Monday, September 20, 2010


Since starting this blog a few years ago I have been receiving numerous complaints in my e-mail address from past IBO's. Everything from their sneaky marketing practices to how they deceive those who want to start selling their product. I can't list all of the grievances from my inbox, so I am allowing an open forum for those who want to get things off of their chest. Organo Gold has even cost a few citizens their house and family. You will go broke giving this company your money, while trying to maintain a false sense of financial security.

Here's what they don't tell you:

Organo Gold is already saturated. Just like other MLM's like Mary Kay, etc. Those who are going to mak ethe 6 figure plus salaries are already installed and in place. There is no way a "new" IBO can come in and make anything over $200 per month. That's just enough to pay a phone bill and maybe one other minor bill. But for the money you put out, in the end...YOU LOSE!!

So, go ahead and publish your grievances to the world. You are totally ANONYMOUS. Let's keep our families together and a roof over our heads.


  1. Anonymous9/20/2010

    How wrong can they be. I have been in Organogold for 4 months and I'm averaging $1,000 a week. This could not be farther than the truth. Saturation by the way is a myth. Anyone who thinks that is just not educated. More stoves and appliances are sold each year even though everyone already has one. they upgrade!

    1. Anonymous6/03/2012

      They say that there are two ways to earn money. 1) through the commissions the company pays through the sale of their coffee and 2) through pyramid building.

      Well, the fraud is that there is no way the company can tell you how much is made from the actual sale of coffee to the end user because they can't track this. So all of the money made by the company is made by stuffing the "distributors" with coffee inventories. Period.

    2. Wow, sounds like you have you "facts" straight. Where in the world do you get you info. I need research that info myself.

    3. Xango has a long history of having it’s distributors make money. Not only that, but there are a lot of people worldwide who make money in this industry each Xango scam is totally false..........

  2. Anonymous9/23/2010

    The guy who started this post sounds like an idiot....Plain and simple...

    1. Anonymous6/03/2012

      The top salesmen at the company have been involved with pyramid frauds before. Check this out. The only way this company can exist is by distributors constantly pushing other people to become distributors. It is the only way the company makes money.

      There is no return policy and everyone eats their inventory or gives it away.

  3. Anonymous9/24/2010

    I bought into Organo Gold and left immediately due to misrepresentations and unprofessional upper management but your TOTALLY WRONG about being able to make a six figure income. It's obvious you're ignorant about network marketing as this company is still in its infancy

  4. Anonymous9/24/2010

    Can you please be more specific about Organo Gold "misrepresentation and unprofessional upper management"


  5. Anonymous9/28/2010


  6. I had one of their "reps" tell me it could cure cancer, diabetes, and something else (can't remember). BULL FUCKING SHIT. If this crap could cure anything, wouldn't medical professionals be harnessing its power? It is ILLEGAL to make any such claims with no backing. Also, what is up with the price? Even if it tasted good (which it doesn't), why would I pay 10x more that the same product being sold at an Asian market? Ganoderma, just like ginseng, ginko biloba, etc are a fraud. Remember ginseng in its hay day? It did everything. Now it has been proven scientifically that it does NOTHING other than taste gross. It may not be a scam but people, come on, buy from your local stores and save money too.

  7. Anonymous9/30/2010


    There are over 700 conclusive medical and scientific studies regarding Ganoderma...

    And yes the medical community is learning about it...Don't forget that the BIG PRESCRITION DRUG companies will never endorse holisitic therapy because they can make money....

    Do you even know the difference between Eastern and Western Medicine???

    Obviously NOT...

    Have you ever tried the ganoderma enriched coffee at the asian markets???

    Probably NOT!!!

    It taste like cough syrup...

    Anybody can get this coffee for as little as .50 cents per serving...

    Starbucks sell instant coffee for $1.00 per serving...

    Bottom line is you sound like an IDIOT!!!

  8. Anonymous10/05/2010

    Actually Anonymous, you sound like like one of their representative and therefore are the idiot. I have tried ganoderma coffee from the Asian markets, most of it tastes better that the swill you call organo gold. What is the percentage of ganoderma in OG anyhow? Not enough to make a difference. To be quite honest, none of the ganoderma enfused products on the market have a high enough percentage to make a difference for any medical condition. You would have to drink GALLONS of this shit for it to make a difference. Go to any market that sells ganoderma enfused coffee or tea, doesn't even have to be an asian market. The prices are a tenth of organo gold. Oh, and eat a bowl of dicks while your at it:)

  9. Anonymous10/05/2010

    You must being eating a lot of dick since you talking so much shit that really makes no sense...

    You don't even know what a "tenth" would amount to cause if you did you would know what you saying don't make sense...

    You sound ignorant and you probable some broke as punk with no life...

    Later Punk....

  10. Anonymous10/06/2010

    Good comeback uneducated black person, good come back. Touche...

    1. Anonymous5/30/2012

      you really need to go back in the hole you came out from.

  11. Anonymous10/07/2010

    FYI: I am not "black" you ignorant racist pig...

    1. Anonymous4/06/2012

      you seem black to me.
      type proper english and people will take you monkeys for actual humans.

    2. Anonymous5/16/2012

      well its not what you say its how you say it.
      if your living the life in a certain way because someone said something ignorant to you. your just weak minded, and as soon as you here that its a scam you close up shop all because someone doesnt want to see you succeed. so if you do dedicate yourself and do it right you will help your self and your family. stay away from your negative peers because all they talk about is the government not giving jobs to people. so whats going on now! is that the rich are allowing to open opportunities to people so they can learn to achieve greatness and fanancial freedom. appreciate the rich for them investing in this project. now theres a chance for people to be leaders not followers. the rich work while the poor is having fun and distracting themselves. its mostly young people with the wrong attitude because there not mature enough to look towards the future instead there worried about where there gonna sleep and kick it at. don't be a slug be a snake. i am a mexican by the way. im not an african american. im gonna help people out. because im gonna do it not try it.

    3. Anonymous2/20/2013

      saying black is not racist, in fact is the preferred term when referring to an African Americans ethnicity. learn.

  12. Anonymous10/08/2010

    The wholesale cost of the coffee is $15 per box of 30 servings which come out to .50 cents per serving...

    By the way a "tenth" of $15 is $1.50...

    My quetion to you is where can you buy a box of 30 servings of ANY coffee for $1.50????

    Starbucks sell it's instant coffee at the supermarket for $3.00 for 3 servings...

    You sound like an IDIOT coming online with your ridiculous statements about buying ganoderma coffee at the asian markets for a "tenth"?

    It obvious who been eating to much "dick"...

    YOU PUNK!!!

    1. Anonymous4/06/2012

      OBVIOUSLY an african american there.
      GTFO and get a clue you moron.
      YOU CHIMP!!!
      (for your education i give you this)

    2. Anonymous5/16/2012

      Nothing but negative statements and no truth.
      i know people like this. nothing but following what another loser said.
      please walk the walk and be quite.
      theres pros and theres amateurs

  13. Anonymous10/19/2010

    One person for Organo and one against. Now, can we end this conversation that has much underpinnings of hatred and ignorance. There is positive and negative in everything; so, grab your life and live it. Good luck!

  14. Anonymous10/25/2010

    While Organo Gold is sucking in so many people, it is also breaking up homes. Their main idea of "do what ever it takes" has broken up my family by brain washing my now ex-wife and making her believe that her partner is only an obsticle. She has thrown away the family that she has had for over a decade in pursuit of something that even though it might have some legitimacy, it will never be worth what you loose. If they were more open about the product and the business and have them speak to their family members about what it is required, then people can make better decisions about it. instead of brain washing them into believing that in 18 months they WILL be making six figures.
    On top of all that they have the nerve to say that they are in the business of helping others. How? By making the company richer? It is never enough to simply buy the coffee, they want you to purchase a large amount and get into the company. promising the heavens.

    1. Anonymous3/16/2012

      I agree. It is all brainwashing! My husband just recently joined, and has gone crazy. He believes I am obstacle and negative because I don't buy into it. He is not realizing that he can loose it all. It is just so sad that these people joining are buying into the dream Organo Gold is selling them.

    2. Anonymous5/16/2012

      Like i said that person didnt persue it right.
      he was so worried about the money that he lost it his mind.
      organo gold didnt make him lose. it was himself that went crazy, because someone told them about just money, and not about the company. this is a chance for people to get out the gutter. Quit thinkin of yourselves and think of your family. I have friends that had to sell everything to make it to where there at now. you gotta make sacrifices things for it to be worth something. now hes got the money to by all of that back tens to twenty times more. so if your going to join organo gold think about it straight because its not the company its you. stop being negative just stay quite and do you. dont force people to join especially if you dont got the right info. what is true is that it is pretty much legal slangin, because you by an amount just so you can double it. they give you the chance to flip your money. so if you join and you make your money back, and you decide to stop! then go ahead because you obviously dont have charisma or leadership to start your own business. thank you to all with positive vibes. stay away from the negative peers if your weak minded. they are just gonna bring you down. get with a family that will always be there for. someone thats gonna pull your ear when you mess up. you need disciplin to grow in this company.

  15. Anonymous10/25/2010


    Sounds to me like your ex-wife got tired of being married to your broke ass...

    So now that she is working on securing her financial future and becoming financially independent you are mad...

    So 18 months from now you will still be working paycheck to paycheck, driving the same old car and living in the same old barn...

    I applaud your ex-wife for taking a stand and striving to live the American Dream...

    I pitty you because you'll probable be working at Walmart as a greeter when you are 65...

    1. Anonymous4/06/2012

      your the same dumbshit from above, you trolling treeclimber.

      example "..."

    2. convenient, Your ass would lick dirt before you said that directly to a "treeclimber" in person. Do more research on genetics. I am bi-racial and i know enough to know the best part of me is black! Maybe you just hate black coffee. Just put cream in it an get over it already!

  16. Anonymous10/26/2010

    The person above this post is a troll. I have been watching the posts on this site for months and it seems to be one person posting most of the pro-organo gold propaganda. Go away troll, nobody wants you here.

  17. Anonymous10/26/2010

    Hey you,

    Looks to me like there is more "documentation" about average people having success with Organo Gold then the other way around...

    So you been watching this blog for the last several months?


    Sounds to me like you have nothing better going on in your life so you come here and let show people exactly how "ignorant" you really are..


    Keep come back...

  18. Anonymous10/26/2010


    We need "ignorant" people like you so that way other people can take advantage of opporunities that may exist...

    Keep coming back and keep staying ignorant...

  19. Anonymous10/29/2010

    Construct a proper sentence. Education is your friend...

  20. Pretty convenient to remain "anonymous." If you really want people to take you seriously you might try sounding like a rational person instead of swearing and using racial slams. Obviously you have tried making money through MLMs (and obviously OrGano Gold) and couldn't make it, so now you have decided to slam it as a scam. It is a company with a lot of integrity and has been endorsed by the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Good luck with all your negativity and bitterness. How's that workin' for ya?

  21. Anonymous11/02/2010

    The Organo Gold MLM made it through my group of friends a little over a year ago. A well known local celebrity made the pitch and numerous attendees started in the program that night although I did not. Over a year later no one that was in attendance has made any notable amount of money. One particular person even worked what I would consider a full time job marketing the product to little avail.

