with your small mind

  11. Anonymous6/02/2012

    Wow you are a serious hater. Whoever you are you must be so close to him that you are stabbing him in the back. you lil pussy.

  12. Anonymous6/02/2012

    maaaaannnnnnnnn sheeeeeeeeeet.....bout time dem muh fuggin white muhfugguhs be getten dey shit rite....

    1. Anonymous6/05/2012

      you mean sheeeeeiiit right??? HAHA

  13. Anonymous6/02/2012

    I'm not an Organo Gold fan (I think the business model takes advantage of people in making you sign up at a level you may not be able to afford to), but I agree, you lose credibility when you start attacking people.

    If you have issues, stick to the facts.

    1. Anonymous6/11/2012

      Stories sell, Facts just tell.
      Walk the walk dont talk the talk.

  14. Anonymous6/02/2012

    http://www.JeffSokolMLMTraining.com does not support racist talk. Good luck.

  15. Anonymous6/04/2012

    Youre an idiot. OrganoGold is a great company that helps people. I'm sorry your miserable existence isn't worthy of wealth.

  16. Anonymous6/05/2012

    I must say... ive never been so dumbed down in my life niggers the illuminati.... dude!!! get real if it exists they burn in hell.. stop fukkin your cousin and leave west virgnia bcuz ur sister is waiting in alabama to slap her around like a whore thats never been to church... you make me sick... i have my issues with blacks, hispanics, whites but never over success....your clearly jealous.. and i bet your at home thinking what an ass you are cuz i havent seen one reply about anyone agreeing good for that "nigger" i hope he didnt sell his soul to the devil and still made it... maybe he didnt i know the finger in the air like that is satanic symbol according to disclosed internet sources but then again organo gold is a scam according to you you stupid ignorant racist piece... WOW your and asshole... if it werent for black girls.... id never get great head ya heard BIATCH

    1. Anonymous6/05/2012

      and damn my typing sucks at 5:30 am FUKK ME i need some COFEEE OG4L BIATCH

    2. Anonymous1/24/2013

      So making fun of people from Alabama and West Virginia make you a better person? You're the same as that dumbass..

  17. Anonymous6/05/2012

    oh yeah if i had that much money i wouldnt wanna be paying some illegal mexican to cut my grass or maybe the property of the land is divided for maximum occupancy because CALI IS FULL OF US NIGGERS SPICS AND FAKE TITS AND REALL ASSHOLes shyiiiiiitttt peace BIATCH BACK TO THE VIRTUAL MURDERIN ON THE PS3

  18. Anonymous6/12/2012


  19. Anonymous6/13/2012

    I had an opportunity to join Organo Gold about a year and a half ago, but I passed on joining because I didn’t drink coffee and I didn’t take the time to get educated about Organo Gold and what makes it such a successful company. It took a friend giving me a sample a year and half later to really open my eyes to the potenial of what this company truly has to offer and where this company is headed in the future.

  20. Anonymous6/19/2012

    Don't matter if this asshole is a racist or not, his crap shows up on page one. OG should sue this asshole. There are scared people that see this crazy crap and run form OG.

    1. Anonymous8/18/2012

      You got it right. OG should simply sue this moronic asshole #1, shit for brains most likely pedophile, trailer trash dumb dip shit clown! What a damn sucker and a waste the guy writing this BL(AHG) is! Hey dumb ass writer, don't let that go over your head and HEY, I'm BLACK. Need my address?

  21. Anonymous6/25/2012

    As a sapphire in this organization, driving a new mercedes benz and having 2 people on my team qualifying this month to their mercedes, I can tell all of you that who ever write this blog its CRAZY!! Do me a favor and follow the 4 step system.This is a business just like any other business out there.If you dont work it wont work for you.You should stop lying to everyone and admit that you join the business and set down waiting for the people to show up at your door and the money in your account. NOTHING in life works this way. And just so you know, the fact that you are talking so bad about OG is making a LOT OF PEOPLE come check it out and finding real leader that walk them through the 4 steps and making them money!! If you WORK, BELIEVE in yourself and surround yourself with positive info and people..You make it here and anywhere!!Lets go DIAMOND EVERYONE!!!! www.ogshow.com ps:why dont you all google ganoderma and see the benefits for yourself and call USDA,KOSHER,HALAL and all of the certifications that we have and tell them that they are wrong, that you ARE a better qualified person to approve this product!!