    I have no opinion on the benefits or drawbacks of the product itself. It may be a great health suppliment, I have no idea. I can only comment on the 12 people I have personal knowledge of who joined the program that night. The pitch of quick wealth is one thing, the reality may be another matter. As with anything your mileage may vary.

    1. Anonymous4/02/2012


    2. Anonymous3/25/2013

      True, but in college far more do succeed than fail, unlike MLMs where over 99% fail. A college with a 100% failure rate would go under & close close when people stop applying and the government regulators, creditors and accreditation commissions step in. Not so with an MLM, people just keep coming and believing despite the 99.5% failure rates. Keep drinking the kool-aid, maybe one day you'll deceive enough other suckers to join that you'll actually turn a profit, get your Mercedes, and if you're a really good fraudster, er recruiter, you can teach some your suckers to lie to enough recruits to earn that $$100k/mo!! God knows you can't turn a profit from sales alone!

  22. Anonymous11/03/2010

    Karen, you are completely anonymous as well. I looked up you foundation. It looks like a scam as well. I am not coming back to this website. Your a waste of space/time...

  23. Anonymous11/05/2010

    We just have to remember that there is a Charles Manson in every cult that is formed. If people want to not use the brains that God gave them and believe everything that people tell them, then let them. If Jehovah's Witnesses come to your door step and say that the star that guided the wise to baby jesus was pagan. Would you believe it?

  24. Sergio Quinones11/11/2010

    To Whom It May Concern,

    It irononic that Network Marketing accounts for nearly 32 BILLION Dollars in revenues in USA alone yet it the only business model/opportunity that allows an individual to yield an unlimited amount of income with little financial invesment...

    We all know one thing for sure if you want to be financial secure in life you have to an entrepreneur...PERIOD!!!

    So why do some people achieve success while others fail or better yet quit?

    There are people in Network Marketing from all kinds of different backgrounds that have success in this industry...

    Most people don't have the necessary level of commitment to achieve any level of success as they quit within 30 to 60 day after getting started...

    Most people would rather rely on thier jobs for the next 40 years then to sacrifice the time that is needed to be successful in Network Marketing...

    What is even more ridiculous is those who sit on the sideline and criticize those that are trying build a better future for themselves and their families...

    Hey if working for somebody else your entire life makes you happy and you believe that will provide you with financial security that you desire then I am happy for you...

    But if you are looking for a simple PLAN B to start making more then you should seriously consider Networking Marketing and make sure you treat it like a BUSINESS...Period!!

    But if you are going to quit after 30 to 60 days then don't even bother getting statered...

    Wishing Everyone The Best Life Has To Offer...

    Sergio Quinones

    1. Anonymous4/06/2012

      he's back again

  25. Anonymous11/11/2010

    I am not posting my name...
    Did you devote to your business for 18 months? How did you promote? How many CJM's did you conduct? Cold not have done everything you were supposed to do or you would not be bashing. Network marketing isn't for everyone. If you are one of those, don't bash, just chuck it up as a learning experience and move on. And why all the bad language anyway. Grow up.

    1. Anonymous4/06/2012

      he's here to

    2. Anonymous6/16/2012

      if you have a job you are in Network Marketing. Every job out there is a Pyramid you have have a bos, who has a boss and so on till you get to the Chairman. In that position with your job you are told what you're worth. Why not be your own boss your own CEO, have people working for you and with you. Am sure you will acheive more that way

  26. Sharon Jenkins, OG Rep11/15/2010

    Do any of you have a job where you can just show up "every now and then" and work "a little here and there" and not show any "committment" and not follow directions, and still get paid very much money?

    Organo Gold is the same way. If you work the plan and commit to promoting your product, exposing people to the business, following your uplines instructions and working hard you make decent money.

    If you just buy a box of coffee and expect to tell you neighbors and family about it and get rich, that is not going to happen. And for that matter, no one told you that would happen when you signed up. It's a part-time or full-time job or home based business like every other out there. Work hard and make a living, do it as a hobby & get paid like a hobby.

    There is certainly a science here, but it's NOT rocket science!

  27. Anonymous11/16/2010


    1. Anonymous6/15/2012

      Now I had to just jump in here. Why is it that everybody says it a Pyramid Scam its the person at the top that gets rich. Think about what im about to say: When you apply for a job or is working at a job, who the hell are you working for? Your Boss!! Where is he? ALREADY AT THE TOP. Where are you & the other employees? AT THE BOTTOM, working your way up. Looks like to me every business is a Pyramid to me. As long as a an MLM or business has something to sell, it's not a pyramid. People invest thousands of dollars N2 a biz, & wks hard at it B4 it fails. We put out a few hundred dollars in Netwk Marketn & cry the blues cause you lost $$ & now you want to call it a scam. Some people has the talk of gab, PERIOD. And some dont, or just not a good sales person. PERIOD. Im both. I cant blame Organo Gold for my inability. But Im not giving up. Cause I Love the word RESIDUAL INCOME. So we all have to look @ ourselves. Like any other Home Base Biz, of cause they're going to hype it up a bit or alot about how much $$ you're going to make. Because they kno there's go getters out there. Its business. How whould it sound if they hype up that you're not going to make any money. And Organo Gold gives U 3 different options of investmt. So dont blame them if U've choosen the high cost of signing up. Now I think Ive said all I can after putn together all what Ive just read. Its business & U've got to either wk harder at it or like i do & wk P/T at it. That's why they call it: HOME BASE BUSINESS. Meaning, U're wkn at YOUR SPEED/CONVENIOUS.

    2. There is some truth about this. In the capitalist world everything is a Pyramid. However.. don't try to get smart: The way the company substains itself is with the gathering of all the people.. theyre not really selling lots of coffee! theyre just selling dreams to all their employees. The difference between a real company and MLM's is when There JUST ISN'T ANY REAL MARKET FOR THE PRODUCT! AND IT STARTS TO COLLAPSE! FROM THE BOTTOM UP! thats my friend a PYRAMID SCHEME, wherever you want to see it. Is it a scam?? MONEY ITSELF IS A SCAM. GO GET SOME BIATCHES! BEFORE THE PYRAMID COLLAPSES!

  28. Sharon Jenkens, OG Rep11/23/2010

    Pyramid structure... YES
    Pyramid Scam... NO

    What exactly makes it a scam? I seriously wonder. It is a pyramid structes, yes. You are buying product and selling it. You do not pay for anything unless you get something. No one promises you will make money doing NOTHING. They tell you that you will make money working hard, selling coffee and recruiting people. It was very clear to me that the big money in this is in the recruitment. Thats not a scam.

  29. Anonymous11/26/2010

    Some people were born to be rich while others were born to work for the Rich and it's up to you to decide who you are.

  30. They way they are teaching reps to build the business is why alot of people are going broke. Pitching the comp plan and products to friends and family is not going to do it. When they show no interest, who are you gonna bug next,strangers.
    Learning how to market on the internet is the solution but they don't teach this. Make a list of 100 friends crap. Who has a 100 friends these days....

  31. Anonymous12/02/2010

    Wow I am shocked at the number of people with very little knowledge on a subject act like experts. Saturation HA. Amway isn't even saturated. Organo Gold not even scratched the surface. Oh and whoever said Pyramid is completely ignorant on the subject. I suggest you read a definition. As for the product, I'm no expert. I do know the results I've. I've been drinking it for two days. Two cups a day. Given to me as a sample. No I am not a member yet. I had previously given up coffee due to the acid. I take acid reducers daily. For the first time in months these last two days I have not needed anything to combat the acid problem. As stated it obviously does PH balance. I've made a great full time living for several years in this Industry. It doesn't a genius to recognize this a a HUGE Opportunity. EVERY startup company has it's bumps and maybe for some of you the first year of a startup was a bad choice. I'm joining and I know for a fact I can make great money. This is the best product I've ever seen in network marketing.

    1. Anonymous3/31/2012

      There is a lot of contradictions in this statement. The devil is in the details. If science based research on two day would that make it credible? Your not a member however "I've made a great full time living for several years in this Industry." What company might I ask? Promote their greatness in efforts to share the wealth.

    2. this industry is for positive, success driven people who impart those qualities to others. If all you do is argue and focus on the hardships, you will not make it. This thing takes months to build up, and every og rep will unashamedly tell you that. It is not a get rich scheme, it takes massive action and massive work to accomplish but the rewards are fantastic. Most people just lack the drive, and i can tell by your language that you lack the attitude it takes. Change it, or remain a slave to middle class mediocrity and continue getting raped by the big corporations like wal-mart that pay minimum wage for selling literally millions of dollars of profit.

  32. Anonymous12/06/2010

    Some of my family members are selling this coffee now and it is all they talk about. First they tried to give it to us in very sneaky ways-not telling us what it was, but that it would help with our colds. Quite honestly it did not taste good at all. I am a coffee drinker and like a nice cup of good quality joe. This stuff does not taste good. The way they talk about how it cures everything and anything makes me think it is right up there with Mona Vie (overpriced juice). What makes me sad is that they seriously seem to think they are going to make tons of money selling this stuff and it is becoming their entire focus which is not healthy. All in all, I do not trust this company and no matter how great they say their coffee is, the bottom line is that it does not taste good so why would I buy it?

    1. That is a matter of opinion, i have personally introduced OG coffee to over 20 people and every single one of them have loved the taste. People say its expensive, but at a dollar a cup its cheaper than mcdonalds, convenience stores, and certainly starbucks. Think about it, Americans have been spoiled on wal-mart pricing. We are all trained to buy so cheap that our only option is shopping with the mega-corporations because of their cheap prices. Mom and pops cant compete. This causes everyone to be more and more dependant on these big corporations, which is exactly what the elites of this world want. The only way to be truly successful in this economy is to take on a salesman mentality and sell products for a high enough price to actually make money off of them. To compete with wal-mart prices leaves the everyman broke. This is why OG has so much potential, and why they partnered with Napoleon Hill. Devoloping this type of massive-action oriented sales mentality is crucial to their success as well as your own.

    2. Anonymous3/25/2013

      And how do you plan to compete selling overpriced, off-brand instant coffee? Give a million samples out? Its still overpriced and you'll end up in debt from buying all those samples, but at least Berny will get a little bit richer. The health benefits? Not worth the money for a tiny amount of ganoderma, if it has any real benefits at all. Those research studies you all cite don't exist, the research thus far has been inconclusive, and the only real benefit actually found is a possible, yet not certain, increase in a cancer fighting protein. Just hope the FDA doesn't come for you for making all those false mmedical claims you all tell. And btw, the USDA has demanded that OG stop using its organic logo, apparently they never gave that certification afterall.

  33. Anonymous12/24/2010

    I started in the OG business on Oct 29th of this year (yes just under 2 months ago). My first month I didn't make much because I didn't take a grip on it. The last 4 weeks I've pulled down about $2000 putting some effort into it.

    You're not guaranteed any money (at least I wasn't) and the structure is to rely on your upline to guide you. You need serious leadership and serious support.

    I would not quit your job until this becomes a source of income that you can live on plus some. At this point, I'm expecting at minimum to earn $400 a month without much effort due to the effort I've already put in. If I keep putting in effort, that minimum will only go up.

  34. To Whom It May Concern, (PART 1)




    They state:

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    Here are some real testimonials/documentation...



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  35. ***PART 2***

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    I am completely ecstatic about this coffee and the business opportunity, just in 2hrs after telling friends, family and clients about this coffee and the healthy benefits I sold $600 in 2 hours...that is just in 2 days being with being apart of this company...I cant wait to see what 18 months will bring!

    I made $460 in a couple hrs!!!
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    1. Anonymous7/17/2012

      can husbands and wives join together?

  36. Anonymous2/02/2011

    Sergio Quinones. Please stop. Your just embarrassing yourself at this point. No legit business man would be on this site arguing with people. Go sell your coffee so you can be rich in 18 months, and drive your Range Rover into the sunset.

  37. Anonymous2/03/2011

    Somebody has to tell the truth!!!

    Keep up the good work Sergio...

  38. Anonymous2/03/2011

    Sergio. You post the same ridiculous crap every time you come on here. Don't you know how to make a point of your own WITHOUT copy and pasting 3rd party documentation???

    You are NOT, let me repeat, NOT a business owner. Let me break down all the reasons you are not a business owner:

    1.You do not own the coffee. The Organo Gold company is responsible for giving out the product.

    2.You don't write YOUR own have to WAIT for them in the mail just like a person at a regular JOB.

    3.You don't hand out any checks. Who are YOUR employees???

    4.You didn't create the compensation plan, nor did you set the price for ANY of the products sold by Organo Gold. REAL business owners make their own pay scales and set the prices for their goods.

    Bernie Chua, is the business owner...and YOU. WORK. FOR. HIM!!!

    You are merely a distributer. The only rights you have in your "business" is to recruit other members.

  39. Anonymous2/03/2011

    Sharon Jenkins: Ever heard the saying "If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it's a duck"?

    Get where I'm going with that statement, sweetie?

    If you commit to promoting the product and exposing people to the business, you are right, you will make decent money...for the people at the top.

    Hope you have a real job 'til you break diamond and can retire.

  40. Anonymous2/03/2011

    Are niggas selling this ORGANIC COFFEE bullshit in your hood yet?
    every get rich quick mofo i know has been suckered into this newest multi level marketing/ pyramid scheme for organic coffee

    everyone from an 18 year old boy i know to a 40 something year old woman talking about

    "i'm about to make $50,000................................a month!"

    its runnin its way through houston and the only cats makin money are the fools that started it, they just selling everybody else coffee and a dream

  41. Anonymous2/03/2011

    what scheme? selling pre paid legal services? that was the popular one back in 2005.....i was suckered into going to the seminar. i was 19 and tryna get dough. i left after 5 minutes though

    but smh at grown folks getting sucked in

  42. Anonymous2/04/2011

    Sergio you are Organo Gold's little Bitch. You come on here defend those assholes, then you pay 1200k to get some coffee and sell it to fools that actually believe its about something. Grow a dick and a brain. Start your own company. Stop trying to scam people, and damn don't you have coffee to sell bitch? You stay on this site.

  43. Anonymous2/05/2011

    So what exactly makes Organo Gold a SCAM?

    Sorry but I still haven't seen anybody post any facts or information that may suggest that this is a scam?

    I am thinking about joining Organo Gold so can the socalled scam busters please post some real information that will show this is a scam instead just insulting people? Is that asking for to much?


  44. Anonymous2/05/2011

    Organo Gold is a scam because it promises things that just cannot happen. Its a MLM so your going to have to do alot of grunt work to make a profit. Not only that you have to buy the product which is about 1200 dollars and purchase a starter kit. Anything you go to that is Organo Gold related cost $$$. The company preys on people that have dreams of getting rich quick. Also the coffee cost a lot of money so good luck finding some that wants to spend 50 dollars on instant coffee...


  46. Anonymous2/05/2011

    The person who posted the following reasons why Organo Gold is a SCAM does not make ANY SENSE....

    ***Organo Gold is a scam because it promises things that just cannot happen***

    FALSE---I've been to presenetation and they don't PROMISE people ANYTHING...BTW - They just had a convention in Florida and 30 people or more are now documentated to be making over $100,000 or more...Hmmm sounds pretty possible...

    ***Its a MLM so your going to have to do alot of grunt work to make a profit***

    FALSE - Sound like anything that may require YOU to work hard is a SCAM?

    ***Not only that you have to buy the product which is about 1200 dollars and purchase a starter kit***

    FALSE - This don't make it a scam...If I open up any kinds of business I have to invest money...

    ***Anything you go to that is Organo Gold related cost $$$. The company preys on people that have dreams of getting rich quick***

    FALSE - This don't make it a scam...Sounds to me like you want everything in life to be FREE and the company does not make claims about "getting rich quick"

    ***Also the coffee cost a lot of money so good luck finding some that wants to spend 50 dollars on instant coffee...***

    FALSE - This don't make it a scam...Everyday people pay up to $5.00 per cup of coffee at Starbucks and other places...Is Starbucks a SCAM??

    Futhermore, I think you can get a box of black coffee (30 servngs) at Retail for $23.00 from the websites or Wholesale for ony $15.00...

    Why you saying it cost $50.00 per box????



    1. im not saying that oregano gold is a scam. but, the following must be happening in order to be a scam.
      There is No real market for the product.. see, the only thing that MLM's is selling is $$$ dreams.. but when there's no more gullible idiots to scam then comes the inevitable collapse from the bottom. Sooner or later if there is no real steady market for a product then it's bound to happen and it ain't pretty.

  47. Anonymous2/05/2011

    to the person above... if you dont think Oragno Gold is a scam go try it out and see for yourself. Clearly, you seem offended. I think what the person was trying to say was a lot of MLM's do not work. Also, you can get a cup of coffee at Starbucks for a $1.50. In addition, legit companies to NOT make you pay to go to conferences. Thats a proven fact.

    Also, lets forget about starbucks, you can get coffee for cheap in the store. Try it out and why don't you tell us why it is or isnt a scam instead of writing in caps and practically screaming on a blog.

  48. Anonymous2/05/2011

    one more thing, the company says 18 months is all you need to be taken to new heights. That seems pretty quick to be making 6 figures to me don't you think? Again try it out yourself. No need to scream on a blog and find out for yourself. You seem pretty sure that it is not a scam.

    How many people do you know? You better know a whole lot to do this type of business. Business come in all shapes and forms and is not always someone trying to sell a product. Health Care is also a business. Do you think they make their nurses and doctors pay to go to conferences? No they don't. Organo Gold if Im not mistaken makes you pay to go to these conferences. Grunt work is a lot different from a 9 to 5. If Im a nurse or a teacher Im going to make money at the end of the day. In MLM you ONLY make money if you can get someone to buy your product. A person is going to make money at Starbucks once their shift is completed. With MLM's you make money if your dual team is bringing in people. If you want to go out there and hustle man do the damn thing. Im interested to hear your side of the company and what your conclusion is. Good luck to you.

  49. Anonymous2/05/2011

    To the person who posted to why i think Organo Gold is a scam. Im actually a director of a daycare and I make good money. I worked very hard to get where Im at. like the person above said, why don't you try it out yourself instead of getting defensive. Those were MY reasons. I personally do not like salesmen so I would never get involved in a MLM. I have had to many friends go through too much with these things. If you know a lot of people and you have ample time, go give it a try.

  50. Anonymous2/06/2011

    It's called netWORK marketing for a reason. People have to work to get results! Signing up is just the first step. The person who started this blog obviously has a lot of time to be posting negative things. You ARE what you think about! Being negative, just promotes negative results in your life!

  51. Anonymous2/06/2011

    Who's getting defensive??

    To the person who posted the following...

    ***In addition, legit companies to NOT make you pay to go to conferences. Thats a proven fact***

    FALSE -- There are NUMEROUS companies that are LEGIT that are even Publically Traded Companies on the stock exchange that use the MLM distribution model and CHARGE thier distributors to attend conferences...

    ***Health Care is also a business. Do you think they make their nurses and doctors pay to go to conferences?

    FALSE -- Not only do they pay to attend different types of work related conferences but they must also continue to pay for any and all ongoing licensing requirements etc....So do many other professions too...

    ~~~~~So the reason I asked can somebody please tell me WHY Organo Gold is a SCAM is because the theme of this BLOG is to give people the impression that OG is a scam YET I have not seen anybody post any information that INDICATES that OG is a scam.....

    I see a lot of insults, personal reasons why people would not get invovled in MLM BUT nothing FACTUAL pertaining to OG being a SCAM...

    Thus there is NO way OG can be a scam based on the aboved mentioned comments...

    Thanks for all the feeback...


    1. Anonymous4/16/2012

      sorry, he may sound a bit harsh, defensive, rep or whatever you like but it sounds pretty true to me

  52. Anonymous2/06/2011

    Then join. Damn.

  53. Anonymous2/10/2011

    I think this post is a scam from someone that couldn't maka any money on the coffee today is my first time I heard and drink the Gourment mocha and it's pretty good.

  54. Anonymous2/19/2011

    I think this blog is to warm people that MLM's are dangerous. People get brainwashed into thinking they can become rich.quick. That is not so. The problem with Organo Gold is the ethics. Why is there more spotlight on becoming rich and driving a nice car then there is on the product? Another thing it's instant coffee... that is 3 dollars a pack. There is no approval from the FDA so we do not even know if this stuff is legit. Orango Gold speaks to those who have greed in their hearts. Organo Gold is the carrot dangling in front of the consumer. I want to hear someone on here who has made it big, not holton buggs or the rest of those con artist......a normal person.

  55. Anonymous2/19/2011

    This is what Organo Gold is really about...

    Materialism and greed are universally condemned by every major religion, and even by most of the nonreligious. This does not mean people are not materialistic or greedy; in fact, the fact that the ethical call to not be so is actually strong evidence that we are.

    For most people, this means if we are going to be materialistic or greedy, we would rather not be obvious about it. Thus, Madison Avenue has subtle, highly polished marketing and advertising ways of appealing to these vices without being heavy handed. We don't mind so much... as long as it is "veiled." This hypocrisy, while sad, is the status quo. So, Madison Avenue is trying to be ever more subtle in appearing not to be manipulating our immoral "bent" towards greed and materialism.

    But this is not so with the MLM crowd. Pick up any brochure or videotape for an MLM and you are more than likely to see a cheesy, obvious, and blatant appeal to greed and materialism. This is offensive to everyone, even die-hard materialists. Typical is an appeal to "the American dream." Usually there will be a mood shot of a large new home, a luxury car, a boat, perhaps a beautiful couple boarding a Lear jet, and so on. Isn't odd that while they claim the product or service they sell is so great, but so little attention is given to the product, and so much to the wealth of the sellers and "distributors"?

    Such a transparent appeal ought to make people suspicious. "Why the bait?" "Are they trying to 'get my juices going' so that my brain turns off?" "Couldn't they show people doing more wholesome things with the money they make?" "Why do we see so little about the product, the manufacturing, the waulity control, the business planning, etc?" "If this is really a legitimate opportunity, why not focus on the market, product, or service instead of people reveling in conspicuous greed and materialism?"