  22. Anonymous6/25/2012

    you are disgusting talkig about a human being like this. Regardless of your bad experience, that proves to everyone that you are untrustworthy.

  23. Anonymous6/26/2012

    Im a Black Man!!! Im joining O.G.!!! & im gonna sell ur punk ass some OG Bitch¡¡¡¡¡¡

  24. Anonymous6/26/2012

    wow!! First of all I am nobody to judge but its obvious your venture with OG did no work most likely because you were not successful in it!! It is working for my family and I and we soon to will be making plenty of money why dont you stop wasting your time and talking about OG and focus on you and what you need to do to be successful.

  25. Anonymous6/28/2012

    I cant believe you waist your time being negative against other races and hating on people who make it in life. obviously you spend more than enough time to know everything about organogold. i guess you think the Napoleon Hill foundation and think and grow rich are fake too. http://www.naphill.org/
    wonder why they have not signed with Google or any other big company, and why the OG logo is on there book??? hey funny thing i found out the other day while talking with mr Emmanuel Bernstein if you ever did join the company you can join back in and have all your down line back in your organization. unless you have a bad name with OG that is. I don't know any other network marketing company that does that...just saying.

    PS white Sapphire in organogold, have been in 2.5 months, I am 25 years old.

  26. Anonymous6/29/2012

    Im soon to start this is really true?

  27. Anonymous7/04/2012

    WoW!!!! This person sounds like someone who could have been at the top and living the number one lifestyle in the world, Quit because they were as negative then as they still are, and is mad as hell. Get over it. You can join Organo Gold and prove to yourself that you really are worthy. For all of your hatred against other people and their differences...if what I've said is true... I see why you didn't make it. Organo Gold is about personal development. Wow!!! in 2012. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this person just needs medication.


    There you will see option to report abuse. It will give you choices of Defamation/Slander, Copyright, Using someone Personal Info etc.

    They are using Mr Imonities pictures without consent.

    What if it was YOUR pictures, folks? What if it was YOUR success and someone was bent on bringing you down?

    Report this blog

    Report this blog

    Report this blog

    Report this blog

    Report this blog.

    Report this blog

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    Report this blog

    Report this blog

    Report this blog

    1. Ed Cash7/23/2012

      Mr. Sotero M. Lopez ll – I see that you are an OG Distributor, and just like the OG powers that be you are MISLEADING & MISINFORMING the masses. Your analysis (stretch to call it that) appears quite elementary.

      Please google the FAIR USE ACT (a subsection within U.S. Copyright Law. This is the act that allows someone to use another persons pictures (WITHOUT PERMISSION) as long as the purpose is for education, commentary, or criticism. You really expose your intelligence or lack there of when you implore everyone to Report this blog (TEN TIMES, DOUBLE SPACED) when the blogger is not in violation of anything. I’ll give you a pass though. You are probably just used to the sheep in your downline doing whatever you request.

      As for your defamation/slander comments. Do some research before spewing ignorance. In general, a slanderous statement must be verbally spoken. The bloggers statements are written = no slander. What you are thinking of is LIBEL – a written/published false statement that damages someone’s reputation. Under libel OG would have to prove that this site damaged their reputation and show the FINANCIAL losses incurred as a result of this damage. You know that will never happen as Holton and David are making money hand over fist and could care less about this site as long as suckers keep signing up.

      OG combat’s this negative press by paying insiders to respond favorably on blogs and depending on loyalists like you who are crazy enough to support OG in blogs while adding your picture and personal information to boot. I’m sure Holton and David love your passion.

  29. Anonymous7/06/2012

    The way most of you express yourselves with foul language and nasty descriptions of other people, you discredit yourselves as being credible representative for either your case or the Organo Gold company. I was looking it up after reading about it in a magazine in the Chiropractor's office. There seems to be little professionalism or good character on on either side.

  30. Ed Cash7/09/2012

    To everyone who disagrees w/ the owner of this blog – Wake Up!

    I am a black male and sometimes you have to call it like you see it. I have found the information on this blog to be most informative. The “N” word is sometimes appropriate. (Remember the movie “Friday After Next” When the cops were asking Craig, Dada, and Uncle Elroy for a description of the guy who robbed them. The cop stated, was he a black guy? And Dada (played by Mike Epps) said, “No it was a Nigga that did this.”

    I was invited to and attended an OG “business" meeting in Atlanta on June 26, 2012 at the Cobb Galleria Centre. It was standing room only as approx. 1000+ people filled ballroom A. And what I witnessed was garden-variety coonery and buffoonery. A Blk female diamond (initials A.B.) kicked things off with a presentation that included statements; “I’m like a drug dealer, I can pop my trunk anywhere and sell coffee”, and “when I first heard the term ganoderma I thought it was something you needed penicillin to get rid of.” A Blk Male diamond (initials C.M.) took the stage next. He stated “I was like a desperate animal in a cage when I found OG.” And finally, a Blk Male Blue Diamond (initials E.H.) sauntered down the center isle to booming music and crowd applause wearing a pinstriped black and white mobster suit. He took the stage and shared his rags to riches story just as the two previous speakers had done. He stated that he used to run a million dollar construction co. for YEARS, but had to BORROW $1300 to purchase the Gold package. (gotta being lying about one or the other; he either did not own a million $ construction co. or he didn’t have to borrow the $1300. Think about it) He then proceeded to call the OG sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds to the front of the room. It was like the alter call at church with approx 100 people standing before the congregation. The Blue Diamond male then hugged the Diamond female who had spoken earlier in the meeting. She then gave a tearful testimony (she kept weeping and wiping her face but I never saw any tears) about how they are just trying to set people free and people just need to seize the opportunity at financial freedom by joining OG. On cue the Blue Diamond male for the first time sprung the prices to join (note this thing started at 7:30 pm on a week night and ran till 11) Organo Gold. “$220 bronze, $500 silver, $1300 Gold.”

    Anonymous – I will give you this. The owner of this blog cannot be using the “N” word to mean ignorant. As these greedy, lying, professional savages are far from ignorant. From what I witnessed on June 26, 2012, I think PIMPS would be more appropriate.

    1. Anonymous7/21/2012

      Ed Cash your an idiot!

  31. Anonymous7/13/2012

    are you mad because these niggers have more money than you? you're so sad!

  32. Anonymous7/14/2012

    I'm in total agreement with many of the responders to this blog; it would be a great blog about the product and the misleading or misrepresentation of the riches one would earn. However; your "N" word comments completely ruined the message or point you were attempting to relay to readers. Your are a worthless peace of crap and sorry excuse for either a man or woman but bitch would probably be your gender of choice. Idiot!

  33. Anonymous7/25/2012

    Its a pyramid business or something to that effect; like Amway. I don't disagree with the business model. It takes very outgoing people (extroverted) to accomplish the business. If OG has a genuine product that has value and is reliably shipped to the consumer then that is a great business. If you dont want to go the Ebay or Amazon way then this is a viable model to sell product.

    I dont know whether the person who started this blog had a bad experience with the company or any company that sells under this model but attacking in this manner definitely discredits him.

    Hey, you never know, maybe the OG company put someone up to create this blog just to arouse those that are looking on the web for earning money thereby using reverse psychology to get business!

  34. Anonymous7/25/2012

    I am so very sorry about any issues the blogger might have had.......but all the name calling on either part is ridiculous.....i am currently looking into this business and thou i am not yet a distributor. I believe if you dont like something fix it, if it concerns you that ppl are being "pimped"........ Give some evidence to your claim cause theirs is evident....im not taking sides but your cause doesnt seem genuine pray for these ppl i do and im praying that we as ppl(human beings) would focus more on the solution then the problems!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous7/26/2012

      Thinking of joining OG or any MLM? Start your due diligence at these two sites. Both were created by independent 3rd parties.