    The distraction is needed because unbridled greed suspends good judgment. When the eyes gloss over in a materialistic glaze, common sense is a stranger.

    1. Anonymous9/12/2012

      ...EXCELLENT words spoken in due season....

  56. I just joined OG and I am excited. I feel it doesn't hurt to try something new. I have researched the pros and cons of the business and I felt it would be a great opportunity to try. If I fail then its not for me, that's just life. However, I will try my hardest not to fail.
    SN: Please people stop this negativity, it is so sad, it is one thing to be opinionated and it is another thing to be hateful. Hope you all have a good life!!! :)

  57. I just joined 5 days ago, and signed up at the silver level. $500. I already made back $250, and things look good. Organo gold is new to my area, and we would be the first team to build here. I think its a great opportunity and i will give it my best shot. I was told about the reorders, cause its right on the application. I also understand that it takes money to make money, and nothing is free in life. I definitely am not afraid of hard work, and will give this opportunity a fair shot. I'm well on my way to making my money back in less than 1 week, in my mind some of that anxiety and pressure of forking out $500 will diminish. So i was told i can upgrade within 60 days, if i double my money or more, than i plan to invest it back again to upgrade to gold. I gotta try this thing, honestly i do like the product, it tastes good to me and I feel better. So just like telling people about a great movie, i just saw, I'm telling them about a great coffee i just tried, that easy. Anyways i was not promised that i would become a millionaire, but i was promised support and training. So becoming a millionaire is up to me. So i will finish in saying good luck to me, and my team. Organo gold in California's Central Valley about to explode on the scene. OOOhhhhhh Yeaaaaahhhh. I am pumped, update in a couple of months to see if this works out for me.

    1. Anonymous1/15/2012

      Like what you had to say here. You made perfect sense. It's up to you and you have to give it a try. I agree %100. No one's making any promises,I have a great support team, I couldn't ask for anything more. I feel totally confident about this move. I'm not going to let satan and his followers steal this away with all the cussing, doubt and confusion that's going on about OrGano Gold. In in it to win it!!! Go get it team Las Vegas!!!!

  58. Anonymous3/02/2011


    Question - "I want to hear someone on here who has made it big, not holton buggs or the rest of those con artist......a normal person"

    If you think about it this question really make NO sense!!!

  59. To Everyone,

    I'm going to assume that MOST of the people here who are SO CRITCAL of Organo Gold have NEVER had ANY success in the "business world" THUS they are NOT "qualified" to GIVE business advice...Period!!!

    Suggestion - People should only take advice from other people who are QUALIFIED to give advice...

    Here is ONE legitmate source of "business and financial" advice that you may want to consider listening to....



    If you are not familiar with the "Napoleon Hill Foundation" then do yourself a favor and find out what kind of reputation they have in the business world...WORLD CLASS!!!

    And they made a BUSINESS decision to PARNTER up with Organo Gold...

    Take a look for yourself...

    Scroll down the website and you will see they are actively involved with Organo Gold...

    In closing if you decide to take business and financial advice from someone who is not QUALIFIED then be DON’T be surprised with the results you get in life…

    Make it a great day,

    Sergio Quinones

  60. Anonymous3/07/2011

    As a distributor of Organo Gold, I am excited not by the financial prospect, but the fact that the people I sell to are actually finding relief from various ailments. OG does not claim to mitigate nor cure any illnessess...... As for the money... for me it has not been easy, but i can't say it's been rough either. I work a full-time job and do OG on the side. I know that if i put in the time, i would be further along. In two months i've sold over $1,800 in product. Now that I have my dual team, commisssion checks are now in the mail. As for the pyramid...if you work a job....who is your boss? who is your boss's boss? who is your boss's boss's boss, etc. Each time you go up the line, the person above you makes more money than the level below.... WITH OG, however, you can make more money than the person that recruited you....does that not topple the pyramid????? OG is not a scam, I was a skeptic until I joined and experienced the product for myself, and found better relief for pain than morphine provided...... POWERFUL STUFF!!!!
    TRUTH, HONESTY, INTEGRITY. No claims, just experiences. Not a get rich quick company... You get out of it what you put into it. BELIEVE, WORK, BELIEVE, WORK......WORK....WORK....BELIEVE...BELIEVE....BELIEVE. All things are possible!

    1. Amen :-) I'm getting in going to my first meeting to meet my recruiter and find out more .Its going to be fun God is answering my prayers and I know All things are possible with Him :-) I know if you are negitive and critical you will fail at pretty much anything you do. Sorry for the foul words and mindset of some, follow the wise and you will become like them how fun. Blessings to all Nancy in il.

  61. Anonymous3/07/2011

    Is OG the same as Gano Excel? Did Bernardo Chua come from Gano Excel USA? How are they affiliated? Or are they direct competitors? I see youtube videos with Bernie Chua in both.

    1. Anonymous5/31/2012

      Yes, Bernie came from Gano Excel. Gano was under some investigations and having a few issues from that, not making as much as they could be. So Bernie learned from their mistakes and brought it over. Same product, same scheme, better and more careful wording.

  62. Anonymous3/19/2011

    I am here to say that I have been using organogold as an enema for my cat and he loves it. I've also been using this in my sales pitches and have been making 600,000 dollars a WEEK.


  63. Anonymous3/23/2011

    All I know is that I had a friend who was normal about 5 months ago until he discovered organo gold....from the beginning he begged me to sign up, explaining how we could retire from our six figure jobs in 18 months (which I've noticed is a prevailant theme in their speil) I never showed any interest, but as he continued to bring it up day after day I began to get I told him since he was a friend and I support everything my friends do, I didn't mind giving him $200 to purchase some....I told him I didn't even want it, I just wanted to be there for him. He actually told me he didn't want the money, just for me to join the beginning I first though pyramid, but now I was thinking cult...since then he's alienated many more friends with his endless high pressure tactics to get people to join him on his mission for early retirement...he's always been easily influenced and naieve and now I think its finally bitten him in the ass....his circle of friends are mostly level headed people who can smell bs easily, so I don't think he's meeting his goal of obtaining more suckas and his handlers are becoming impatient with his lousy performance....those pied pipers got him but they'll never get this day I still don't know one person he's sold to...guess he'll understand at the intervention we got sad.

  64. Anonymous3/25/2011

    A lot of people do this business and NEVER alienate thier family or friends....

    So what is your point?

  65. Bernie Chua was the CEO of Gano Excel and Shane Morand was a top distributor. Bernie left and started up his own company. Bernie Chua along with Shane Morand and Jay Noland built Organo Gold. They renamed it, branded it, and created a compensation plan. Then, Bernie Chua and Shane Morand along with the aid of some others (a silent investor) locked Jay Noland out of Organo Gold because Jay Noland discovered a breach of integrity and began to ask questions. Basically, he found out that there is NOT 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma in the coffee AND it has traces of aluminium (look at the ingredients, then google "aluminium silicate" and it's affects).

    Organo Gold IS a scam, but not because of Network Marketing. It's because the products are not what people think they are, even if they do taste decent; AND there is a lack of integrity where the leadership is concerned.

    Go to

    There you can listen to the truth. There are calls that were hosted by Jay Noland himself as co-founder and share holder of Organo Gold where he describes the events that took place and how he was forced to build his own company.

    SereniGy Global

    If you've never heard of Jay Noland, it's really a shame because there would NOTTT be an Organo Gold if not for him.

    Also, the only reason OG got the Napoleon Hill Foundation is BECAUSE of Jay Noland, certainly not from the efforts of Bernie Chua who is loyal to no one but himself (which is apparent in his dissapearance with Gano Excel) and Shane Morand, who if not for Jay Noland would NOT be in OG.

    Check out the calls...pretty intense stuff.

  66. Anonymous4/04/2011

    This is the smartest post i have ever seen. People need to get back to good old hard work and a steady job. Ive seen it myself, people lose a lot from these scams. its so sad.

  67. Anonymous4/16/2011

    To be successful at anything is to be persistent and work hard, in a regular 9 to 5 job you are expected to be productive and work hard in order to be paid. Whether you are working a 9 to 5 job or OG what you put in is what you get out and nothing beats a failure but a try and for the business minded folks on here, I also know that for those who file their taxes each year, if you register your business (even as a distributor) you are allowed to write off your expenses whether you lose or gain.
    Attitude is everything folks! While free speech is encouraged, hate and hateful words are never good. It reveals deep pain and hurt, today God wants to heal you, of the hurt or pain you are feeling, maybe it's towards blacks or who knows you just need to vent-lash out at something. I encourage you to read John 3:16 which says, "For God so love the world that he gave is ONLY begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life." Yes, he died for you because he loves you, no matter what your circumstances he LOVES you. Forget OG, so what if you did not make it with them - maybe you are the smart one, who knows but don't stop others who wants to try, it keeps the reason for living alive.
    I wish you all the best folks.

  68. Anonymous5/06/2011

    Instant coffee?
    Instant coffee tastes awful.
    That tells me that this product mainly sells due to it's "health claims" and not the quality or flavor of the coffee.

  69. Anonymous5/18/2011

    My boyfriend is interested in joining. I have done some research and I have found that many people say they are happy with their choice and it is a good form of income....but I am still not sure about this. In part it is because I have been scammed before and it really does hurt so much financially and emotionally. Firsthand experience I've learned (the very hard way) that if something sounds too good to be true it is probably not real.

    I have a friend that joined about 6 months ago and showed me checks for $600, $900 weekly! she said she barely started making big money. First I thought those checks were fake to get me to join but she swore to me they were real. I guess it is good but she has changed. All she talks about is how much more money she will make; how many more people she can get to join; and how high up she could get. I guess it is good that she is making good money (like she says she is) but as a person she has changed, I see that the thought of getting more money now runs her life.

    I know that I will never join or trust this company. I also cannot and will not try to change the mind of the ones that will join (my boyfriend included) because in the end only you are in charge of the way you live your life. I am wary of this company but for the sake of my boyfriend and others that will join I am hoping this will not turn into a big scam =/

    Organo member or average worker like me I wish good luck to all!

  70. If an amateur singer or actor has done something bad in life you wont hear about it in the news. Why? Because he's not famous or done anything worthwhile yet!

    If a new company is failing you wont find scam blogs like this. Why? Because they arent doing jack yet! So, people who make blogs like this don't waste their time.

    However, when a company is actually DOING comes this scam comes that scam blog....left and right! Why? Because they are actually doing something and are successful

  71. Anonymous5/31/2011

    I've noticed that Sergio is good at quoting who the top earners are in Organo Gold, but what's HE pulling down in the coffee racket?

    Fun tip: Always ask for proof of earnings in the form of a Schedule C. MLM drones HATE that, Sergio included.

  72. Anonymous6/06/2011

    I am a certified herbalist and I do endorse the properties of the reishi mushroom. Not to mention this company does not use high fructose in their products which is one of the reasons for obesity in the united states. I tested the coffee products and they are very good. Not to mention this product does not leave you with bad breath like conventional coffee.

  73. Anonymous6/25/2011

    Well, if it matters I'm making money and helping others do the same! Its all about what YOU want to put into it. This is the most fun I've had making extra cash in a long time! Thanks O.G.!!! Not to mention all the good testimonials from the benefits people are getting from this stuff is enough for me!