      Article: Lure of Multi-Level Marketing


      Article: Typical Misrepresentations Used in MLM Recruitment


  35. Carl Pathos J.D. MBA7/26/2012

    Organo Gold is NOT a SCAM! It's simply a LIE!

    In my humble legal opinion OG as an MLM is guilty of PUFFING – A fully legal (considered unethical by some) practice of making expressions or exaggerations concerning business opportunities or products offered for sale. Ex. A car salesman stating “this car is in good shape, it runs like a champ.”

    OG states, “it’s easy, it’s simple, it’s coffee.” They assert that if you follow the plan for 18 months you will be successful. This is PUFFING and the issue lies in the definition being used for success. The OG definition of success is DIAMOND – “THE #1 LIFESTYLE IN THE WORLD” which you achieve by accumulating $200,000 volume per calendar month. Their website www.ogshow.com is replete with videos and testimonials from diamond consultants who speak directly to their breakthroughs and their lavish lifestyle.

    However, this same website has a legal disclaimer in grey scale (difficult to see) print at the bottom that states, “The information contained in this video, including the income representations and lifestyle depictions, is based on the earnings of a very small percentage of Organo Gold distributors who have reached the highest levels of success within the Company’s marketing program. These depictions are substantially in excess of the average results achieved by all of our distributors, and should not be interpreted as express or implied earnings guarantees on the part of Organo Gold. They are NOT representative of what you or anyone else may or will earn.”


    "Our records show that only 1% of our USA distributors have equaled or exceeded the performance described in this video. Success in the Company’s marketing program will vary from Distributor to Distributor and will depend on personal efforts, including, but not limited to skill and time invested in developing the business."

  36. Anonymous7/27/2012

    Well. I see that you are a Google AdSense publisher. You know what. Your AdSense account will be disabled by Google in couple of weeks or may be in a month.

    You are violating the Google AdSense terms by using Racial hate spech.

    Report policy violation

    Did the site you just came from violate any of the following policies? (Please select at least one, at most three that apply) *

    The site encouraged me to click on the ads.

    The site has adult or pornographic content.

    The site contains violent content.

    The site promotes racial intolerance, or advocacy against an individual, group, or organization.

    The site makes it difficult to distinguish ads from content.

    The site is promoted through unsolicited mass emails.

    The site tried to install something on my computer.

    The site violates AdSense program policies in other ways.

    Well You know what I picked.

    Say Good by to Your Google AdSense account.

    1. Anonymous8/18/2012

      Smoked this clown with law!!!

  37. Anonymous8/05/2012

    I have been involved with OG for 11 months now. MLM is not for everyone. It's just for folks that have the ability to want more out of life than expecting our government or corporate to provide economic freedom. I attended the meeting at the Cobb Galleria, admittingly the speakers were lacking professionalism and certainly were hyping when they didn't need too. It's about the numbers, MLM has always been about the numbers. I am making 16,000 a month now but this is nothing when I know folks making 10 times this with OG. My compliments for those that have made the effort to take a risk and look and think outside the box!!!! You are one less person that my taxes will go to that expects our current government officials will take care of them!!!!!!

  38. Anonymous8/10/2012

    OG business is a great opportunity for anyone that wants s better life. Period! Think about this for a second...when a company is on the rise and people are finally winning and earning a strong income, there's always haters out there. I'm a proud full time Distributor with Organo Gold and I do extremely well. The indivudual that created this negative blog, needs some serious help...perhaps a lot of help.

  39. Anonymous8/12/2012

    this blogger has some serious issues.
    if this was such a scam then why are my parents having the success and financial freedom that these Leaders are? why are then making 10,000 a month with Organo? why do they own 2 Mercedes now? because obviously it's not a scam.

    People Lie, Numbers Don't.

  40. Anonymous8/15/2012

    What an awful attempt to keep people down. How dare you try and make a great company look bad. You should be ashamed of yourself. What are doing to help people change their lives?? Spreading this garbage, really get a life.

  41. Anonymous8/15/2012

    I was looking for some real feedback on Organo Gold, but you lost me at "niggers." Grow up.

  42. Anonymous8/18/2012

    It is very obvious to me that you have not accomplished what you needed to for yourself. The only thing you have managed to do is allow others to see the opportunity that Organo Gold really is. It is quite clear to me that you see in David Imonite what you have not been able to obtain in your own life. Instead of focusing on Mr. Imonite I suggest you go back to school to broaden your vocabulary. Life is to short for you to be such a sad and bitter individual. Lol, instead of mocking him you should have personally reached out to him to be your mentor.

  43. Anonymous8/22/2012

    It is just disgusting the statements made here I wasen't going to comment, because i stay away from negativity and ignorance, until i saw my mentor in one of your pictures. I had the HONOR of meeting Mr.Imonitie here in Detroit last week and he is an amazing person i am a proud OG distributer ive been in the business for five months and have had great success with the company im not black but my mentor is and he has more business sense than anyone ive met before I have had some success in the past i have owned my restaurant for seven years and now at 26 years old ive been given an opportunity with OG unlike any other and i can respect Mr.Imonitie because i too started young in business and i know the sacrifices that have to be made to get to the level he has achieved and i strive to be more like him everyday so if you believe in yourself dont worry about what people that have not achieved anything have to say keep following your dreams and keep trying instead of wasting time on a negative persons thoughts. I leave you with this "don't take advice from broke people"
    have a wonderful life
    Daniel Zykaj

  44. Anonymous8/30/2012



  45. Anonymous9/02/2012

    I was led to this site through my efforts to find out more about this product after being introduced to it by a friend. The decision to use racially derogatory language has colored (no pun intended) my admittedly limited experience with this product, and certainly turned me off to this site. Unfortunately, whatever information/knowledge the author wanted me to glean from reading this blog, will never be received because I will never visit such a despicable site again.

  46. Anonymous9/13/2012

    MLM SUCKS but in no way is it appropriate to call black men the N word no matter what they have done!

  47. Anonymous9/18/2012

    This post is really interesting. On top of the Organo Gold Scam something else too.

  48. Anonymous9/18/2012

    Hey white shithed boy, if your mama and wife is getting Fucked like this you will know the power of a black dick. May be they need some.

  49. Anonymous9/29/2012

    You dumb ass fucking redneck you use the word nigger so much i got sick you dumb fuck!!!

  50. Those who fail in MLM business always talk shit about the company. Because those piece of shit give up too easily when they are going to be successful just 1-3 feet.

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  52. Anonymous12/12/2012

    So I'm doing some research on whether or not to join OG and came across this blog. The first couple of articles seemed to be legitimate. Then I come to this posting. The hate speech and foul language have convinced me that this blog has no merit and OG is probably the best MLM opportunity going. I have found that when people vehemently speak against and persecute (even verbally) something/someone they could not put faith in, it is usually worth it. They did the same thing to Jesus Christ. I hope you find your way out the pit of desperation and depression you wallow in.

    1. Anonymous7/23/2014

      wow this is powerful!! :) totally agree!

  53. Anonymous12/23/2012

    I am a member of organo gold... and I must say I absolutely love our products, the people in our company and the lives I'm able to change day in and day out. I feel terrible for the person who created this post! I pray that you change you're way of thinking and wake up and smell the coffee. I have only one question for you....how many people have you been able to help by you're hating? I help people everyday!

  54. Anonymous1/04/2013

    I try living my life as a God fearing man. I've tried many, many things in the past and have not found anything quite like OrganoGold. They have perfected a product that is geared to be sold in an MLM. It is a no brainer for people who truly see it. Now with that said, everyone MUST put God FIRST in order to prosper. Zig Ziglar may he rest in peace said it best. If you put people First (now mind you it is not a contradiction as God is in ALL of us) and we are God's children, and you give them what they want out of life, then guess what? You will get what you want out of Life!!! Personal growth and development first! Blessing people by introducing them to OG, because it is the economic equalizer! Now I have to go out and bless more people!!! God bless everyone! OG for Life!!! Paul Alvarez going Saphire!!! Project 50K in full effect!!! Passport to FREEDOM!!! That is what it's all about!!! I'm out!