  74. Anonymous7/08/2011

    My friend tried to get me into this a couple months ago. I know he spent hundreds of dollars along with another friend and well, he doesn't talk about it anymore. The coffee does taste good I'll give it that, but I don't see any way of really making money from it. I have a friend who is high up in the mlm business and he makes really good money(not in organo gold) and he admitted to me that only the top 2 percent of the reps are the only ones making 95 percent of the money. It's a TOTAL scam and the victims are the 98 percent of the rest who devote time and money to try and get rich quick. And to the person bashing the Jehovah's witnesses, get a life! Those people are the nicest law abiding citizens in this country. Ask yourself if God didn't send his angel to warn the wise men to not report back to Herod about the whereabouts of Jesus, then they would have gone back as instructed and given up Jesus location to king Herod and then he (king Herod) would have found Jesus and tried to kill him. It was the devil who orchestrated it from the beginning, planting the star in an effort to harm Gods son (the devil knew these wise men looked to the stars for guidance(astrology)). It does make sense if you research the story...

  75. Anonymous8/16/2011

    People succeed and fail at just about everything in life don't knock someone else for thinking different than you if it's not for you then move on. Peace

  76. Anonymous8/17/2011

    Starbucks gets away with charging as much as they do because people don't mind paying that much and feel that it holds it's monetary value.

    Can anyone prove that market saturation is a myth? are they teaching this in business schools? Ask Microsoft, or even Starbucks about market saturation. If it is a myth, then EVERYBODY would not only drink coffee but would only be drinking Organo Gold Coffee. No market achieves that, and if so the time will be very short before competitors start popping up. The crazy thing about coffee is it's already mounds of coffee companies in existence. It's unwise to believe that EVERYBODY is going to switch or start drinking Organo Gold coffee. No company achieves that, and when a company is constantly recruiting people, the odds of everyone having an EQUAL opportunity to make a nice income are diminished, because once the amount of supply proceeds demand for Organo Gold coffee, the company (in this case-the bottom distributors) lose money.

    The only gimmick is the ganoderma and the "income opportunity". It's even ganoderma manufacturers already out there, as well as other ganoderma coffee companies (who by the way do sell their ganoderma cheaper than what OG distributors pay wholesale). And the OG distributors who feel the need to defend the company and it's products, I would say learn how to rebuttal decently, because otherwise you are continuing to make the company look horrible. With any business, people are entitled to their own perspective and do not HAVE to like the company or their products.

  77. Anonymous8/19/2011

    How can anyone joining Organo Gold AFTER the FOUNDERS be considered entrepreneurs? Members are subject to Terms and Conditions that they took no part in devising. As stated in section 7 of the Applicant Terms and Conditions a new distributor must agree that they are an "Independent Contractor" (Self-Employed). The similarity to it being an entrepreneurship is that there is a risk involved. There is a possibility that a distributor will not produce a profit from joining Organo Gold.

    No one joining Organo Gold are part owners, legal representatives, etc (according to the Applicant Terms and Conditions). The entrepreneurs are the founders/executives of the company. Members are producing for their upline, and ultimately the founders of the company.

  78. Anonymous8/22/2011

    Being in the hospitality and customer service industry in Cali for an enjoyable 2 decades, I decided to share my experience in network marketing with OG. I do have to say that the Super Saturdays and trainings at OG University are very simple and easy to listen to...almost any person can be attracted to learning about this company by attending these functions. However...the huge turn off...the unique way that the "leaders" of this organization lure desperate people into the company is by primarily giving a "sad story" of their own life and mention how they were born again by signing people into this "false-hope" company...maybe a foreclosure(s), living in a clunker Malibu, repossessions...whatever...they tend to use this method quite a bit to RELATE to those desperate people that are looking for a miracle. Granted, some people do get lucky and flourish well with OG, but, the majority, in my opinion, can't keep up with the tempo, and lose valuable dollars and real careers that support their families immediately, and end up with a lot of product, coffee in this matter, to sell away or just plain discard. I remember one "leader" had a conversation with me, and he told me not to believe or trust this other "leader" for they had an alternative motive with OG, and not looking out for anyone else...something along those short, it related to a backstabbing comment. I quietly left OG...and the few others who recruited me kept calling and calling...telling me to upgrade the new promotions (so the "founders" can receive their payment plan). I was disgusted by this and hope anyone who considers joining OG will not take part or "buy in" to this "prey-on-the-weak" organization. The leaders have their money, and are committed to extorting more people of their hard earned money. $1295 can buy you 3 college or junior college classes...don't get stuck with a great deal of junk coffee. Cancel your autoship, too...let's get these "leaders" to take on real challenges in the flourishing careers out there and earn an income the honest way.

  79. Anonymous8/24/2011

    who gives a $h1t

  80. Anonymous8/29/2011

    OG makes me wonder... whatever happened to all those future millionaires that were selling that miraculous Noni Juice? It was going to cure everything and tasted like shit infused pomegranate juice. Hmmm...

    1. You should really get some facts before you blurt out random nonsense. I know a few Millionaires Personally from Noni. I know the #1 Rep and #1 Team who built the Success that noni had. Also, how many people IN LIFE that work a "JOB" ever become a MILLIONAIRE? People throw around the word "Millionaire" like it doesn't mean SHIT. 80% of America are NOT matter what the occupation. Drug Companies Make Billions of Dollars on a Single DRUG, that ONLY help you LIVE with a Disease and not Die, and there are many Millionaires in those Companies...But you Discredit a company who makes a product to help someone have a better life?? You are truly misguided

      Let's talk Real Facts

  81. OK, I am going to SAY SOMETHING IN ALL CAPS AND BAD GRAMMER. first of all





    If you cant sell coffe then you ARE A FAGGOT RETARD. And retarded faggots have no room in the Organo Gold revolution. I have been making more money than a cripple serf during the great RUSSIAN WINTER OF THE 1800s.


    I used to give japanese businessmen AMAZING ORAL SEX when I was a drifter. I smoked ice and snorted 8 balls of cocaine cut with AJAX. I would sit around for DAYS in my I would sit around for DAYS in my own DEIFICATION, dreaming of not having the seaweed like taste of japanese mayonnaise in my mouth. I SAYING MY BREATH SMELLED LIKE JAP DICK. 

    But coffee saved me.

    I used to have to sexual assault drifters and cripples for gratification, BUT NO MORE NO NO NO. COFFE STOPED THE DEMON FROM MAKING ME IT'S PAWN. That demon was called reality.


    OG COFFE COST 10.00 plus 50.00 for THE SHROOMS. You think those SHROOMS come free? My dealer is in LOCKUP. 

    And what do you get at Starbucks besides real ground coffee and a place TO WRITE AND READ. those are for BROKE PEOPLE. reading is for THE ELITE. And THE NIGGERS. Yes, NIGGERS. ELITE NIGGERS. Who BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE SHOULD BE CALLED WIGGERS.



    Now how is that a SCAM? Tell me please!

  82. I think in all fairness, I should explain to you exactly what it is that I do.
    For instance tomorrow morning I'll get up think in all fairness, I should explain to you exactly what it is that I do. For instance tomorrow morning I'll get up nice and early, take a walk down over to the bank and... walk in and see and, uh... if you don't have my money for me, I'll... crack your fuckin' head wide-open in front of everybody in the bank. And just about the time that I'm comin' out of jail, hopefully, you'll be coming out of your coma.

    And guess what? I'll split your fuckin' head open again. 'Cause I'm fuckin' stupid. I don't give a fuck about jail. That's my business. That's what I do. nice and early, take a walk down over to the bank and... walk in and see and

    uh... if you don't have my money for me, I'll... crack your fuckin' head wide-open in front of everybody in the bank.

    And just about the time that I'm comin' out of jail, hopefully, you'll be coming out of your coma.

    And guess what? I'll split your fuckin' head open again. 'Cause I'm fuckin' stupid. I don't give a fuck about jail. That's my business. That's what I do.

  83. Anonymous9/05/2011

    The above poster is NOT the *real* Sergio Quinones. Or if it is...gee...the Organic ganoderma in Organo Gold instant coffee has fuuuuucked you up!

  84. Hey  Anonymous, I am Sergio.

    You call yourself a man? 

    You know you're a lying, lowlife motherfucking gambling degenerate prick. You know that's what you are?  I bet you got two small kids at home? Organo Gold could give you money to pay the fucking rent, buy groceries, put the heat on.

    You know your wife called Organo Gold and told us the fucking heat's off? Huh? And you sitting here telling me you didn't gamble your fucking money? No? No? You don't?

    Don't fuck with me. Don't make a fuck out of me. You wanna embarrass me, make a fool out of me, you dont gamble? Tell me you gambled the fucking money and I'll give you the fucking money to put the fucking heat on! Did you gamble? Huh?

    Take a gamble with Organo Gold.

    1. Anonymous3/29/2012

      I can't take all the credit,you do a pretty good job of making a fool of yourself.

  85. Anonymous9/11/2011

    So I was spanking it the other day, and I noticed blood was in my jizz. Should I stop goin to starbucks ?

  86. Anonymous9/13/2011

    It's interesting hearing that a product sells itself. That statement is too good to be true regarding any product. There would not be a need to market (which Organo Gold is very good at) the product. One of the top producers in the company even said himself that no product sells itself. If people had experiences where they just pass out coffee and gain customers then good for them. But be careful putting all of your hope in the product, especially in a market where a lot of people are already drinking their favorite coffee (there are also ganoderma coffee sellers that sell wayy cheaper than OG). Good luck people!!!

  87. Anonymous9/13/2011

    all this that you guys are saying that OG doesnt make u money is a lie unless your SIGNED up in the business you wouldnt know my parents have made over $7,000 dollars in the past 3 months and have over 70 people signed up and you tell me that it doesnt work sorry but i dont believe this crap im going to believe my leaders that are making the money instead of the idiots that arent even in the business

  88. Anonymous9/17/2011

    Also my parents are sex offenders, and that's the only way they make MONEY so they be selling it to the 70 other sec registered sex offenders in my apartment complex. All y'all are idiots and liars.

  89. Yea this stuff is real, and you need to know how to suceed the Right Way.

  90. This stuff is so real, you can get fucked up on it. But you got to cook it up the Right Way. With baking soda and you have to water whip it. Serve those fiends this coffee and I keep the trap hot. Make this money lil nigga.

    1. Shirley.3/19/2012

      I have been reading the posts on this site looking for some perspective. Initially I thought that I was getting some, but now I think that its a joke. I don't know why people waste precious time posting some of this crap. Some people think that they should make money without working hard. Anything worth having is worth working for.For those of you posting such crap, spend your valuale time getting ahead, or trying to get ahead instead of talking such crap.

  91. Mike Hunt9/21/2011

    Only product that sells itself is drugs, liquor, and sex. This instant coffee ain't selling shut unless you go out and convince people to buy it. You are working a full time job selling someone elses product cause you want to drive farrari cara and live in a mansion...selling coffe to friends, family and aquantinces. More power to you, but I go to places like coffee shops to be in a social place with people, chill environment, and fresh brewed coffee. Fuck staying at home drinking coffee out of a bag ROFLMAO. That sounds lonely.

    1. Anonymous1/15/2012

      You sound lonely... There's more to it than just having fancy things, but helping others. You and the rest of these awfully bitter people have the wrong outlook on life and have no drive, that's why you are miserable and trying to discourage other people from reaching their goals; At least they are trying and not afraid to try something new. People spend more money on junk that has no value and will disappear. Who are you and the rest of these (haters)to dump salt on that? This is pathetic and typical of losers without any dreams or respect for others. Go for what you know people and die trying!

  92. Anonymous9/22/2011

    theres something called jazz mixers "mike hunt" this coffee IS fresh and im going to be a rich 19 year old teenage girl i dont know about you but i rather pay 50 cents for a cup of coffee than 3.25 at starbucks! when i'm rich and famous you'll hear about me! trust me!

  93. Check out my site speaks of Organo Gold and we work as a team we will show you how to run your own business the right way, no matter where you are after enrolling in e-mail me on my website or your's (You get one after joining and will see me), or I will message you and we will get you trained and ready to start your own business!

    Juan and Nayeli

    Echa un vistazo a mi sitio web se habla de Organo Gold y nosotros, como un equipo le mostrará cómo hacerlo sin importar dónde se encuentre después de inscribirse en el mensaje me back office, o que mensaje te y nos pondremos has entrenado y listo para iniciar su propio negocio!

    Juan and Nayeli Check it out~ ^^

  94. Anonymous9/23/2011

    wow you all have a lots of time to waist....i stop reading after the 4 postS

  95. Anonymous9/23/2011

    people have time because we dont work our asses off for someone else :)

  96. Anonymous9/24/2011

    It's time to WASTE!! A WAIST is a part of your body. You **wasted** a lot of time NOT going to English class, you loser!!!

  97. Mike Hunt9/29/2011

    You going to be a famous coffee selling magnet? Who the fuck would make you famous for selling coffee, you on some straight retard 19 year old girl. Who the fuck wants to go to a weird ass coffee selling conman's house for a mixer for him to sell you instant coffee? You fuckin dumb ass I drink coffee cuz it taste good, if i want vitamins I get some centrum. And it is appears that all y'all who sell this shit are broke ass hopeless gullible bastards who, if some other dumbass told you that you should go to this hotel for a event that will change your life, so you, being a gullible cocksucker, go and watch a video I high school av Kid could make showing a bunch a fucks livin in mansions and driving sports cars. And after they pump you up about how easy it is to become a millionaire, you fucking fall for it and buy coffee from them to hassle to other people. And your whole thing is "well, people love coffee, and if it was good for them they would buy more." so you have to find people, convince them that you got a magic bag of fungus coffee powder that will cure the of certain illness and problems. And so your mom, dad, and others in your small circle of fools. And what happens? You realize, if you have the use of your brain above the stem, that people drink coffee cuz it taste good, they go to Starbucks for the environment, and in the end, you have to convince me to buy bags of brown mushroom coffee powder, cuz it's good for me.

    Good luck.

  98. Anonymous9/30/2011

    yall are wrong. your wasting your time with this blog. i joined in aug and have made over 12k so get fucked its not our fault you dont know how to work a good MLM you prolly have no sales exp.

  99. Anonymous10/10/2011

    Well..I do not have any colorful words to add but I can tell you this...we joined to get the discount on this coffee which tastes great to us and does promote a sense of well being.I noticed a definite boost to my libido which I did not need but I got through this issue,lol.These mushrooms are great for your immune system.

    1. Anonymous3/19/2012

      You, go girl/boy!!!

  100. here is the lie. With the dual team commissions the claim is you get 10% of the left leg and 10% of the right leg and they will build your left leg for you. here is the problem if your left leg has 100,000 in volume and the right leg has 10,000 they will pay 10% of 10,000 on both legs not 10% of 10,000 and 10% of 100,000 so in reality they are paying you 20% of your week leg you will NEVER earn on your higher leg because your upline and their upline and their upline is building in it and you have to create QC in that leg also your weak leg will never pass it and noone is building in your weak leg but you

  101. Anonymous11/01/2011

    The way I see it if you are running a legitimate business you wouldn't have to defend it. If your defending it somethings wrong!!!People be smart, use common senes if it's to good to be true.... it is!!!!

  102. Anonymous11/03/2011

    sorry for all of you that are mislead or just plain lazy-- my husband signed up 3 weeks ago & next month will start making $ 2000.00 per month plus coffee sales if he wants. His team lead just hit the $5000.00 per week mark after only 6 weeks into the OG buisness. so bottom line-- there is no scam here-- you get out of it what you put in-- just as anyting else in life. it won't fall into your lap -- you have to get out of there and get.

  103. Anonymous11/05/2011

    Hello Everyone,
    I typically do not comment on these blogs. I am this time because I read the request to hear from an average everyday person who has been successful in Organogold. I was an RDA (Registered Dental Assistant) for 12 years. We DO pay for conventions and continuing education to keep our licensing. It took 7 years to go from $9 an hour to $19 an hour. I worked 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. With no MLM or sales experience I joined Organogold. In 7 months I was able to replace my income AND make Leadership. I now work 3 hours a day(having fun) still 5 days a week. I make more than I did in the Dental Office. Our "Conventions" or "Continuing trainings" are far more fun.
    I will agree that MLM is not for everyone. If you commit, follow the system and are not afraid of work......It is very lucrative. I WAS an average, everyday person- I am now living the proof that you can have success in Organogold.
    Hope this helps clarify! I wish everyone success in whatever they choose to do.

  104. Anonymous11/10/2011

    Real talk peoples!!! The Devil is LOL at most of you.Please dont mind my spelling as long as you get the point.You have all been living in this demonic matrix. You have all been lied to since the nimrod days.Why argue about money? Why want material things that arent really there? Is this paper going to save your souls, as the value of the dollar is loosing value as you read this? You have all been dooped and hell is here. Save your time and souls now while you can before it is too late. The church cant save you either.Tick Tick Tick.The Most High is coming. Go back to him call the creators name YAH.You have time stop this nonsense.Luv eachother,luv nature and stop this crazyness.Hotep

  105. Frankly, I just started drinking the coffee, and I like it so much better than Starbucks and the kind you buy in the store. When I ran out of my 1st box, I went back to brewing my coffee...It tasted like chemicals. I now drink OrganoGold everyday and it has a very smooth taste. It is excellent. Not sure about the selling plan, but drinking it over Starbucks is a hell of a lot cheaper.

  106. Anonymous11/17/2011

    None of these Organo salespeople sound "anonymous" at all. Your product is nothing more than a glorified pyramid scheme. Calling the author of this blog an "idiot" is doing nothing more than solidifying that stance. Many of us buy coffee beans from the grocery store that are just as tasty as any of the big name retailers charging the price of your first born child for a few cups.

    OrganoGold is nothing special, never will be.....only to the 1% at the top of the comapny raking in the cash because people are so naive and stupid to ever fall for false claims about a product.

  107. Anonymous12/01/2011

    There are all kinds of opportunities for anyone that wants to make a living as a business owner. MLM's are modeled around selling a product for a lot more than it is worth so that the people at the top of the MLM can make huge sums of money. It is very unlikely that anyone can be successful at an MLM that is not otherwise good at sales. If you are good at sales you can make an unlimited amount of money by selling a product that has a large profit margin. If you want to make a lot of money and you are good at sales, get an insurance license and start selling.

  108. Before anyone else posts another ridiculous comment about OrganoGold being a pyramid scheme, be sure you know what a pyramid scheme is. For those of you too lazy to actally look it up (probably the same people too lazy to work the business, but not too lazy to write on this blog), a pyramid scheme is when a person invests in something and gets no tangible products or services in return. Last I checked, OrganoGold sent me coffee, since that's what I paid for. No scam there. Now, for that special someone that said OrganoGold will never be anything special... it already is. Do some real unbiased research. It's not the coffee that's the special's the herb that's in the coffee (Ganoderma Lucidum). Google it! And for all of the financial doubters out there, I made my first $1,300 in this business in my first 8 days and that was only 9 months ago. It's only gotten better every since!

    1. Anonymous3/29/2012

      I am fairly certain that you did not look up the definition of a pyramid scheme. Let me inform you. A Pyramid scheme is a business model that promises participants money mainly for recruiting new members. I was approached to sell Organo Gold earlier this evening. The rep showed me a diagram of what my earning potential could be if I recruited 2 members and those 2 members recruited 2 members, etc. Take a look at this in your brochure. What is the shape of the diagram? It's a pyramid. Hence the name, pyramid scheme.

  109. Anonymous1/17/2012

    Interesting when you search for Jay Noland, the main guy who is ranting against OG & other companies is not telling the truth. Here is truth from the FTC about his lack of integrity & illegal business practices...

    Jay (J.D.) Noland in trouble with FTC - charges & penalties
    "The settlement bars the defendant from engaging in any future pyramid schemes. It also bars him from:
    * Misrepresenting the potential earnings or income of any multi-level marketing program;
    * Misrepresenting the benefits a participant in a multi-level marketing program can receive; and
    * Misrepresenting the amount of sales a participant could expect to make."

    Before you join anything, check out everything & everyone.

  110. Welcome Serenigy on behalf of the President and Founder Jay Noland (former co-founder of Organo Gold): a re-created from scratch and Multi-famous as the sponsor and trainer of many multi-millionaires of network marketing in the United States. Now even our coach and guide!

    International Prelaunch
    Prelaunch United States, Canada, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Romania, England, Italy

  111. Anonymous2/23/2012

    If you live in the State of Texas and have been approached by an OG member making claims of instant wealth and telling you that they personally know people that are successful then you should ask them to supply you with a 3 year breakdown of the company profits that detail how much of their income comes from recruitment,sales,and training. This is required by state law per the Texas attorney general,and they must do so 10 days prior to any contract being signed. If they tell you about knowing people that have become wealthy doing this then they are also required by state law to put you in contact with said persons and those people are required to supply you with all financials to support that claim broken down in the same way as described above. If they do not then they have broken the law and it is a felony punishable by 2 years jail time and a 10000 fine.

    A pyramid scheme is defined as a mlm/direct marketing company in which the majority of their profits come from recruitment and not sales. If they are compensating you 150.00 per recruit and 15.00 for selling a box of coffee then you can be pretty sure that the majority of their money is coming from recruitment and not sales. That makes it a pyramid scheme. Anyone who participates in this type of fraud is committing a felony whether they know the law or not. Check out the Texas Attorney Generals website under business opportunities and learn the truth,then look under pyramid schemes to get the legal definition of one. BTW,OG falls into the pyramid scheme category

    1. Anonymous7/02/2012

      So you mean, the $1830 I made from selling 122 boxes of coffee in 3 days versus the $300 I made in those same 3 days when 2 people I introduced OG to PURCHASED PRODUCT packs, made this a pyramid? I mean I did get only $15 compensation per box and oh, I didn't get $150 each for my recruits, but instead based on THEIR decision of which product pack they wanted. Damn scam! LOL

  112. I must say that reading these posts has been interesting. In September 2011 I was invited to an Organo Gold home party. I used to sell Mary Kay, but only briefly because it just wasn't for me. That experience, coupled with my natural cynicism made me a little skeptical. Unfortunately I was right. And it was disappointing because a good friend is now on the bandwagon for Organo Gold and I'm genuinely concerned about her because her financial outlay has been far greater that what she has been able to earn. These business schemes really should be more heavily regulated. Getting rich isn't easy, but what baffles me is that people can't understand that even if there is a market for a certain product, over time if everyone starts to sell it, the overly saturated market means that newer people won't have the same opportunities as those who came in during the company's infancy. Mary Kay, Avon, and Pampered Chef have been the most stable companies I have seen of this nature. But even their consultants are having problems because the market is saturated.