  55. Anonymous1/30/2013

    Jesus Christ how old is the person behind this blog? What kind of person is running this blog?. "get niggers" are you fucking kidding me? For a moment there I thought you were an intellectual with insight on why it's a scam. You're just another person who enforces false facts or facts that have no proof behind them. Go fuck yourself and your blog.
    God bless everyone.

  56. Anonymous4/03/2013

    WHAT RUBBISH !!!!!

  57. Anonymous4/12/2013

    I find the racism here very offense but let me say that the way that Organo Gold has these young black and latino men convinced that they will be living this lifestyle is HILARIOUS. I live in Atlanta, GA in the second wealthiest upper middle class predominately black neighborhood in America (Sandtown/Cascade/Cascade Heights). I see blacks living in mansions much larger than the mini-mansions pictured above, more luxurious cars, and more lavishly decorated homes every single day. I went to private school, yes private school, with the children of these home owners. Do you know they were able to afford their homes, cars, and lifestyle? Almost all of them are doctors, lawyers, executives, and entrepreneurs with multiple degrees. The entrepreneurs are running REAL businesses with ethical products and services. They don't have to lie, steal, and cheat their way to the top of their businesses or play by someone else's rules because THEY created THEIR own company. They don't have to recruit people to become their customers or to join their businesses. Why? Because they are legitimate professionals who don't have to DECEIVE and CON their way to success. Their success creates generational wealth. The illusion of success with Organo Gold will only create massive debt, broken relationships, and falling into that 99% failure statistic that they have you convinced you won't be a part of.

  58. Anonymous6/14/2013

    Yes this blogger has come across racist and that's understandable to everyone who has posted, but ppl you have pissed the point in this man's blog. From all the posted posts it seems to me ppl have no understanding of the Illuminati and how they can influence and manipulate the black man. Those hand signs are a dead give away!

    It's time to open your eyes and look at all angles as today's society have only one set of blinkers on and they all follow each other like cows.

    Perhaps a little research will help open ppls minds.

  59. Anonymous6/21/2013

    MLM is exploding...The Top earners in OG are all Races. You focus on David Imonite but Shane Morand is second to Holton Buggs then Jose Ardon and John Sachtouras and then Christian Steinkeller who is white is from Europe and he is making more than David. And then I know Mr Ventura is making more than David. I just named 5 people who are not Black making more than David so you either you don't know Organo Gold money makers or you are jealous of David Imonite. Nuff Said.

  60. Anonymous6/26/2013

    You need to stop this negative post.. We all see that OrganoGold is Legit. You my friend are jealous of any persons success. You should join Serenigy and tell them OrganoGold sent you. Good day you loser !!!!

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  62. Anonymous11/15/2013

    Isnt it obvious the person who posted this blog is black. A white guy wouldnt have the nerve to use that word....and more importantly, only a nigga could hate on another black man who trying to find his niche

    1. Anonymous1/06/2014

      True i agree

  63. Anonymous4/28/2014

    They have moved into the Nigerian market (1st April). I have met personally with one of the diamond earners and he is still trying to convince me of the Growth Potential.. He said something "I do not drink coffee, but I believe in the business" because I am a business man!
    How do you market a product, which you do not consume. Majority of the approving bodies are Chinese companies.
    Africa is a hot continent, Coffee drinking is certainly not our culture, so What exactly are you trying to do???
    The Majority in the African community lives @$1/day- yet you want people who can buy Bronze-149/silver-$492/...

    Dodgy...But I'm playing along

    1. with 0ver 4 billion people drinking coffee you do not have to drink the coffee to market it. you share the coffee and if the people who drink coffee like it, tjey will buy it. Don't let that stop you. I did nto drink coffee whewn I first joined becasue iot was not an obstacle to earni the money I am making now. I now have businesses in 4 countries with seveal more tarageted. Don't let excuses and distractions keep you from joininh. the people that tell you not to are broke and don't want to see you get ahead. not only that, don't listen to people who cannot teach you step by step how to make millions. but listen to the person that has done so

  64. Anonymous6/11/2014

    well my question to this writer is david and organo gold are inviting and offering many black men a chance to at least make money . Forget hw much he earns . Didnt happen in one day . What are you offering us .

  65. Anonymous6/15/2014

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