    Oh and the Organo Gold tastes awful.

    1. Anonymous3/17/2012

      Everyone can have there own opinions when it comes to MLM's but we can all agree thaqt coffee isn't a forgien subject to people. OG isn't selling a product that you don't already have at home or buy at DD,Starbucks,MC donalds, Burger King Ect... I mean come on coffee it self has been around for ages !!! just like water it isn't going anywhere. You ever thought that all those companies mentioned above all sell the same blend of coffee the only difference is a like syrup to make it Mocha or a Latte ect, the only difference in those companies I mentioned is the price tag they have on the coffee. Not here is a coffee that tastes really good and has health benefits , OG never promised to help the blind see it simply stated it can help you , Diabetes isn't curable but we continue to drink the medicine to "help it". My point is if you feel you couldn't sell or recruit others into this business fine but don't sit here and say this is a scam, a scam is someone who is trying to sell you kitchen knives that do exactly the same thing the ones in walmart do. Coffee will never stopped being consumed , water will never stop being consumed, oil will never stop being traded , energy will always cause electricity, some things in life will never change , so ask you self how can this be a scam ? or am I scamming my self by joining and expecting money and prospective people to knock on your door. People will never know who you are or what you ave to offer if you don't get out there and put in the foot work everything in life isn't easy so if that's what your looking for then OG is def not for you.

      Ask your self one question if OG wont sell because of whatever reason , then why are there so many bottled water companies popping up left in rite with some kind of promise and people like YOU are buying something we have at home then why wouldn't OG sell ?

      yes I am a member and YES i am making a good amount of money WHY ? because im putting in work I started one month ago today 30 days AGO yes 30 days and I've made 2,000 already and thats just me alone me and my husband are in it together he made 2,500

      Nicole Alvarez Organo Gold Rep 2012
      talk to me.

    2. Anonymous3/17/2012

      One more thing I wanted to add the person who runs this BLOG is an OG rep they just have a tactic to get people here view and become curious about OG people stop reading with your eyes wide shut , open your eye.
      Their are many Marketing tactics this is one of them.

      Nicole Alvarez

  113. The fan base here is strong. It takes work to make money.

  114. All you have to do is look up Holton Buggs (the HNIC), and while you're at it look up OG's address on their site. How about this? Look up all of their addresses. The google map them, and see if there is an Organo Gold building anywhere. Then all you have to do is put 2 and 2 together. This is a business with no legitimate address, and a known MLM scam artist running it. You are welcome.

  115. Anonymous4/04/2012

    Oh great, instead of Amway brainwashing people now we have shitty instant coffee. Hahah "Independant Business Owner" More like herded sheep straight from the farm.

  116. Anonymous4/09/2012

    I have posted a positive comment on this blog and the owner has flushed it! Ah! how dishonest...

  117. Anonymous4/09/2012

    As I can see the owner does not want me to post the truth about this Coffee and what it did for me.
    At least be honest!!!

  118. Anonymous5/02/2012

    I love the fact that when I'm tired, I drink some OG coffee and I can go another 3 - 4 hours, with alertness and the energy to get the job done. I love the convenience when I travel. While everyone else is paying $3 - $5 for their coffee, I just order hot water which is usually free. As a business owner, I enjoy the tax write-off for all expenses related to my OG business so I get back some of the ridiculous taxes I pay for the people who sit around and and do NOTHING!!! So whatever else I earn to add to my benefits is better than NOTHING!!! And instead of making someone else rich on my daily coffee habit, I give the benefit to myself, my family and my friends.

    1. Anonymous5/06/2012

      I agree and keep up the good work! This person has an issue with OG and network marketing for some reason. They don't even have all the facts and make things up as they go to stir up a pot of dissention. That is a cup I won't drink out of! Negativity and false info gets ratings. Think what this person could do and where they would be if they'd turn their negative into a positive and work this business.

  119. Anonymous5/02/2012

    I reflect myself with the comments on this blog. The 18 months i spent in this company were an illution. Unfortuntlly everything we were told were one lie after another. In the yr 2011 we recieved around 5000 and invested twice as much. And in the company im in today in one month i recieved around 2500. There is outthere a lot of companies with better oppertunities then OG...........................
    Note: make a blog in spanish and you will see how many people were affected by organo gold.

  120. Anonymous5/06/2012

    What I think is most people expect to get rich off it overnight without doing any or little of the work. My wife works at getting new customers and other independent distributors. She throws coffee parties, speaks to almost eveyone that she meets about organo gold and never lets anyone discourage her. I am own a sign business and she is now the bread winner of the family. You say what ever you want to say about Organo Gold. I was very skeptical but now I am impressed

    1. Anonymous6/08/2012

      Exactly by recruiting other people, that's What this blog is about! This is a ponzi scheme! If you make more of a profit by selling the coffee to strictly consumers then the recruitment. Of others I'll shut my mouth!

  121. Anonymous5/06/2012

    I've been with a lot of different companies in the past and have been apart of networkmarketing/direct sales since I was 19 years old. OG has the best pay system around and the product is next to none and the health benefits I receive are my testimony to a great product that works. Bcause of my long history with the industry I can tell you this company is not a scam. Direct sales and network maretking isn't for everyone and you have to be consistant. Some companies will pay you great when you first start out but then it dries up! OG isn't that way. You make what you put into it, you actually have a product people want and need, not a novelty people don't want to buy when times are tight. And you can fiancially surpass those people who have been in the company longer. No other company is like that out there that I know of. I am very fortunate to have great team leaders who are invested in me and my training and a product that most people use. If I every fail at this it's becausse I quit. I also know when a company does well people either come out of the woodwork to try and get a piece of the pie without having to do anything for it and then bash the company because it didn't work for them or it's the competition trying to make another company look bad. Over 21 years in the network marketing/direct sales industry OG is one of the best!

    1. Anonymous6/08/2012

      This is a pyramid scheme! You get successful by recruiting other people not selling the coffee! Sure you can surpass people that have been in it longer but it's due to recruitment! The presentations are basically about recruitment not selling the product to consumers! Infact they call the product your supposthro be making a profit on "free samples". How are you suppose to make money if your giving your coffee away!

  122. Anonymous5/16/2012

    OK, this is interesting. I was invited to one of these things by one of my friends today. So I figured I go out and do some research.I kind of figured it was one of these MLM things. I am not writing this to bash OG. All I am going to say is that I have tried few MLMs, but 110% effort into some. The return was minimal. Now that I am older, wiser, and fully employeed know that you are not making six figures doing that. You might make couple hundred dollars a month but that is it. I would like for some of you to prove me wrong and show me that you made it. Especially those that have been doing this for more than a year.

  123. Anonymous6/06/2012

    I attended a meeting last night. A friend brought me. She has already bought their large kit of coffees for over a grand. She is dreaming of making twice what she bought it for after she sells it all. I did not like the black coffee they made for me. I prefer Columbian but I do also drink regular when I am out.I do not like instant coffee. There was a chalky taste to it. they should be trying to sell more of their brewd blue mountain instead of the black since brewed is more popular, and blue mountain probably tastes a lot better.
    I was not impressed with the pyramid scheme and have seen too many of these compnaies before. Any business where you are expected to sign on other people as well as the people yousign on etc.etc.. it is suspect.

    As far as race goes... There were people at the meeting that were white and black, but the presenters were black. I feel that with any product, there are people looking for a market to sell. If there are some black folks who want to make money selling to other black folks..they should. But not this way. No one is going to become self emplyed and not have to work a real job just selling this stuff. I almost felt like it was an infomercial you would see on Tv at 3 in the morning.

    If people are not smart enough to see through the trees.. then that is their fault. A sucker is born every day, and skin color has nothing to do with it.

  124. It's always a challenging concept when you have to step out of your comfort zone. Direct marketing is a "people business" which means that you will have to interact with strangers on a regular basis and this can be quite uncomfortable for the average person. This is probably the main reason most people fail. Imagine coming out of your business meeting all fired only to meet a cruel cold world :). I will never say that this industry is easy because it's not.
    People by nature typically will not buy from you if they do not trust you. Also, folks don't like to be sold, they love to buy. That is why we get up everyday and head to wal-mart, etc to purchase the goods we want or need. If you brought those same goods to someones home and tried to sell them it's safe to say that you will probably fail. Fortunately there are ways to minimize the pain. If you are interested we have some free tools on that may help you. You may also email me and I'll be happy to assist if I can.

  125. Anonymous6/06/2012

    Since 1997 I had tremendous pain in my back. Started to take the organogold coffee and tea and the first week my pain was 75% gone. The second week was going well too. Then the 3rd week I started having dizzy spells, my pressure got lower and I was getting nausea. The 4th week my pain started to come back again and I had insomnia and lack of energy. What I think is that the ganoderma is not strong enough or the dosage is not right. I am going to try the pure ganoderma sold by herborists. I am very sad about this experience. It has left me with a sense of having been cheated by this product.

  126. Anonymous6/07/2012

    WARNING TO ALL. I have tried organogold business and my sponsor has already fooled me. At my first meeting I found out that he sold his coffee boxes to my guests behind my back. And when I registered he told me that bronze and silver's autoship requirements were $50 per month. I was buying for $50. of coffee each month not knowing that silver which he enrolled me for was $100. of autoship each month. I asked him twice at the meeting IS silver autoship requirement $50. per month. He told me YES it is the same as bronze. Why he lied to me was because he wanted a higher commission on my back. Last week he pushed the impunity asking me to upgrade to gold. Now I know why on the organogold website there is so little information about requirements and why there is not a detailed shema of the compensation plan. The less you inform everybody the more latitude distributors have to manipulate new people in personal lies and scams. On other websites selling ganoderma coffee like serenigy every detail is explained, every requirements are there and it very clear on what to expect.
    Shame on organogold you have lost me. I will buy my coffee elsewhere. And if I buy gold it will be physical gold bars. At least those bars won't try to steal me and fool me. Some human beings are real scum bags and the law of return will soon be knocking at their door to show them what is HONESTY. It's not because you are self-employed that you are above the law. And talking about the law I am going to file a complaint for deceptive practices and manipulation. And they say they want to help you and the people around you will get a better life. When a business has no code of ethics or obligatory behavior requirements for their distributors we can assist to the law of the jungle. Predators on the look out for victims.

    1. Anonymous6/11/2012

      Lol... I'm waiting for the Pro-Organo people to make an excuse.

      I'm sure most "sponsors" would have to resort to these tactics to make any type of money. Unfortunately, it would not surprise me.

  127. Anonymous6/08/2012

    If there was not so much racism in this web site I could probably take it more seriously.

    1. Anonymous6/11/2012

      Agreed. This blog would be great minus the racial slurs.

  128. Anonymous6/12/2012

    your just a racist ass cracker bitch just cause that black guy is smarter than you. it does not matter how he did it he has more money than you which makes him better then you and thats your cracker way of thinking

  129. Maybelle6/14/2012

    Why do black people believe that calling someone a cracker is an insult? Just so you know, white people don't consider the word cracker an insult at all, it has no pain or sting to us in any way. We consider it laughable, mainly because the level of hate with which you say it "CRACCCCCCCCCCKKKKAAA" says a lot more about you than it does about us. Remember now, an insult isn't an insult unless the person you are hollering it at considers it disrespectful, and we just don't, at all.

  130. Anonymous6/16/2012

    Hey how many more excuses do you guys want.with or without you OG will be the most admired corporation in the you all!!!!!!!

  131. Anonymous6/16/2012

    attended my first conference today, sounded good of course but don't know what to make of all these blog posts, good and bad... researching some more

  132. Anonymous6/19/2012

    I started this business part time.. two months later I quit my job because I'm making the same as I was with my old job (10$ an hr). I don't know where you all are getting this information from, or what kind of assholes are training you & got you to sign up under them, but they obviously don't understand the business & neither do you if you're not making good $ off if it. My paycheck is going up steadily, & there's no way it can go down, because the people that are above my line will help if I need it, simply because its convenient for them as well. Its all about the amount of time you put into it, there's 7 different ways to make $ with this... I advise you get educated & make sure you get facts from your leader, you can see how much they're making if they show you their account online, mine for example is making $2000 a week, it took her 7 months, but she hasn't been doing this full time until 5 months ago

  133. Anonymous6/19/2012

    I started this business part time.. two months later I quit my job because I'm making the same as I was with my old job (10$ an hr). I don't know where you all are getting this information from, or what kind of assholes are training you & got you to sign up under them, but they obviously don't understand the business & neither do you if you're not making good $ off if it. My paycheck is going up steadily, & there's no way it can go down, because the people that are above my line will help if I need it, simply because its convenient for them as well. Its all about the amount of time you put into it, there's 7 different ways to make $ with this... I advise you get educated & make sure you get facts from your leader, you can see how much they're making if they show you their account online, mine for example is making $2000 a week, it took her 7 months, but she hasn't been doing this full time until 5 months ago

  134. Anonymous6/21/2012

    wow this blog is funny as say if people want to try to get rich doing MLM or whatever let them do it since it's their money...if you think it's bad keep it to yourself and dont rant about it making it seems like this product or whatever stuck a penis up your asshole lol...(i stumble onto this page/blog by accident lol)

  135. Anonymous7/09/2012

    Ive began a week ago I made nearly 300.00 with little or no work outside of setting up the business. Its what you make of it

  136. Anonymous7/10/2012

    Wow, this is an unbelievable Blog trail with some laughable moments.

    I think what people are trying to say is that Organo has all the characteristics of what is known as a "Pyramid/MLM" (in my mind very similar with minor differences in the claims made). Perhaps it is not a scam but it is a business model that is going to benefit a few and leave many high and dry. Organo does tend to highlight the major successes of people who join but I am yet to see a ratio of success to failure which would be interesting.

    Also, all of the above claims are nice but could we get some additional details of how you made $4k in a week. ie. who were you selling to (friends/family), how much did you sell, how many calls did it take to sell this much, will this be return business and how often...This is information that will help to solidify these claims and would be very interesting to potential investors.

    Personally I would not get into a business like this as I would rather find a supplier (plenty out there for coffee), find my differentiator (in this case the "magic mushroom" being infused into the coffee), develop my own brand and build my own traditional sales team with a motivating compensation structure.

    The claims make Organo seem liek a great opportunity however when I see that someone is making an income of $150,000+ a month selling coffee they must be selling truck loads of the stuff and in this business model that does not make sense due to the fact that there is almost no such thing as a large order (i.e. a coffee house, grocery store, etc.). It makes you wonder, however do not take the above comment as a blow to the integrity of Organo but rather just my curiosity.

    Happy selling, Anon.

  137. Anonymous8/06/2012

    Ha, I just got a call from someone I know who I don't really know to well all of a sudden out of the blue he wants to see me and and if possible show me an opportunity. I already know about this site, Pri America scams, Amway and other pyramid schemes. I did do my homework and research and OG is over saturated. Yes, it is 1% right now but it is over saturated with distributors who is dreaming of making it bit. They have a product to sell to consumer so if they can market themselves I give them props. Though I check on ebay and see people selling it for 18-19 dollars which is if you are starting out as a bronze person you are alreadying paying 17 for one of the black or latte. Where is the profit when shipping is almost 12 dollars just to ship it. Even after selling 20 boxes where is the profit when I can get it off of Amazon for 18 plus free shipping while Organo charges 25 plus shipping? Do the math.

    I do agree though this is not a scam because they do have product to offer to the consumer. But,.....just like anything else when there is too many distributors of a product how do you make any profit if you offer to sell someone the same coffee 30 dollars when they can just go to amazon and get it for 18 and free shipping.

    Coffee is ok but there is no room for profit when a competitor is already selling it online for 18 and your selling it for 30 or even 25.

    The tops guys are just waiting to make the percentage off the new people who are starting. Remeber you at the same time is making 2x but the 10 top owner of this company is doing nothing and getting the percentage gussing 30% nprofit of your hard earn work.

  138. Anonymous8/06/2012

    Oops can't edit my proof read.

  139. Anonymous8/16/2012

    I don't know enough to say if it's a scam or anything, but it certainly seems "cultish". I have a 21 year old friend who seems to have given up any ambition in her life, refers to the company as her family, and convinced her boyfriend to join in as well, who also seems kind of spacey and brainwashed now.. She tells people she's trying to recruit that they were "destined" to meet, and blah blah blah... It's just a freakin' sales job! I'm thankful that I didn't humor her sales pitch when she tried to recruit me out of nowhere.

  140. Anonymous8/25/2012

    those who bash this company obviously failed because their lazy asses were too stubborn and unwilling to go put themselves out their and chase that money. it takes time and work just like everything in life. just because you join that doesn't make you a millionaire over night. do your homework and try it out for their recommended 18 month commitment plan and see what you can get out of it. i'm not into MLM nor do i plan to be but this opportunity seems like it could change people's lives. SO THOSE WHO ARE ACTUALLY INTERESTED OR PLANNING TO JOIN, JUST DO IT. DON'T LISTEN TO FAILURES BECAUSE YOU'LL JUST END UP FAILING LIKE THEM!!!

  141. This comment has been removed by the author.

  142. This comment has been removed by the author.

  143. I have been checking out this product. I love the coffee, it gives me energy and in my sales job I have been much more productive, for me using the product is an investment. The coffee guy wants me to sell, pawn, and borrow in order to buy some higher level starting kit. All you have to do is say no. Personally, i simply want to buy the start kit at $50 dollars in order to buy the stuff at wholesale. If he does not want to do that for me there are plenty of people who will. I don't see what the big deal is. Don't sell you home to get into this business. It is that simple. Don't get in, spend you free time watching the simpson's, expecting you bank account to grow, hello, its sales, no matter what anyone tells you, you have to move the product to make money, just like anything else in sales. It's not rocket science. The concept of saturation, is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. There is no such thing. Its what people say when they don't want anyone else to raise there head above the crowd. Don't believe it. I hear it all the time at my job, by people who are looking for excuses not to be productive. It self-defeatist.

  144. Anonymous1/28/2013

    I have to say something... i heard my girldfriend about this opportunity, so i went to a meeting with his sponsor, she joined, and she sold all the boxes (begging to her friends) SHE IS ABSOLUTELY out of control with this fucking nightmare business, i support her, but i see her crying in the nights because some people that she thinks were going to understand her are not DOING IT, and i understand that, SHE is thinking i dont support her, i respect her and what she is doing about this but she thinks i am an obstacle in her career...

    So all i have to say about this BRAINWASHING, because my babe used to be SO SO SO DIFFERENT as what she is now... THIS IS GOING TO BROKE MY RELATIONSHIP. AND I BET I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE.

  145. Anonymous3/29/2013

    How can the be stuffing you with coffee the minimum you have to buy each month is six boxes..thats barely enough for your own use...and my dad has been in this company for three months and has been winning in average about $3500 a month and is about to aquire his Mercedes benz...this is a great company...and you cant say anything because you are not in the company or have even tried it for the 18 months it asks you..and "pyramid" is when you pay to sign into a company and you get nothing in return here you pay and get a product also a pyramid you pay and pay and the only ones getting benefits are the people at the top here everybody wins....and if you didnt know the company is backedup by the book "think and grow rich" by Napoleon hill which is a book that has made more than 1 million millionares and is the most purchased book after the next time check before you start talking...this company is great and is gonna be even greater in the future....whenever something or someone is doing good there will always be people being negative or calling it a scam when really it is a legit company

  146. Anonymous6/08/2013

    Greetings to Everyone on this site.

    It was good listening to all the blah, blah, blah about this upcoming brand. I for one probably will not be coming back to this site because this blog was suppose to be informative and it was not. Everyone knows in order to get achieve the best you have to become the best. I have done pyramid scams for awhile and this is not for everyone. In order to make money in this field, one must put in the work and be a motivated outspoken individual. Otherwise it will not work. We all can agree to disagree without acting like a nigger(not a black person). In the beginning of this blog it was very ignorant for grown people to carry on a conversation to where it became prejudice. Even if this is a scam stick to the topic and disregard all other topics because it is not meaningful to why this web site was built. To all have a blessed future and stay positive. mUah!

  147. Anonymous3/30/2014

    Brainwash'n appears to be the motive of every company, faction, or institution of the world, and it will happen if you let it... You have to know that everything is a market'n tool used by individuals for them to achieve some sort of compensation {money, titles, acknowledgment etc.) So the trick is to interact in this world, and navigate thru every opportunity that presents itself to you, while of course maintain'n a sense of sanity and what it is that you stand for.... Organogold can be rude to some, and polite to others, it just depends on their level of understand'n.. It's rude to those who are selfish, and polite to those who are fond to teamwork.... By the way, never let anything stop your plans.. I'ont care if it's a thought of your own, or a thought from someone else... If you want it, Go Get It!! Everyone is not ambitious, but that's not your fault... Nolan B. Cole, sign'n out.... #Salute #OrganoGoldIsAnOpportunity #Capitalize

  148. Anonymous3/30/2014

    Brainwash'n appears to be the motive of every company, faction, or institution of the world, and it will happen if you let it... You have to know that everything is a market'n tool used by individuals for them to achieve some sort of compensation {money, titles, acknowledgment etc.) So the trick is to interact in this world, and navigate thru every opportunity that presents itself to you, while of course maintain'n a sense of sanity and what it is that you stand for.... Organogold can be rude to some, and polite to others, it just depends on their level of understand'n.. It's rude to those who are selfish, and polite to those who are fond to teamwork.... By the way, never let anything stop your plans.. I'ont care if it's a thought of your own, or a thought from someone else... If you want it, Go Get It!! Everyone is not ambitious, but that's not your fault... Nolan B. Cole, sign'n out.... #Salute #OrganoGoldIsAnOpportunity #Capitalize


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